KZ ZS10 GIVEAWAY – Win a KZ ZS10 Headphone! Worldwide Contest



Want to win a FREE KZ ZS10? Do not miss out our KZ ZS10 GIVEAWAY!

We are giving away the KZ ZS10 for free!! The latest flagship hybrid headphone from Knowledge Zenith with 10 drivers.

You can participate in our KZ ZS10 GIVEAWAY absolutely for free.

There are multiple ways to enter the contest and increase your chances to win the KZ ZS10, also there are daily actions that will add you more entries and can be redone day after day until the last day of the KZ ZS10 GIVEAWAY.

Once the time is up, a winner will be automatically chosen randomly from all the entries participating in the contest.

The lucky winner will receive a brand new KZ ZS10 10-driver hybrid headphone.

Do not miss out this unique opportunity!

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Giveaway Start Date: The Giveaway has Started! (April 23rd 12:30:00 AM (UTC) )

Giveaway End Date: May 21st 11:59:59 PM (UTC)

Cost to participate: FREE, absolutely FREE!

Shipping cost: Zero, nothing, nada, niente – we will cover the shipping cost too.

Countries allowed to participate: International Giveaway without country restrictions, every country in the world can participate.

Prize: KZ ZS10 Hybrid 10-driver Headphone

Buy the KZ ZS10KZ ZS6, KZ ZSR, KZ ZST at: 


To enter the giveaway you have to follow the instructions in the window below. If the Giveaway window is not opening or you cannot see it, you might be using an Ad Blocker, Script Blocker or similar that is blocking the window from opening.

Win a KZ ZS10 Headphone – GIVEAWAY!! (Worldwide) |

If you are interested in reading our full review head to: KZ ZS10 Review

Buy the KZ ZS10 at: 


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General Contest rules
By participating to this giveaway the participant expressly accepts the following rules & conditions:

  1. A free ​KZ ZS10 headphone will be sent to the winner of the giveaway at no cost for the winner.
  2. Only 1 registration per person is allowed, multiple registrations from the same person will automatically disqualify him/she.
  3. The contest is open to anybody in the world who is 18 years old or older but due to limitations of the supplier, the KZ ZS10 cannot be shipped to South Sudan and Palestine.
  4. The shipping cost will be included and will incur no additional shipping costs to the winner of the contest.
  5. The color of the headphone cannot be chosen, it will be chosen automatically.
  6. We want to do a fair contest for everyone participating, therefore each entry is subject to verification to avoid fraudulent entries and dishonest false participants.
  7. The submission and winners drawing process is operated by Gleam.
  8. Winner will be contacted through either Email, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Full T & C in the contest window.

Best of Luck!

BUY the KZ ZS10 from:

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