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We are reviewing the ALLPOWERS R600, a popular solar generator and portable power station by ALLPOWERS.

The ALLPOWERS R600 can be bought as a portable power station alone by getting the powerpack only or as a full solar generator kit that includes also solar chargers/panels.

The different kits of the ALLPOWERS R600 are:

• ALLPOWERS R600 Portable Power Station with SP027/SF100 100W solar panels
• ALLPOWERS R600 Portable Power Station with SP029 140W solar panels
• ALLPOWERS R600 Portable Power Station with SP033/SP035/SF200 200W solar panels

All variants of the product have the exact same R600 power station, being the only difference the solar panels bundled with the kits – SF panels are flexible.

The specific model variant that we are reviewing is the ALLPOWERS Solar Generator Kit 600W (AP R600 V2.0 + SP027 100W Solar Panel)

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The ALLPOWERS Solar Generator Kit 600W (R600 + SP027 100W Solar Panel) comes in 2 different packs, one for the power station and other for the solar panels.

The R600 power station is well-protected with plenty of foam inside the box.

With both packs you will get:
• 5.5×2.1mm adapter
• 5.5×2.5mm adapter
• 3.5×1.35mm adapter
• Anderson plug
• 7.9/8mm adapter
• MC4 cabling/connectors
• AC cable
• Soft pouch



The ALLPOWER R600 might be one of the more affordable power stations from the brand but, the device is packed with premium features such as:
• Multiple I/O connections
• Mobile app control
• Bluetooth connection
• LFP Lithium battery
• Fast charging
• Usable while charging



The ALLPOWER R600 is one the mid-smaller power stations from the brand, being far from the hefty R4000 model but neither as tiny as their PB65.

It can be seen that the R600 has been carefully designed to have a rich-featured functionality, yet preserving an aesthetically pleasing look.

The unit has a rectangular shape with a brick-alike form factor and rounded edges. The top of the device has a wireless output charging surface and a foldable carrying handle, while the front of the unit is the place for the rest of the output connections – the front panel also has an emergency LED light with 3 lighting settings that include an SOS mode.

To avoid any sliding issues, the power station has 4 rubberized feet on the bottom of the case, which do a good job keeping the unit in place and raising it from the surface where it sits.

The included solar panels of the kit have a foldable design and a handle to carry it around. When unfolded, the panel provides 2 kickstands to support the unit in an angled position to stabilize the panels and optimize their solar light accumulation.

Connection-wise, the SP027 solar panels use MC4 connectors and can be connected with other SP027 panels in series or chained using a parallel connection – additive voltage for the first configuration and current additive for the parallel one.

The cables of the solar panels are hidden in an integrated pouch with a zipper closing system.

The exact dimensions of the ALLPOWERS R600 are 7.6 x 7.5 x 11.2inches and 5.8kg (12.8lbs) for the power station unit – which in hands looks compact and carry-friendly.

The ALLPOWER SP027 solar panels that we have weight 3.6Kkg (7.9lbs) and have an unfolded size of 1220×650×10mm/48×25.6×0.4inch (510×650×30mm/20×25.6×1.2inch when folded)

To match your preferences, the ALLPOWERS R600 is available in 2 colors:

• ALLPOWERS R600 grey/black (as the one that we are reviewing)

• ALLPOWERS R600 beige



The ALLPOWERS R600 includes a built-in 3-color display screen with detailed information of the device.

The screen allows to have a quick and full insight of the status of the power station with 15 different info sections that include: battery charge (in 3-digit percentage), real-time input/output power, output hertz, remaining time (charge/discharge), while the 10 top icons will turn on to indicate power saving, fast charging, overload, DC indicator, UPS mode, fans on, car charge, Bluetooth.

Moreover, the screen has a backlit design so you can see the info even in complete darkness.

The live reading of Watts input/output, battery charge and time remaining are remarkably handy for real-life use while keeping an eye on consumption and plan your use according to the runtime left.



Internally, the ALLPOWERS R600 is equipped with high-quality components like a 299Wh LiFePO4 battery (25.6V 11.68A), pure sinewave inverter and AC/Solar/Car power input design.

In addition to this, the power station has a dedicated BMS protection, monitoring voltage, current, and temperature system for the LiFEPO4 battery to extend its lifespan but also to ensure that no risky battery levels/conditions are reached.

The side panels of the power station have nearly 50% of their surface equipped with ventilation cut-out grids to improve the thermals and temp control of the internals.

