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We are reviewing the DTNO.1 DT ULTRA 2, a full Android watch from DTNO1.

DTNO.1 is a brand specialized in the manufacturing of smartwatches with a constantly expanding catalog that has been going for several years already – in fact, long time ago we have reviewed some early models from them.

The DTNO.1 DT ULTRA 2 is the very first Android watch from the brand, being powered by a full Android operating system instead of a featured-limiting watch OS.

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DTNO.1 DT ULTRA 2 Review

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Advanced Features

The DTNO.1 DT ULTRA 2 features include advanced options such as:

○ Android OS
○ WiFi
○ Bluetooth
○ Heart rate sensor
○ IP68 waterproof rating
○ Vibrating motor
○ Speaker
○ OTA firmware upgrade


Accessories & Packaging

The DTNO.1 DT Ultra 2 comes in a well-built packaging ensuring that the watch arrives safely to you.

Inside you will also get:

○ 2x straps
○ Charging “dock”




The DTNO.1 DT Ultra 2 has a rectangular-styled form factor with a higher than wider extension and rounded angles.

The overall looks of the watch are classy and clean aesthetically with well-organized buttons and details that add to the premium feel yet without looking tacky.

The right edge holds a rotating wheel and an elongated button while the left edge of the watch has a orange-colored button and a visible grid hiding beneath a speaker.

It could be said that the watch has got some inspiration from Apple watches and they did it quite well.

Thanks to the use of narrow bezels and an unibody design, the watch looks more refined than other smartwatches on the market.

On the bottom, you will see the different sensors of the watch and 4 pins that are used to connect with the charging dock.




Operation & Control

The watch is fully controlled with its 2 physical buttons, the rotating encoder (wheel) and the touch sensitive screen.

The screen supports both single touch inputs and gestures, allowing a smartwatch-styled use that is intuitive and requires barely any learning curve.

The wheel is also equipped with a multifunction button to add up as a 3rd physical button, while the rotational movement of the wheel can be used to scroll through menus or navigate the page scrolling on the web browser.

The left orange button comes with the default function to launch the sports modes but, fortunately, this button can be reprogrammed to other functions (through the dedicated setting)



Battery Life

Battery life is the weakness of this watch but, to be fair, the brand informed us beforehand that they are aware of this issue, being this their first Android watch.

Inside, the watch carries an 880mAh battery that is able to cover 1 day of use but no longer than that. If you are used to recharge your gadgets at the end of the day on a daily basis, this could not be too much of a hassle but it is worth considering.

The brand has implemented a dual system inside the watch, one full-fledged Android and a 2nd with a reduced functionality to save power.

On the other hand, the watch comes with a much better charging “dock” system than many other smartwatches.


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Construction & Build

Right out of the box you will notice that the DTNO.1 DT ULTRA 2 is a solid watch with a hefty build that gives a feel of durability and good construction.

From the buttons to the wheel, all inherit the same nice level of build where none show wobbliness nor flimsy characteristics.

In addition to this, the watch has been carefully design to reach an IP68 waterproof rating, allowing it to withstand water and dust conditions for everyday use.

The only detail that we noticed when rotating the wheel on silent environments, was a slight metallic friction noise like if it is coming from the metal spring underneath.




The DTNO.1 DT ULTRA 2 does not only offer standard features of smartwatches like:

○ Native apps
○ Watch functions
○ Call notifications
○ SMS notifications
○ Fitness apps (outdoor run, walk, indoor run, biking, basketball, football, ping pong, badminton, skipping)
○ Health measuring sensors (blood oxygen, blood pressure, sleep quality, temp, blood sugar)
○ Calc
○ Calendar
○ Gallery
○ Sound recorder
Instead, this watch by having a full Android OS and dedicated Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi chips allows access to rich-features that can be found smartphones, such as:
○ WiFi connection
○ Bluetooth audio
○ Bluetooth calls
○ Messaging
○ Web browsing
○ Android App Store
○ File manager
○ Google Maps
○ Compass
○ ChatGPT
○ Barometer
○ Widgets
○ Alipay
○ Radio





The DTNO.1 DT ULTRA 2 has a large AMOLED screen with a diagonal size of 2.06 inches – this is even larger than the screen of many full smartwatch-phones that we have reviewed.

The screen has outstanding colors and visibility at any angle, thanks to the AMOLED tech of the panel while the 410×502 resolution results in superb sharpness.

From icons to small fonts, all the UI elements are easy to read without straining the eyes while watching movies, photos or using apps are pleasant to see great definition.

The watch comes with preloaded watch dials that you can switch on the fly or you can download others from their dial store but beware that not all dials are free of charge – yet there are plenty of free ones.


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In spite of the nice build, the watch is not overly weighty as to induce early fatigue or discomfort.

On top of that, the watch comes bundled with 2 totally different wristbands which allows users to interchange them at any given moment and/or to choose the design that better adapts to each one’s ergonomic/comfort preferences.

The only detail that we noticed was that the fabric wristband could tend to partially get unlocked on the securing metal lock end when carrying more intensive activities – yet, the rubberized wristband was 100% secure.




The watch is powered by a multi-core CPU, 16GB of ROM space and 2GB of RAM memory.

DTNO.1 highlighted to us that the watch could show some lag due to the demanding Android OS and inner specs of the watch but to be honest, the watch has performed nicely with snappy response to touch inputs, menu navigations, gestures and when using most of the included apps.

Moreover, the watch reacted in a timely manner to the “tilt to wake” function when lifting the wrist responding with a minimalistic clock screen with date and time being shown.

On the other hand, there were some bugs/glitches here and there (for example, setting the left button to some functions it made the watch to reboot) but none of them were present on normal use.
The watch has much more features than any competitor at a similar price, the only thing that is holding back the DTNO.1 DT ULTRA 2 to be a market leader is its 1-day battery life – yet, to be fair, the company did inform us that being their first Android watch they are aware of the short battery life.

Leaving the 1-day battery life aside, the watch was a very good performer, allowing the team to gain access to smartphone features on the wrist (like web browsing, WiFi connection, Bluetooth audio, native Google Play Store Android apps installation and use)


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