TRN T200 TWS – Review

TRN T200 TWS | 1x Balanced Armature | 1x Dynamic Driver | True Wireless | IPX5 waterproof | 🎧 We are reviewing the TRN T200 TWS, a true wireless earphone with high specs and friendly price. The TRN T200 TWS features[…]

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QCY T3 – Review

QCY T3 | 6mm Dynamic Drivers | True Wireless | IPX5 | 🎧 We are reviewing the QCY T3, one of the newest true wireless headphones from the brand. The QCY T3 is also found as QCY IN1832 or QCY-T3.[…]

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REMAX TWS-6 – Review

REMAX TWS-6  | 10mm Dynamic Driver | True Wireless | 🎧 We are reviewing the REMAX TWS-6, an ultra-affordable true wireless headphone with touch controls. The REMAX TWS-6 features fairly large 10mm dynamic drivers and touch sensitive back housings. Most[…]

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1MORE Piston Fit E1009

1MORE Piston Fit E1009- Review

1MORE Piston Fit E1009 | Dynamic Driver | Titanium diaphragm | 🎧 We are reviewing the 1MORE Piston Fit E1009, one of 1MORE’s most affordable in-ear headphones The 1MORE Piston Fit E1009 sits among the most accessible models from the[…]

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KZ E10 TWS – Review

KZ E10 TWS | 4x Balanced Armature | 10mm Dynamic Driver | True Wireless | 🎧 We are reviewing the KZ E10 TWS, the newest and currently only non-discontinued true wireless headphone from KZ. The KZ E10 TWS is the[…]

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AUGLAMOUR T100 – Review

AUGLAMOUR T100 | 8mm Graphene Coaxial Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the AUGLAMOUR T100, an extremely affordable earphone from AUGLAMOUR. The AUGLAMOUR T100 features a single dynamic driver configuration which is an 8mm graphene DD with a coaxial design.[…]

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SHURE SE215 – Review

SHURE SE215 | Dynamic Micro-Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the SHURE SE215, probably the most popular earphone from SHURE. The SHURE SE215 features a single dynamic micro-driver configuration without a specifically disclosed size and detachable MMCX cables. The housings[…]

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JBL Synchros Reflect-I

JBL Synchros Reflect-I – Review

JBL Synchros Reflect-I / Reflect-A | 8.5mm Dynamic Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the JBL Synchros Reflect-I / Reflect-A, a headphone with special features for sports. The JBL Synchros Reflect can be found under 2 names: JBL Synchros Reflect-I[…]

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EarFun FREE – Review

EarFun Free | True Wireless | 6mm Graphene Driver | IPX7 | 🎧 We are reviewing the EarFun Free, a true wireless earphone with friendly price. The EarFun Free features a 6mm graphene driver per side and a IPX7 waterproof[…]

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Sennheiser MOMENTUM In-Ear

Sennheiser MOMENTUM In-Ear – Review

Sennheiser MOMENTUM In-Ear | Dynamic Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the Sennheiser MOMENTUM In-Ear, probably the most famous headphone from the Momentum series. The Sennheiser MOMENTUM In-Ear features a single dynamic driver configuration but the brand does not disclose[…]

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Sony MDR-EX450AP

Sony MDR-EX450 – Review

Sony MDR-EX450 | 12mm Dynamic Driver | Neodymium Magnets | 🎧 We are reviewing the Sony MDR-EX450, an affordable in-ear headphone from Sony with widespread popularity. The Sony MDR-EX450 is the little brother of the Sony MDR-EX650 with, also, a[…]

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FiiO M11 disassembly

FiiO M11 disassembly

We have disassembled the FiiO M11 portable DAP/DAC, so you don’t have to. Through out this FiiO M11 disassembly article our readers will be able to observe the inner build and components of this modern music player and fulfill their[…]

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