KZ HDS3 – Review

KZ HDS3  | 6 mm MicroDriver | Neodymium Magnet | 🎧 Saw the KZ HDS3 photo and you thought that it was already reviewed by us, right🎧 Well, that would be fair as they look very much alike the KZ[…]

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Vots J1

Vots J1 – Review

Vots J1 | 10 mm Driver | 🎧 We have reviewed some other earphones from Vots and we have been happily surprised with the hybrid Vots QT100 model and afterwards very disappointed with the Vots DQ100 double dynamic driver model.[…]

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KZ EDR2 – Review

KZ EDR2 | 7 mm Driver | Neodymium Magnet |     🎧 We had the KZ EDR2 on the review queue for a while and although we had purchased and received it a couple of weeks ago we had[…]

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Doboly Q18

Doboly Q18 – Review

Doboly Q18 | Dynamic Driver | 🎧 As you may have noticed from the photo, the Doboly Q18 earphones have an odd looking design but lets try not to judge by its book cover and see how they perform through out[…]

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KZ ZST – Review

KZ ZST | Balanced Armature | 8 mm Driver| 🎧 The KZ ZST is the first hybrid earphone that KZ has ever made. Knowledge Zenith, or KZ as most people know them is a large manufacturer of budget friendly earphones[…]

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JBMMJ MJ007 – Review

JBMMJ MJ007 | 8 mm Driver | 🎧 The “bullet design” is very commonly used on earphones and referred when speaking about the form factor of their housing. Calling the JBMMJ MJ007 a bullet design is 100% accurate, they do[…]

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Sennheiser CX 200

Sennheiser CX 200 – Review

Sennheiser CX 200 | Dynamic Driver | 🎧 The Sennheiser CX 200 are part of the budget line of Sennheiser earphones, we will run them through our tests and see how they perform. You probably know or have heard of[…]

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UiiSii Hi-705 – Review

UiiSii Hi-705 | 6 mm MicroDriver | 🎧 UiiSii has some interesting looking earphones on the market, with designs, shapes and/or technical specifications to attract the attention of many and when seeing the price tags they become even more appealing.[…]

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Somic MH403

Somic MH403 – Review

Somic MH403 | 9.2 mm Driver | ? Somic is a headphone and earphone manufacturer with many products on the market, they even have a 2nd brand named Senicc. Somic has good acceptance among budget buyers and usually produce nicely designed[…]

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Hoco M3

Hoco M3 – Review

Hoco M3 | 10 mm Driver |   ? Hoco makes lots of electronics accessories but also has many earphones on the market. The Hoco M3 is one of the smallest and most budget friendly models that they sell. Despite having[…]

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