1MORE SonoFlow SE – Review


1MORE SonoFlow SE

| 40 mm Dynamic Driver | Active Noise Cancelling | 1MORE QuietMax |

1MORE SonoFlow SE, the brand new over-ear Bluetooth headphone from 1MORE, with a friendly price.

As you might have seen from our reviews from quite some time this model has a very similar name to the 1MORE SonoFlow, with the addition of and “SE” at the end. In fact, this is a new model of the Sonoflow series that aims to offer many of the remarkable features of the SonoFlow but with a much more accessible price.

If you are wondering what is left out to have a cheaper price on the 1MORE SonoFlow SE vs 1MORE SonoFlow, here is a partial comparison of what you do not get on the SE:

• LDAC codec
• Carry case
• Hi-Res certification
• Wired mode

Instead, most of the main features and specs are conserved on the SE model, like:

• Same 40mm DLC dynamic driver
• Same 70 hours of battery life
• Modern Bluetooth
• Fast charging support
• ENC Mic and AI noise cancelling
• QuietMax Active Noise Cancelling
• Same 12 EQ presets by Sonarworks

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1MORE SonoFlow SE Review

Tests & Scores

1MORE SonoFlow SE Scores

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Accessories & Packaging

Part of the price-reduction of the 1MORE SonoFlow SE vs the non-SE version comes from the simpler accessories. In fact, you will only get a USB-C charging cable and no fancy case like on the non-SE SonoFlow version.


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Bass & Sub Bass

Apparently, the SonoFlow SE has inherited also the powerfully punchy and fun bass that was seen on the non-SE version.

In fact, the 1MORE SonoFlow SE is able to provide so much punchy mid-bass that you can even feel some physical impact over your ears and head.

The strong bass response is not only limited to mid-bass, as the SonoFlow SE is equally powerful in deep sub-bass areas and having the ability to extend profoundly into sub-bass reproducing any note in these ranges.


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Mids & Vocals

The 1MORE SonoFlow SE have a rich midrange with a decisively warm profile.

Male vocals always provide a full but sometimes laid back presence that can be welcomed by listeners who prefer a less forward male and deep pitched vocals.

Similarly, the lower midrange does show some mid-bass bleed but, overall, the headphone’s midrange is able to provide a cozy and intimate feel.

The upper midrange exhibits a sufficiently crisp sound, moving farther away from the strong response from bass ranges, yet never becoming harsh.



Highs & Treble

The SonoFlow SE have a darkish tint over their highs and treble but not as to be defined like a muffled headphone; instead, their upper-end conserves a relaxed tuning that can still resolve detail but having less of a high-pitched and fatiguing sound – better for sensitive listeners.

As a matter of fact, the headphone’s general tuning presents a coherent signature of a bassy headphone that can provide sufficient midrange and highs – a profile that we would rank as consumer-friendly one and an excellent type for people looking for fun and entertaining bassy sound without having to worry about harshness nor piercing highs (some sibilance is present, though)


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Frequency Response (raw)

1MORE SonoFlow SE Frequency Response Curve

Click the “Show Curve” button to see the 1MORE SonoFlow SE Frequency Response Curve

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Sound Isolation

Despite the cheaper price, the SonoFlow SE offers also QuietMax ANC technology as the more premium SonoFlow (non-SE).

1MORE’s proprietary active noise cancelling has always been an excellent ANC performer, and this QuietMax included with the SonoFlow SE has shown to keep up with the efficient cancelling capabilities as seen in the past with 1MORE.

Moreover, the 1MORE SonoFlow SE did not only offered outstanding active noise cancelling but it also does a superb job with passive isolation when ANC is turned off – showing passive isolation that can easily surpass most average headphones.


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From an aesthetic and ergonomic point of view, both the SonoFlow and SonoFlow SE are nearly identical. In fact, unless you take your time to inspect them in detail you will not notice the differences.

This inherited features also extend to the form factor and shape that applies to the headband, earcups and also the swivel, tilting and foldable design; all of which had proven to be remarkably excellent during our review of the previous non-SE version.

To be more precise, the headband includes a metal structure reinforcement, the top headband provides a fair amount of soft foam material while the large oval-earmuffs/earcups can accommodate any ears size with great comfort.


1MORE SonoFlow SE Technical Specifications


Driver Unit40mm DD
Battery life70 hours
Fast ChargeYes
CodecsSBC, AAC
CordRound cord
Cord Length1.2m
PlugStereo mini plug
WeightApprox. 250g
Supplied AccessoriesUSB cable

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1MORE SonoFlow SE