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1MORE EVO, the newest flagship TWS from 1MORE.

The 1MORE EVO is a brand-new model in every sense; not belonging to any previous brand’s series and dethroning the 1MORE True Wireless Active Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones as the top-tier TWS model from the brand.

Certainly, the 1MORE EVO has a much shorter and easier to remember name than most other models – we are glad seeing 1MORE adopting a more user-friendly product naming on this new headphone.

The EVO models is rated by 1MORE as the “Most Advanced Earbuds”. This bold statement is in part due to several features such as:

  • Multi-driver hybrid configuration
  • LDAC Hi-Res wireless certification
  • 6 Noise cancelling mics
  • Adaptive QuietMax ANC by SGS Laboratory
  • Auto play/pause sensors
  • Customization of touch controls
  • SoundID sound personalization
  • Bluetooth connection prioritization for sound quality or stability
  • Waterproof (IPX4)
  • Qi Wireless charging

In total, the 1MORE EVO provides 4 ANC modes including a Wind resistance noise and 2 Transparent modes.

The driver design of the 1MORE EVO includes a 10mm DLC dynamic driver and a Balanced Armature driver – resulting in dual-driver hybrid drivers.

The rated battery runtime is up to 28 hours with the case, 8 hours with a full earpiece charge and 4 hours with a 15 minutes fast charge.

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1MORE EVO Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

1MORE has always had a historic past for including plenty of quality accessories with their upper tier and flagship models, yet strangely with the 1MORE EVO this is not the case.

This time 1MORE includes 4 pair of eartips, a charging cable and the battery pack/case but no dedicated case, pouch or any extra accessories are included.





1MORE EVO weight in Ounces and 1MORE EVO weight in grams.

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Bass & Sub Bass

Bass coming from the 1MORE EVO will not be as beefy nor boosted as many other TWS on the market.

Instead, the brand has opted for a cleaner, more refined and more balanced bass for the EVO.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that this TWS will sound bass anemic nor shallow but users should expect a tighter midbass with less bounciness and punchiness but with sufficient strength to cover modern genres.

Bass will extend as to cover normal sub-bass notes but will show some fall-off and will not reach the deepness of sub-bass centered headphones.

Despite this, the 1MORE EVO does not sound bass-unbalanced nor shallow, it simply sounds cleaner and with a profile more inclined to audio enthusiast – users used to bass-boosted and bass-only headphones will have to look elsewhere.


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Mids & Vocals

The 1MORE EVO does an exceptional job at providing a cozy and pleasant midrange right out of the box.

Despite the warm profile, the EVO remains balanced and highly enjoyable.

At the same time, this TWS is able to keep it’s male vocals present and never distant nor laid-back yet offering a full and warm lower midrange.

Moreover, the upper end of the midrange is evenly spread bringing to the sound experience female vocals and higher mids that balance and compensate the rest of the sound instead of competing with them.

Furthermore, higher pitch, female and shouty vocals simply sound crisp and alive but never harsh nor disturbing.

Overall, the midrange of the 1MORE EVO are a true pleasure to listen.




Highs & Treble

Similar to it’s midrange, the 1MORE EVO showed an optimal performance and a delightful listening session due to a good balance and controlled spiky disturbances.

The whole upper range of the audio spectrum is well-reproduced by the EVO with a bright but never forward sound and no traces of muffling issues nor darkness – and still providing sufficient detail.

In general, the 1MORE EVO does not show piercing highs while slight and tolerable sibilance was perceivable on infamously sibilant tracks.

As seen on most of the recent releases from 1MORE, the company has adopted a new approach to the tuning of their headphones, balancing towards a more flat and even sound signature and distancing from the more boosted, bassy and V-shaped style.


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Sound Isolation

The passive isolation out of the box is quite respectable yet as soon as ANC is turned on, a massive and highly impressive isolation and active cancellation is noticed – even if set in the “Mild” intensity.

When measuring the 1MORE EVO cancellation levels, this TWS reached up to a whopping 39dB when set to ANC Strong.

Among the several active modes, 1MORE includes:
– ANC Strong
– ANC Mild
– Wind Noise Resistant
– Adaptive ANC
– Pass-through
– Voice Enhancement
– ANC Off

It is a very neat and premium feature seeing that 1MORE has not only included standard cancellation and transparent modes but has gone a step further and added fine-tuned specialized modes such as WNR, Adaptive ANC (automatic cancellation mode switching according to sounds received) and the very specific Voice Enhancement transparent mode.

Every tested mode showed clear effects of cancellation (when using ANC modes) and enhancement (when using transparency modes) while no strong sound quality variation was present when changing modes.

Moreover, there were no disturbing hiss, noise artifacts nor any “vacuum effect”


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As usual with top-tier 1MORE models, the solid construction quality and build materials of the 1MORE EVO are instantly felt as premium, making buyer’s feel that their purchase is well-worth the premium title.

A unique form factor, smooth shaping and curvy design of the EVO model results in an outstanding level of fit and comfort.

During our testing, wearing the 1MORE EVO granted a tight and secure fit that did not risked it from falling out of the ears on any normally active activity, while preserving an pain-free and long-lasting comfortable experience.


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Response to Equalization

With a nicely, even and significantly flat sound signature, the 1MORE EVO are a superb TWS to either fine tune by custom equalization or to make use of the in-app features bundled by the brand.


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Frequency Response (raw)

1MORE EVO Frequency Response Curve

All modes: Red= ANC OFF, Blue= ANC ON, Orange= Transparency Mode

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1MORE EVO Technical Specifications


Driver UnitHybrid

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Scores Scores

1MORE EVO Scores

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