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The Best Bang for the Bucks Earphones Chart have been chosen by our team as the best budget in-ear headphones that offer the best cheapest earphone that your money can buy and/or the best in-ear headphones that offer an excellent value for money relation.

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This chart ranks only earphones that we have reviewed.

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Best Bang for Buck In-Ear Headphones
Best Bang for Buck In-Ear Headphones

Buy the Best Bang for Buck Earphones by clicking the name from this list:

  • JBMMJ MJ8600
  • Xiaomi Mi Piston Fresh Edition
  • KZ ZS6
  • KZ ZS5
  • Puma Bulldogs
  • Plextone X50M
  • Elephone E1
  • Plextone X41M
  • VE Monk Plus
  • KZ ZS3
  • KZ ED9
  • QKZ W1 PRO
  • QKZ DM1
  • The House of Marley Little Bird
  • UiiSii C200
  • Sound Intone E6
  • JBL T110
  • JBL C100Si
  • KZ ZST
  • BASEUS Lark EL-01
  • Songful F2
  • UiiSii HM7
  • Takstar Ingping H60
  • GeekRover iEPW090
  • BEEVO EM290
  • Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5
  • KZ ZSR
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    Awei S980Hi

    Awei S980Hi – Review

    Awei S980Hi | 13.5 mm Driver |   🎧 The Awei S980Hi is the first earphone from this brand that we are reviewing, Awei is brand from Hong Kong that produces a crazy amount of earphones with very friendly prices and[…]

    BASEUS Lark EL-01

    BASEUS Lark EL-01 – Review

     BASEUS Lark EL-01 | Dynamic Driver | 🎧 The BASEUS Lark EL-01 is a metal in-ear headphone with a very affordable price and good looking design. BASEUS is brand with a massive catalog of gadget accessories and adapters but they also[…]

    BEEVO EM290

    BEEVO EM290 – Review

    BEEVO EM290 | Dynamic Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the ultra affordable BEEVO EM290, also known as BEEVO BV-EM290. The BEEVO EM290 features a single dynamic driver and an inline microphone with a 1-button control that allows to skip songs,[…]

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    Elephone E1 – Review

    Elephone E1 | 10 mm Driver | 🎧 The Elephone E1 are a nicely designed earphone made of CNC anodized aluminum with a 10mm dynamic driver. Most probably you have heard of Elephone as a brand of smartphones and electronic gadgets[…]

    GeekRover iEPW020

    GeekRover iEPW020/021 – Review

    GeekRover iEPW020/021 | 10 mm Driver | Neodymium Magnet | 🎧 Probably you have never heard of GeekRover, and that would be fair as they are not easy to find and when you do sellers use the model name without nominating[…]

    GeekRover iEPW090 iEPW091

    GeekRover iEPW090 / iEPW091 – Review

     GeekRover iEPW090 / iEPW091 | 10 mm Driver | Neodymium Magnet | 🎧 After the great experience reviewing other GeekRover earphones we decided to test and review the GeekRover iEPW090 / iEPW091. In case you missed our reviews of the GeekRover[…]

    House of Marley Little Bird

    House of Marley Little Bird – Review

    House of Marley Little Bird | 9 mm Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the House of Marley Little Bird, the most budget friendly earphone from the brand. The House of Marley is a brand that mainly manufactures audio related products[…]

    Inpher Fuqing

    Inpher FUQING B-2 – Review

    Inpher FUQING B-2 | Dynamic Driver | 🎧 Today we are reviewing the Inpher FUQING B-2, one of the best-selling earphones in Aliexpress. Hype or fair contender? We will find it out. The Inpher FUQING B-2 certainly have a problematic model name[…]

    JBL C100SI

    JBL C100SI – Review

    JBL C100SI | 9 mm Driver | 🎧 The JBL C100SI is one of the most budget friendly JBL earphones that you can get in the market. JBL is among the biggest brands of audio equipment including earphones and speakers. We decided[…]

    JBL T110

    JBL T110 – Review

    JBL T110 | 9 mm Driver | 🎧 We finished reviewing the JBL T110 earphones. The JBL T110 have a price tag similar to many budget chinese earphones but you will be getting an earphone backed up by the giant brand that belongs[…]

    JBMMJ MJ8600

    JBMMJ MJ8600 – Review

    JBMMJ MJ8600 | 9 mm Driver | 🎧 The JBMMJ MJ8600 share some characteristics with other earphones from JBMMJ that we have previously reviewed, like very nicely designed housings, large color variety and tough built (see the JBMMJ MJ007). Moreover, every JBMMJ iem[…]

    KZ ED9

    KZ ED9 – Review

    KZ ED9 | 6.8 mm Driver | 🎧 The KZ ED9 have a very special characteristic, their nozzles are replaceable and offer the possibility to change their sound signature. It is amazing how Knowledge Zenith is able to include such[…]

    KZ ZS3

    KZ ZS3 – Review

    KZ ZS3 | Dynamic Driver | 🎧 The KZ ZS3 are the successor to the basshead ZS2 model but things have changed a lot almost to consider them a totally new line instead of a new generation of the ZS line.[…]

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    KZ ZS5

    KZ ZS5 – Review

    KZ ZS5 | Double Balanced Armature | 10mm Driver | 6.4mm Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the KZ ZS5, the latest and top of the line earphone from Knowledge Zenith. The KZ ZS5 is a pretty ambitious earphone with a[…]

