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| 2x 45mm Driver | 2x Passive Radiators | 2x12W | Bluetooth | Dual Sound Mode | TWS | IPX7 |

🎧 EarFun UBOOM, the top-tier portable speaker from Earfun.

EarFun (also known as earfün) is a newly born brand that is offering 4 products to date, including the:

The EarFun UBOOM are placed as the most advanced speaker of the brand with a 360 sound design and advanced features that surpass the offering of the EarFun Go.

Inside, the UBOOM is equipped with two 45mm “full-range” drivers and 2 passive radiators.

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EarFun UBOOM Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

As most Bluetooth portable speakers on the market, the EarFun UBOOM does not comes with many accessories. Unboxing the unit will result only in a charging cable.

The packaging is a clean-designed rectangular box with the right size to hold the speaker inside.

gramophone-25660 2.5/5



The EarFun UBOOM is a nice looking speaker with an all-black main body and a silver accent with the logo on the bottom edge of the it’s front.

The form factor is a truncated cone that is meant to be used standing up on it’s bottom rubberized plate to avoid any sliding issues, this rubber piece does a very good job keeping the speaker in place with a nearly silicone feel.

The top back of the speaker holds a yellow cloth loop, allowing it to be easily hanged or carried around.

The finish of the housing has feel that in some way resembles the JBL BoomboxUltimate Ears Megaboom 3 and/or the harman/kardon ONYX Studio 5 – this resemblance is mostly because of their textured, cloth-like main body.

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gramophone-25660 4.5/5


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Construction Quality and Build

The EarFun UBOOM does not feel flimsy but neither excessively reinforced as to become over weighted.

Overall, the speaker feels well-built with pleasant and quality materials and a durable sensation.

The main build material of the speaker is plastic, which helps to it’s transportability and to achieve high IPX7 waterproof rating.

The IPX7 rating ensures that the speaker will be fully waterproof and, even, able to be submerged under 1 meter for up to 30 minutes without damaging the unit.

gramophone-25660 4/5

EarFun UBOOM loop
EarFun UBOOM loop


Size and Dimensions

The UBOOM with it’s standing design has a size and style that sits in the middle of a JBL Flip 5 or a Ultimate Ears Boom 3 and a JBL Pulse 4.

The specific dimensions of the EaFun UBOOM are 166.5 x 88 x 88mm (6.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches), making it a relatively small and easy to carry speaker.

In addition to this, the speaker weights only 585g (20.63 ounces)



Advanced Features

The EarFun UBOOM offers advanced features such as:

  • Surround 360 sound
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • TWS mode
  • Outdoor/Indoor Mode


Operation & Control

The top of the speaker holds all the buttons to fully control the device. This section has a different build than the main housing, with a non-textured, flat and matte-black finish and a slightly rubberized material.

The UBOOM has 6 independent buttons in total which makes it easier to control than speakers that offer less number of dedicated buttons. The center button is the power button, the left one can be used to lower the volume level while the right one to increase it.
The button with the Bluetooth symbol is used to force the speaker’s pairing mode while the center-bottom button will provide multi-functions including play/pause, skipping tracks and call commands.
The 6th remaining button placed on the upper right edge is specifically used to switch between the indoor and the outdoor sound modes of the EarFun UBOOM.

LED Status Light: Three out 6 buttons on the UBOOM have a light that inform the status of the speaker. These buttons are the power button, the Bluetooth button and the mode switching button.

gramophone-25660 4.5/5

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EarFun UBOOM buttons
EarFun UBOOM buttons


Battery Life

The information that the brand gives about the battery of the EarFun UBOOM seems contradictory on their user manual than on their listings and official website.

The user manual informs that the device is packed with a 7.4V 2200mAh battery while on their website the brand refers to a 3.7V 4400mAh – converted in wattage the result is the same though (16.28 W)

Nonetheless battery specs, the device is capable of offering up to 16 hours of continuous playback at a moderate volume setting – dialing up the volume will decrease the battery duration.

The battery duration is more or less inline with most portable Bluetooth speakers with similar dimensions.

How to charge the EarFun UBOOM:

The speaker get charged through an USB-C connector that is placed on the bottom back side of the device, to achieve an IPX7 rating, the charging connector is protected by a rubber gasket.

The brand recommends to charge the speaker with an USB charger able to output 5V 2A – the charging time with a charger of this type is 4 hours.

To avoid accidental discharging of the speaker, the unit will automatically turn off after 30 minutes (only if the speaker is not paired with any device nor reproducing sound)

gramophone-25660 4/5

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EarFun UBOOM ports
EarFun UBOOM ports



The acoustic design of the UBOOM gives a surround effect and a non-traditional directional sound like most speakers on the market (for example the 1MORE Speaker aimed for this kind of wider sound spreading). And, indeed, the UBOOM does a great job covering a 360 degree sound expansion with a remarkably even sound all around.