The right panel, also, is the place where you will find the AC charging plug, AC circuit breaker and solar/car input connection – all of them are protected and hidden beneath a vertically opening door/cover.
The included ALLPOWERS SP027 solar panels with the kit have a foldable and waterproof design with external nylon construction.

Internally, the monocrystalline solar panels have a peak power 100W and use polysilicon solar cells with an efficiency of 22%. To optimize the conversion efficiency yet provide a durable a working panel, the SPO27 have a 4-layer design with PET, TPT, PCB and the solar cells.




This power station has a user-friendly control design that allows to be fully operated from the multi-buttons and display of the unit.

In total, the R600 power station has 4 buttons that are all placed on the front panel. On the upper section you can find an elongated button to switch the emergency LED light on and to choose the light mode, right beneath it there is a rounded power button for the overall unit and, finally on the very bottom there are 2 vertical-oval buttons; one of them turns on/off the DC USB output ports and the other one is for the 2x AC 600W connectors.

Furthermore you can access deep information, real-time status and full control of the unit when pairing the R600 with ALLPOWERS mobile app on your smartphone.

From the mobile app you get:

• Battery charge
• Charging status
• Remaining time
• Input W and Output W usage
• Control of power switches: AC & DC
• LED light on/off
• Hertz switch
• AC charging mode selection
• ECO mode switch
• ECO mode shutdown timer



After some infamous “trendy” news from many years ago about mainstream smartphones catching fire due to faulty lithium batteries, brands have taken extra measurements to provide the maximum security with their rechargeable batteries without possible hazardous consequences.

Being that ALLPOWERS is a brand with long-time experience and specialized in battery-centered products, the brand knows how to boost safety features to the max. and equip quality battery cells inside their power stations.

As a matter of fact, the ALLPOWERS R600 is equipped with 7 different layers of sensors and protective systems:

• High temperature protection
• Low temperature protection
• Over discharge protection
• Over charge protection
• Over load protection with circuit breaker
• Short circuit protection
• Over current protection

We did a brief stress-test to the safety protection for overload running a 1150W appliance; the power station was able to run for 5 to 6 seconds after the power consumption exceeded the 600W – this confirms the peak power capacity and working of the over load tolerance & protection system.

On top of that, the main high-current output connectors are protected by snapping gaskets/covers and, also, the ALLPOWERS SP027 solar panels bundled with the kit have their own safety features that include short circuit protection and surge protection tech.



The ALLPOWERS R600 is not the biggest power station that you can buy, yet despite the compact size, it is able to offer a whopping amount of 7 different connectors to handle all 7 devices at the same time (if the added power consumption does not exceed the power capability of the power station)

Not only the ALLPOWERS R600 has plenty of connectors, they are, also, of diverse type to fit and become compatible with many devices.

Specifically, the 7 output connectors of the ALLPOWER R600 are:

• 2x AC outlets (600W / 1200W peak)
• 2x USB-C ports (PD-100W)
• 2x USB-A ports (18W)
• 1x car cigarette lighter (200W / 12V 10A)
• 1x 15W wireless charger

A rare variant (probably US only) of the R600 exists that also adds 2 DC 5525 ports to the front panel but this is not the case of the model that we have.

To recharge the power station you can opt for 3 different input methods, which are a standard AC wall outlet, solar panels (12~60V 12A 300W max.) or car charging (200W). With the AC charging method you can select a , quiet charging mode (200W), a standard 300W one and a fast charging mode (400W) which tops-up the battery in just 1 hour.

The SP027 solar panels in the kit make use of MC-4 connectors with a max output of 25A and come bundled with plenty of MC-4 to DC adapters and a MC-4 to Anderson one.




The ALLPOWERS R600, when bought as a kit with the solar panels, becomes a highly versatile power system that can act as a portable power station, solar backed-up power generator, UPS, portable charging station, emergency power backup for smaller appliances and emergency light.

The brand markets the ALLPOWERS R600 mainly as a portable outdoor generator for camping, outdoor time, etc. but the specs, features, power capacity and pure sinewave inverter gives this ALLPOWERS power station a much wider and versatile coverage of powering and backup functions.



The ALLPOWERS R600 Kit is marketed as a 600W power station but the device can actually support peaks of 1200W – it is nice seeing that brand has opted for a transparent/honest Watts listing instead of using the path of other competitors that opt for the fluffy-boosted marketing specs to confuse buyers.

The ALLPOWER R600 might be mostly promoted as a portable power station and solar charger but it is also an advanced UPS that can be used as a stationary UPS system with an internal pure sinewave inverter for even the most sensitive electronics such as computers.

