Arylic B50 – Review

Arylic B50

Arylic B50

| Speaker Amplifier | USB DAC | 50W | Bluetooth Transmitter |

Arylic B50, an affordable but rich-featured passive speaker amp, Bluetooth amp and USB DAC.

Inside a simple looking amp/DAC like the B50, there are some surprising tech specs and features such as Bluetooth receiver and transmitter modes, USB disk host, aptx HD BT codecs (QCC3040 chip), HDMI ARC for TV and mobile app control.

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Arylic B50 Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The device comes in a well-made packaging protecting the unit during transport.

Inside you get:

• 1x PSU (24V 4.16A)
• 2x Bluetooth antennas
• 1x remote control




The Arylic B50 has a classic desktop amp style with a rectangular form factor and a black metallized finish.

The front panel has a clean look with minimalist and small LED indicators of the status and input sources – to make it easy to remember on dark environments, each input has a different colored LED.

On each extreme of the front panel you can find a power toggle and the volume knob.

Compared to other Arylic devices, this one is a bit bigger – specifically measures 185 x 155 x50mm and weights 900 grams.




Operation & Control

The Arylic B50 might look simple from it´s aesthetics but it offers several options to control the unit.

You can select input sources, volume, BT and BT transmitter connections by using the front knob combined with the small Reset button on the back panel. To change input sources you can press the volume knob.

This knob adopts an infinite rotational movement; each step will show feedback through a blink on the source light and with a physical silent clicking on the knob.

As a 2nd option to control the unit you can grab the bundled IR remote and access all the basic functions plus several other richer options (bass, treble control, EQ presets)

The 3rd option available is by a mobile app called Go Control which enables the full customization and control of the device.

As per specific issues that we found, we noticed that pairing Bluetooth with a phone and the app for the first time was cumbersome and hard to get it recognized but after the first connection, things went well – on iOS pairing was flawless but on Android was a bit more time consuming.

Be aware that you definitely need to read the manual to enter Transmitter BT mode or you will never figure out the steps to achieve it.


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Construction & Build

The price of the B50 might makes some people fear that the brand could have cheaped out on the build department, but the unit is quite well constructed with a full metal body and case, adjustable BT antennas and gold-plated banana plugs.

The power button is solidly fit in place while the volume knob presented minimal wobbling.


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Probably the strongest feature of Arylic B50 is the variety of connections available.

Features such as TV HDMI ARC and Bluetooth transmitter are groundbreaking for the price of the B50, setting the device apart from other amps and BT amps on these ranges.

Inputs available:
• RCA input
• USB disk
• Phono
• Bluetooth 5.2 (up to 2 devices)

Outputs include:
• 2 channel Stereo Banana plugs for passive speakers
• Subwoofer out (active SW)
• Bluetooth transmitter (up to 2 devices at the same time)


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Soundwise, the B50 performed quite well with no issues in the noise department nor exhibit hiss at any given moment.

Besides this, the amp did not suffer from scratching potentiometer control and did not show popping noises when turning on-off the unit.

Flavor specific, the amp comes tuned out of the box with a flat frequency response without coloring nor presenting any kind of dips nor spikes throughout the spectrum – further customization and equalization can be accessed with the mobile app and IR remote.

The same performance was seen on Bluetooth mode, Optical in, USB host mode and DAC mode.

You might have noticed that through the review we were more focused on the unit as an amp but it is fair to highlight and remember that this little guy is also a DAC with USB DAC capabilities that presented the same pristine sound quality during our testing and measurement as using the unit exclusively as an amp for a good quality external DAC.


Maybe at 50W x2 this might not be the most powerful amp that you can buy, but 50W (4 ohm) is a power sweet spot that covers the need of a vast majority of listeners and their speakers setups.

The limiting factor for users with 2.1 systems and deep reaching subwoofers is the fact that the frequency response of the SW Out if set to 250Hz – but you can set the crossover from 50 to 300Hz in 50HZ steps from the app)

If you are not against mobile apps, use the Go Control app on your smartphone or you will be missing out many of the advanced features that this amp is capable of offering – volume control, playback control, source selection, Treble+Mids+Bass tuning at 1dB steps, balance, max volume limiting, crossover (customized from 50 to 300), deep bass, equalizer access with presets and custom equalization through an 8-band EQ.

Note that when using it as a BT transmitter it might take some seconds after pairing to fully connect with your BT headphone-speaker and allow volume control through the volume knob and/or IR remote.



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Arylic B50 Technical Specifications

Bluetooth Standard:5.2
Transmitter:2x Bluetooth TX, able to connect up to 2 Bluetooth speaker or earbuds
Receiver:2x Bluetooth RX, able to connect up to 2 Bluetooth transmitter device
Amplifier Power:24V 4ohm 50W *2 ,
24V 8ohm 30W *2
Speaker Impedance:4-8ohm
Frequency Response:20Hz to 20KHz
THD+N:<0.1% @ 1W 1kHz
Line in:Analog RCA, Max 2V RMS input
Phono in :Analog RCA, support MM/MC
Optical in:Max 192kHz/24bit sample rate decode,
PCM encoding
USB disk drive playback, support resume playback
Sample rate: 48kHz
USB Host: Storage format: Fat16, Fat32, exFAT, up to 128GB
Support codec: mp3(data rate up to 384kbps), mp4, wma, mov, m4a, aac, flac(96kHz/24bit), ape
USB Type-C:USB DAC for PC connection, sample rate: 48kHz
Subwoofer out:Max 3V RMS output, Frequency Response: 250Hz
Speaker out:50W per channel @ 4ohms
Power Input:24V/4.16A
Size:185 x 155 x 50mm

Packages Includes:
Main Unit x1 / Antenna(3dB) x2 / Remote Control x1
User’s Manual x1 / Power Adapter x1 / Power Cable x1

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Arylic AB50