Periodic Audio Titanium

Periodic Audio Ti Titanium – Review

Periodic Audio Ti Titanium | Titanium Dynamic Driver | Neodymium Mangets | 🎧 We are reviewing the Periodic Audio Ti Titanium, the mid-tier earphone from the brand. The Titanium name on the model corresponds to it’s pure titanium foil used for[…]

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SOL REPUBLIC Relays Sport – Review

SOL REPUBLIC Relays Sport | Dynamic Driver |   🎧 We are reviewing the SOL REPUBLIC Relays Sport, an uniquely designed headphone for active people. The SOL REPUBLIC Relays Sport feature a single dynamic driver, rounded housings and a very special secure[…]

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Periodic Audio Magnesium

Periodic Audio Mg Magnesium – Review

Periodic Audio Mg Magnesium | Magnesium Dynamic Driver | Neodymium Magnets | 🎧 We are reviewing the Periodic Audio Mg Magnesium, an earphone with clean design but powerful specs. The Periodic Audio Mg features neodymium N48H magnets, Magnesium diaphragms and[…]

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Periodic Audio Beryllium

Periodic Audio Be Beryllium – Review

Periodic Audio Be Beryllium | Beryllium Dynamic Driver | Neodymium N48H | 🎧 We are reviewing the Periodic Audio Be Beryllium, the flagship earphone from the brand. The Periodic Audio Be Beryllium is placed as the top-tier model from the[…]

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Yinyoo V2

Yinyoo V2 – Review

Yinyoo V2 | Dual Diaphragm Driver | Neodymium Magnet | 🎧 We are reviewing the Yinyoo V2, a dual diaphragm driver earphone with solid build. The Yinyoo V2 features neodymium magnets, 1 dynamic driver with dual diaphragms per side, metal earpieces[…]

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KZ ZSN – Review

KZ ZSN | Balanced Armature | 10mm Dynamic Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the KZ ZSN, the latest dual driver from KZ, with a very attractive design. The KZ ZSN features a dual hybrid configuration with 1 dynamic driver and[…]

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Best 11.11 Deals & Coupons – Aliexpress – Gearbest – Banggood – 2018

🎁 Best 11.11 Deals & Coupons 2018 We have grouped the best 11.11 deals & coupon 2018 available for the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, deals are available and valid only through the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival Period. The 11.11 Global[…]

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xDuoo X20

xDuoo X20 – Review

xDuoo X20 | DAP | ESS9018 K2M DAC | OPA1612 | USB DAC | Bluetooth | DSD256 | 300mW | 🎧 We are reviewing the xDuoo X20, a DAP/DAC with advanced specs but affordable price. The xDuoo X20 is the flagship[…]

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MEIZU EP52 – Review

MEIZU EP52 | Bluetooth | 10mm Driver | IPX5 | aptX | 🎧 We are reviewing the MEIZU EP52, a sports neckbud loved by many. The MEIZU EP52 features 10mm dynamic drivers with bio-cellulose diaphragm, an IPX5 waterproof rating and aptX[…]

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KZ BTE – Review

KZ BTE | Bluetooth | Balanced Armature | 8mm Driver | aptX | IPX6 | 🎧 We are reviewing the KZ BTE, a dual driver, Bluetooth earphone from KZ Acoustics. The KZ BTE features an hybrid configuration with 2 drivers per[…]

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RevoNext RX8

RevoNext RX8 – Review

RevoNext RX8 | 1x Balanced Armature | 1x Dynamic Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the RevoNext RX8, a dual hybrid driver from RevoNext. The RevoNext RX8 features a single dynamic driver + a balanced armature (per side), making it a[…]

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xDuoo NANO D3

xDuoo NANO D3 – Review

xDuoo NANO D3 | DAP | DAC | DSD256 | 250mW | 2” IPS | 🎧 We are reviewing the xDuoo NANO D3, a tiny sized lossless music player with insane tech specs (for the price and size). The xDuoo NANO[…]

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