KZ BA10 – Review

KZ BA10 | 5x Balanced Armatures | 🎧 We are reviewing the KZ BA10, the latest flagship earphone from KZ with 5 drivers per side. The KZ BA10 features an all balanced armature configuration with 5 units per earpiece. The balanced[…]

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BQEYZ BQ3 / BQEYZ KB3 – Review

BQEYZ BQ3 / BQEYZ KB3 | 3x Balanced Armatures | 2x 10mm Dynamic Drivers | 🎧 We are reviewing the BQEYZ BQ3, previously known as BQEYZ KB3 – a 5-driver in-ear headphone with a super friendly price. The BQEYZ BQ3 features[…]

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AKG K553 PRO – Review

AKG K553 PRO | Over-Ear | 50 mm Driver |   🎧 We are reviewing the AKG K553 PRO, a closed-back, professional monitor from AKG. The AKG K553 PRO features an over-ear, closed-back design and 50mm drivers – which are the biggest[…]

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NAD VISO HP50 – Review

NAD VISO HP50 | Over-Ear | 40 mm Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the NAD VISO HP50, the flagship (non-wireless) headphone from the brand. The NAD VISO HP50 features 40 mm dynamic drivers, an over-ear fit and a closed-back design. The[…]

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BQEYZ KB1 – Review

BQEYZ KB1 | Balanced Armature | 10 mm Driver | 6 mm Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the BQEYZ KB1, a triple driver hybrid earphone with a super affordable price. The BQEYZ KB1 features 1x balanced armature and 2x dynamic[…]

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KZ ZS4 – Review

KZ ZS4 | Balanced Armature | Dynamic Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the KZ ZS4, the latest dual driver hybrid earphone from KZ. The KZ ZS4 features one balanced armature + one dynamic driver, (per side). The diameter of the[…]

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BQEYZ KC2 – Review

BQEYZ KC2 | 2x Balanced Armatures | 10 mm Driver | 6 mm Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the BQEYZ KC2, a quad driver hybrid earphone with a super affordable price. The BQEYZ KC2 features 2x balanced armatures + 2x[…]

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FiiO M3K

FiiO M3K – Review

FiiO M3K | Music Player | USB DAC | OTG | Touch Controls | IPS 2” | DSD64 | 🎧 We are reviewing the FiiO M3K, a super affordable, Hi-Res Audio certified DAP/DAC with advanced features. The FiiO M3K features a AK4376A DAC,[…]

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KZ AS10 – Review

KZ AS10 | 5x Balanced Armatures | 🎧 We are reviewing the KZ AS10, the first headphone from KZ with an all balanced armature driver’s configuration. With the KZ AS10, the brand keeps pushing the limits of insanely affordable/premium spec’ed earphones[…]

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Meze 99 Neo

Meze 99 Neo – Review

Meze 99 Neo | Over-Ear | 40 mm Driver | Neodymium Magnet |   🎧 We are reviewing the Meze 99 Neo, a meticulously designed circumaural headphone with attractive aesthetics and solid build. The Meze 99 Neo features 40 mm neodymium Mylar dynamic[…]

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