Moreover, as an UPS the ALLPOWERS R600 has a fast response time of 10ms – a quick response that falls within the specs of many dedicated popular UPS units from mainstream UPS brands.

Since all the computers, monitors, servers and graphic pen displays in our offices are backed up and protected by some hefty UPS systems, the ALLPOWERS R600 was assigned the multifunction of acting as a securing and power backing system with UPS for the larger machines that we receive for reviewing such as laser engravers, laser cutters, 3D FDM printers, 3D resin printers, CNC machines, power amplifiers and even for a couple of lights for the photography studio. For all of the aforementioned tested products with the ALLPOWERS R600, the power station showed impeccable performance while using it as a direct powering unit, solar generator and as an UPS.

While testing the R600 we forced-simulated a power outage to see the UPS response and reliability; every single test was successfully backed with instant power by the R600 with no unexpected shutdowns of the appliances connected to the power station.

From a fully depleted battery up to 99% charge (the last 1% takes longer time due to self-regulating safety measures), the ALLPOWERS R600 took a surprisingly short time of +/-60 minutes while charged directly from an AC wall outlet and when set to the fast AC charging mode – this fell within the listed specs. As a point of reference some of the smaller UPS units from CyberPower that we use for smaller PCs in the office have seal-lead acid batteries and take as much as 8 hours to fully charge.

We then proceeded to test out every single output port to see if they could provide the rated power and specs. The measurements and results confirmed that the power station could be used while charging, the USB ports delivered the promised 18W for the USB-A connectors and granted 100W for the USB-C; also the wireless charging provided 15W of wireless charging (you need to turn on the DC power output)

Further tests & measurements applied by our team involved electronics and appliances with the following runtime results provided by the internal 299Wh battery:

• AC, 25W fan running constantly= 9:58 hours
• AC, MiniPC + USB-C FHD 16″ Monitor= 5:21 hours
• AC, Router= 16:59 hours
• AC, Premium Laser Engraver= 2:11 hours
• AC, 40″ TV= 2:24 hours
• AC, Pro 22″ Graphics Monitor Pen Display= 7:03 hours
• AC, 1080p Projector= 2:45 hours
• AC, 3D Resin Printer= 3:42 hours
• AC, 3D FDM Printer= 1:16 hours
• AC, 575W Mini Espresso Machine= 180 espresso coffees
• AC, 60W Photography Studio LED Light= 4:14 hours
• DC, Outdoor Security Camera= 3 Days 9 hours
• DC, 18W fast charging smartphone supported
• DC CAR, portable air compressor/tire inflator= 4:10 hours
• DC portable fridge: 13:10 hours

Overall, our runtime and discharge tests revealed that the ALLPOWERS R600 provided a real-life capacity averaging at 243Wh to 261Wh with a slight advantage on DC discharging.

Testing the ALLPOWER SP027 solar panels, the power efficiency and Wattage is obviously directly related with the intensity of the solar light and the correct positioning of them. A cloudy day will not provide the same watts output as a fully midday summer sun.

These specific panels have a rated power output of 100W, which in optimal sunny days were able to provide in average 95 watts and charge the R600 power station in 4 hours approx. – quite impressive! During variable mid-cloudy days the solar panels were providing from 28W to 62W according to the level of cloudiness.

The panels were also able to be used as standalone solar panels without the need to be connected to the R600 power station; if you intend to feed compatible power-spec’d devices, the ALLPOWERS SP027 can be a smart choice to get full off-grid use of these appliances/gadgets.



With an asking price that is far below the 4-digits, the ALLPOWERS R600 kit offers an excellent bang for buck for a highly versatile portable power station with solar charging capabilities and a fair battery capacity.

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ALLPOWERS R600 Technical Specifications

Battery type
AC Input
400W max.
Solar Input
300W max.
Cigarette lighter Input
200W max.
2 * AC-Output
600W / 230V, Spitze 1200W
2 * USB-C Output
USB-C*2: 5/9/15V 3A, 20V 5A, 200W Max.
2 * USB-A Output
USB-A*2: 5V 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A, 36W Max.
2 * DC-Output
120W max.
1 * Cigarette Output Port
120W max. 12V 10A
1 * Wireless Charging
15W max.
LED lighting
Light mode / SOS mode
Application control and monitoring
UPS Power Supply
Within 10ms
16.13 pounds
7.6 x 7.5 x 11.2inches

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