Audio Frequencies Cheat-Sheet

As you read our reviews you may find that sometimes we name some audio frequencies and it may be confusing at times; so we decided to make and share with you a simplified chart showing what Sub-bass, Bass, Mids/Vocals and Highs/Treble correspond on the different audio frequencies.

Audio frequencies are written in Hz; for example: 2000Hz.

FrequencyFrequency Range in HzCharacteristics
Sub-bass20Hz to 60HzRumble, Depth
Bass60Hz to 250HzPunch, Boom
Lower Mids250Hz to 500HzMuddiness
Middle Mids500Hz to 2000HzHarshness
Higher Mids // Treble2000Hz to 6000HzHarshness, Sibilance
Highs // Treble6000Hz to 20000HzDefinition, Pierce, Sibilance