Earphones Weight Comparison

Table with the weight of each earphone reviewed & in-ear headphones reviewed

We weight every earphone that we review with a precision digital scale to share with our readers the exact weight that each in-ear headphone has. The weight values reported in this list are our measured weights results and not the declared by the manufacturers.

The following table allows you to easily see and compare the weight of each earphone and in-ear headphone that we have reviewed.

The precision digital scale that we use has a measurement accuracy of 0.01 g.

Table Reading Reference:

“Weight in Grams” = Weight using grams (metric unit) as the mass measurement unit.

“Weight in Ounces”= Weight using ounces (imperial unit) as the weight measurement unit.

What are “grams”? Gram (g.) is a metric unit used to measure mass (weight).

What are “ounces”? Ounce (oz.) is an imperial unit mainly used in the United States and by British to measure weight (instead, fl. oz. is fluid ounce, which is used to measure volume of liquids)

You can sort the table by Earphone Model Name or by Weight in an ascending or descending order, also you can use the search box to search for a specific earphone model on the table.

Clicking on any earphone model name will open it’s corresponding review.

ModelWeight in GramsWeight in Ounces


ModelWeight in GramsWeight in Ounces


1MORE Piston Classic In-Ear Headphones13.190.463
Aima AM-8899.970.352
ASUS ZenFone 212.670.447
Aukey EP-C316.670.588
Awei S980Hi20.220.713
BASEUS Lark EL-0113.240.467
Beats Powerbeats 226.380.931
BlitzWolf BW-ES114.010.494
BYZ SE37812.060.425
Doboly Q1812.970.458
Doboly S1614.420.508
DZAT DF-1012.970.457
DZAT DT-0517.250.608
EINSEAR T212.970.458
Elecom EHP-CA358018.840.665
Elephone E115.100.533
Feitun BT-00319.360.683
Fidue A31s11.710.413
FISCHER AUDIO Dream Catcher9.650.340
GeekRover iEPW020/iEPW0219.510.335
GeekRover iEPW06012.880.454
GeekRover iEPW09013.550.478
Hoco M311.240.396
House of Marley Little Bird11.110.392
House of Marley Smile Jamaica13.650.481
Inpher FUQING B-212.960.457
ipipoo iP-B30i11.140.393
IVERY IS-3213.400.473
Jays a-JAYS Three14.930.529
Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (without Battery Pack)14.000.493
Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (with Battery Pack)19.750.697
JBL C100SI11.360.401
JBL T11013.110.462
JBMMJ MJ00711.990.421
JBMMJ MJ850013.270.468
JBMMJ MJ860012.240.431
Joyroom JR-E10214.710.519
Joyroom JR-E10312.280.433
JVC Gumy Plus HA-FX511.660.411
JVC HA-FX1X17.860.630
JVC HA-FX102/FR20219.210.677
KANEN iP-80817.580.620
Kubite T-003M10.330.364
KZ ATE18.880.666
KZ ATES15.430.544
KZ ATR16.070.567
KZ ED413.680.482
KZ ED714.680.518
KZ ED921.090.742
KZ ED12 (WITH CABLES)18.870.665
KZ EDR213.950.492
KZ ES3 (WITH CABLES)19.720.699
KZ HD914.470.510
KZ HDS311.250.397
KZ ZS117.340.611
KZ ZS217.900.632
KZ ZS3 (WITH CABLES)18.070637
KZ ZS5 (WITH CABLES)22.600.797
KZ ZSE15.360.542
KZ ZST (WITH CABLES)19.390.684
KZ ZST PRO / KZ ZST Colorful (WITH CABLES)19.380.683
KZ ZST PRO / KZ ZST Colorful (WITHOUT CABLES)8.090.285
Langsdom JM2113.650.481
Lapas RX40020.360.718
Letv Reverse15.390.543
MACAW RT-1014.180.500
MEMT X513.850.489
Monoprice 832013.570.479
MOXPAD X621.210.748
Panasonic ErgoFit Plus RP-HJE19011.940.421
Panasonic ErgoFit RP-TCM12510.880.383
Panasonic RP-HJE120 ErgoFit11.440.403
Philips SHE3580 / SHE35819.610.338
Pioneer SE-CX830.911.090
Plextone X34M12.770.450
Plextone X41M14.140.499
Plextone X46M15.010.529
Plextone X50M14.060.496
Puma Bulldogs14.940.527
Puro IPHF212.750.450
QCY QY817.220.607
QKZ W1 Pro / Fonge W1 Pro (WITH CABLES)18.640.658
QKZ W1 Pro / Fonge W1 Pro (WITHOUT CABLES)5.160.182
Remax RM-565i15.080.532
REMAX RM-S1 PRO14.810.522
Rock Zircon14.340.506
Samsung Note 4 IEM13.040.460
Samsung S4 Mini IEM12.130.428
Seahf EG009 (WITHOUT CABLES)8.030.283
Senfer 4in1 (WITH CABLES)26.660.940
Senfer UE (WITHOUT CABLES)5.600.197
Skullcandy INK'D 2.013.750.485
Somic MH40310.540.372
Somic V416.360.577
Songful F213.800.487
Songful F6 / Mosunx F6C12.690.448
Songful T312.300.434
Songful S114.010.494
Sony MDR-EX15LP / EX15AP10.490.370
Sony MDR-EX7550 / EX800ST21.460.757
Sony MDR-XB50AP18.960.668
Sony MH1 LiveSound15.080.532
SOUL K-POP22.300.786
Sound Intone E615.280.539
Sunlux SU-02810.060.355
Superlux HD38111.740.414
Takstar INGPING H6011.070.390
Tennmak Porcelain14.570.514
Tiger Mini8.790.309
Tiger Zipper20.690.730
UiiSii C20012.770.450
UiiSii GT80017.850.630
UiiSii Hi-70512.090.427
UiiSii HM715.360.542
URBANFUN HiFi15.330.541
VE Monk+15.510.547
VIVO XE8009.960.351
VJJB K1s16.030.565
Vots DQ10013.680.482
Vots J113.860.489
Vots QT10015.730.491
Xiaomi Mi Piston Basic Edition15.000.529
Xiaomi Mi Piston Fresh Edition13.340.471
Xiaomi Mi Pro HD / Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD17.050.601
Xiaomi Mi Quantie Pro Hybrid / Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro13.930.491
Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Headphones18.150.641
XKDUN CK-66011.700.413


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