The sound difference will only be heard differently at extremely close distances where it can be identified that the front of the speaker exhibits a more bassy sound while on the sides the sound is clearer. This, in fact, makes sense with the drivers distribution as each 45mm driver and passive radiator is placed on the left and right side of the speaker.

Techy users, might not have their curiosity fulfilled by the tech specs shared by the manufacturer as EarFun does not declare the rated frequency response nor it’s impedance. Update on the frequency response of the EarFun UBOOM: Frequency response is yet not publicly published anywhere but the brand contacted us to let our readers know that, in theory, the frequency response is 60Hz – 20000Hz but the 1MORE Speaker with it’s 70Hz starting response still shows a much deeper bass.

EarFun UBOOM top view
EarFun UBOOM top view

Indoor Mode

The UBOOM model name might make buyers think that this EarFun speaker will be a bassy and deep sounding one.

Instead, when the speaker is set to it’s Indoor Mode, for audiophile or demanding listeners, their profile will show an unbalanced bass with clean lower and mid-low bass but a much more intense upper bass that can make tracks showing these bass ranges feel “clean” when sub-bass and mid/low-mid bass is requested and boomy when upper-bass and mid-upper bass is shown.

Besides this, it usually sounds rolled-off on their sub-bass and punchy only on the upper-bass section, which in general gives it a feel of cleanness but non-frequent thinness.

Despite the unbalanced bass explained above, in general the midrange of the UBOOM will show laid back male vocals but non-distant unless mid-bass or upper-bass is present.

Whenever the bass presence on a track is less upper-bass centered, the UBOOM will shine in sound quality showing a clean, balanced and non-bloated sound.

Additionally, their higher mids tend to be somewhat rolled-off , translating into no harsh peaks nor any annoying shouty vocals.

Highs on the UBOOM will resolve just a little amount of detail with a slightly brightish tuning and a dark layer on top but not turning overly crowded. To their benefit, this less aggressive apporach gives it a sound absolutely free of sibilance and piercing peaks.

Two EQ paths can be taken to re-tune the UBOOM; either the upper-bass is aimed for a more coherent sound with their rest of the bass response and will perfectly be retuned or a opposite bass-boosting path can be taken pumping up their upper mid-bass but sub-bass and low-mid bass will not be able to be filled nor unleashed as the speaker is not able to reproduce this lower frequency ranges.


Outdoor Mode

When activating the Outdoor Mode on the UBOOM, the speaker will show an immediate different sound signature and retuning that will precisely “repair” the unbalanced bass explained before.

The EarFun will now exhibit a much more coherent sound with a cleaner bass and a less spiky and bloated upper bass.

For users looking for the bassiest response out of the UBOOM, this mode will absolutely not be their best choice but will be an ideal mode for users that prefer a better balanced sound.

This better balanced bass will give their midrange a much more stable sound without having to worry about mid-bass and upper-bass in tracks that could drown their mids and vocals- the difference on their midrange is groundbreaking difference with a remarkable sound quality improvement.

Oppositely to their bass and midrange pronounced retuning effect when switching modes, their highs will show a less noticeable and nearly negligible effect over their highs personality with, simply, a slightly less congested highs response.

Basically, the modes differ by a boosting kick on the mid/upper bass response.


Stereo Mode (TWS)

Like the 1MORE Speaker that we have reviewed some time ago, the EarFun UBOOM, offers also a stereo TWS mode were two UBOOM speakers can be paired together for stereo sound and an, theoretically an even better surround sound.

Unfortunately, we are unable to know the performance of the UBOOM on stereo mode as we only have 1 unit.

It is worth reminding our readers that the EarFun UBOOM has a special purpose as a 360 speaker but will not be well-adapted for people searching for a bassy speaker nor with a traditional “directional” speaker.

In addition to this, the UBOOM showed little to barely noticeable lag which makes it a speaker capable of being used for videos and movies without suffering from delayed or non-synced sound.


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As you might already know by now, the EarFun UBOOM can be connected wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection with any PC, smartphone, tablet, etc but the speaker, also, offers a 2nd connectivity option through a 3.5mm jack hidden under the rubber gasket on the back of the device.

This 3.5mm jack allow the speaker to be used wired with any device that has a 3.5mm output connection.


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Response to Equalization

The UBOOM was noticeably responsive with good retuning capabilities and with the possibility to level-up and/or partially fix some of their sound “issues” – yet, it will not be a straightforward nor very easy equalizing task, requiring fair expertise with custom EQ for sound fixing.

gramophone-25660 4/5

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EarFun UBOOM Technical Specifications


Driver Unit2x45mm
Power Capacity12W
Frequency ResponseN/A
WeightApprox. 585g
Supplied Accessoriescharging cable

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Scores Scores

EarFun UBOOM Scores

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