Meze 99 Neo

Meze 99 Neo – Review

Meze 99 Neo | Over-Ear | 40 mm Driver | Neodymium Magnet |   🎧 We are reviewing the Meze 99 Neo, a meticulously designed circumaural headphone with attractive aesthetics and solid build. The Meze 99 Neo features 40 mm neodymium Mylar dynamic[…]

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HARMAN KARDON NC | Over-Ear | 40 mm Driver | Active Noise Cancelling | 🎧 We are reviewing the HARMAN KARDON NC, a premium headphone from one of the most iconic audio brands – the model’s precise name is harman/kardon NC. The[…]

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TRN AS10 – Review

TRN AS10 | 6mm Graphene Driver | IPX7 | Bluetooth | 🎧 We are reviewing the TRN AS10, a Bluetooth wireless neckbud by TRN. The TRN AS10 features an IPX7 waterproof rating, Bluetooth v4.1 and 6mm drivers (graphene drivers). This year TRN[…]

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Bluedio T6 Turbine

Bluedio T6 Turbine – Review

Bluedio T6 Turbine | Over-Ear | Bluetooth | 57 mm Driver | Active Noise Cancelling | 🎧 We are reviewing the Bluedio T6 Turbine, the latest over-ear headphone from Bluedio. The Bluedio T6 Turbine features very large 57 mm dynamic drivers, active[…]

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Meze 99 Classics – Review

Meze 99 Classics | Over-Ear | Walnut Wood | 40 mm Driver | Neodymium Magnet |   🎧 We are reviewing the Meze 99 Classics, a wooden headphone with durable construction and appealing design. The Meze 99 Classics features an over-ear,[…]

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Sennheiser HD 598CS

Sennheiser HD 598CS – Review

Sennheiser HD 598CS | Over-Ear | Closed-Back |   🎧 We are reviewing the Sennheiser HD 598CS, one of the most popular over-ear headphones from Sennheiser. The Sennheiser HD 598CS features a closed-back design, the brand’s classic earcups ergonomics/looks and Sennheiser’s[…]

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Denon AH-C50MA

Denon AH-C50MA – Review

Denon AH-C50MA | 9 mm Dynamic Driver |   🎧 We are reviewing the Denon AH-C50MA, one of the smallest earphone from the brand. The Denon AH-C50MA features 9mm drivers that the brand says to be “professionally tuned to a Flat EQ[…]

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Koss Pro4S

Koss Pro4S – Review

Koss Pro4S | Over-Ear | Closed Back |   🎧 We are reviewing the Koss Pro4S, an over-ear headphone designed for professional studio monitoring. Koss is a major brand with a huge history in the audio and headphone world that dates[…]

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JBL Synchros E10

JBL Synchros E10 – Review

JBL Synchros E10 | 9 mm Dynamic Driver |   🎧 We are reviewing the JBL Synchros E10, a budget model from JBL belonging to the Synchros line. The JBL Synchros E10 features a 9 mm dynamic driver and a very light[…]

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Sony MDR-1A

Sony MDR-1A – Review

Sony MDR-1A | Over-Ear | 40 mm Driver | Neodymium Magnet |   🎧 We are reviewing the Sony MDR-1A, a refined looking over-ear headphone from Sony with premium technical specifications. The Sony MDR-1A features an insane frequency response of 3 Hz- 100.000[…]

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RHA S500

RHA S500 – Review

RHA S500 | 140.1 MicroDriver |   🎧 We are reviewing the RHA S500, a tiny sized but solidly built in-ear headphone from RHA. The RHA S500 features aluminum housings and details, RHA’s 140.1 driver and a general durable design. Aesthetics and[…]

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