    KZ ZS6

    KZ ZS6 – Review

    KZ ZS6 | Double Balanced Armature | 10mm Driver | 6mm Driver | 🎧 We have reviewed the KZ ZS6, the ultimate budget-priced high-class earphone from Knowledge Zenith. The KZ ZS6 features 8 drivers in total (4 drivers in each earpiece)[…]

    KZ ZSR

    KZ ZSR – Review

    KZ ZSR | 2 Balanced Armatures | 10 mm Driver | 🎧  The KZ ZSR Review is up! We have just finished reviewing the KZ ZSR, the first triple driver hybrid earphone from KZ (Knowledge Zenith) and the first KZ[…]

    KZ ZST

    KZ ZST – Review

    KZ ZST | Balanced Armature | 8 mm Driver| 🎧 The KZ ZST is the first hybrid earphone that KZ has ever made. Knowledge Zenith, or KZ as most people know them is a large manufacturer of budget friendly earphones with[…]



    KZ ZST PRO / KZ ZST Colorful | Balanced Armature | 8 mm Driver| 🎧 The KZ ZST PRO / KZ ZST Colorful is the 2nd version of the KZ ZST; KZ launched the KZ ZST PRO after a mediumly brief[…]

    Panasonic DROPS 360 RP-HJX5

    Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 – Review

    Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 | 12 mm Coaxial Driver | Dual Neodymium Magnets |   🎧 We have tested and reviewed the Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5, a highly featured, premium looking but very affordably priced model that belongs to the Drops 360° headphones[…]

    Plextone X41M

    Plextone X41M – Review

    Plextone X41M | 8 mm Driver | 🎧 The Plextone X41M have an 8mm dynamic driver which is a pretty common size in many earphones, we will see after the test if they are a standard sounding iem or they offer[…]

    Plextone X50M

    Plextone X50M – Review

    Plextone X50M | 8 mm Driver |     🎧 We have reviewed other Plextone earphones in the past and we were highly surprised by the quality offered at such low price, for example the Plextone X41M has gained a position in our[…]

    Puma Bulldogs

    Puma Bulldogs – Review

    Puma Bulldogs | Dynamic Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the Puma Bulldogs, one of the earphones that the giant sports brand has to offer. With our review we will try to see if Puma was able to create a worthy sport[…]

    QKZ DM1

    QKZ DM1 – Review

     QKZ DM1 | 10 mm Driver | 🎧 The QKZ DM1 have been reviewed by our team. With over 25.000 units sold and being one of the most sold earphones at Aliexpress the QKZ DM1 review had to be included in[…]

    QKZ W1 PRO

    QKZ W1 Pro – Review

    QKZ W1 Pro | 10 mm Driver | 🎧 We got the QKZ W1 Pro (or Fonge W1 Pro) a couple of days ago and decided to review this attractive looking earphones with detachable cables. QKZ or Quality Knowledge Zenith earphones can[…]

    Songful F2

    Songful F2 – Review

    Songful F2 | 9 mm Driver | 🎧 We did not know about Songful earphones and not much information can be found about them, but we took the risk to give them a chance and see how they could perform.[…]

    Sound Intone E6

    Sound Intone E6 – Review

    Sound Intone E6 | 10 mm Driver | 🎧 The Sound Intone E6 look like a possible good sport earphone but we will find it out during our review. Sound Intone is a brand specialized in earphones and headphones, which is a good[…]

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    Takstar INGPING H60

    Takstar INGPING H60 – Review

    Takstar INGPING H60 | 10 mm Driver | 🎧 The Takstar INPGING H60 review will try to discover if these earphones are able to keep up to the reputable standards that Takstar already have for their headphones. The housings of the Takstar[…]

    UiiSii C100

    UiiSii C100 – Review

    UiiSii C100 | 10 mm Driver |     🎧 We are reviewing the UiiSii C100, also called UiiSii Little Demon, the most budget friendly earphone from UiiSii. The UiiSii C100 are part of the C models of UiiSii’s earphones and[…]

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    UiiSii C200

    UiiSii C200 – Review

    UiiSii C200 | 10 mm Driver |     🎧 We are reviewing the UiiSii C200 a small and lightweight earphone that UiiSii labels as “Fighting Bird” and designed their housings as the head of a bird. The UiiSii C200 looks[…]

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    UiiSii HM7

    UiiSii HM7 – Review

    UiiSii HM7 | 9 mm Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the UiiSii HM7 a tiny earphone of the great UiiSii, there is always something attractive with this brand. In the past we reviewed the UiiSii Hi-705 and we found it pretty[…]

    Ve Monk Plus

    VE Monk Plus – Review

    VE Monk Plus | 15.4 mm Driver |   🎧 We usually do not review earbuds (at least for now) but the VE Monk Plus are a highly famous budget earbud that promises great sound quality for a super cheap price,[…]

    Xiaomi Mi Piston 3 Fresh Edition

    Xiaomi Mi Piston Fresh Edition – Review

    Xiaomi Mi Piston Fresh Edition | Dynamic Driver | 🎧 The Xiaomi Mi Piston Fresh Edition are part of the latest generation of Xiaomi Mi Piston earphones family, among which you can find the great Xiaomi Mi Pro HD, the very[…]

    Xiaomi Mi Quantie Pro Hybrid / Xiaomi Mi Piston 4 / Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro

    Xiaomi Mi Quantie Pro Hybrid / Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro – Review

    Xiaomi Mi Quantie Pro Hybrid / Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro | Balanced Armature | Dynamic Driver | 🎧 Xiaomi entered the hybrid world with the Xiaomi Mi Quantie Pro Hybrid model (some call it Xiaomi Mi Piston 4 or Xiaomi Mi In-Ear[…]

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