ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra – Review

ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra
ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra

ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra

| 3D MSLA Resin Printer | 9K |

ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra, the newest entry-level 3D resin printer from ELEGOO.

ELEGOO is one of the biggest and part of the leading brands that specialize in 3D printers with an ever expanding and evolving catalog of quality resin, FDM 3D printers and laser engraving machines.

The ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra is the newest version of the Mars series in their 4th generation as a successor of their Mars 3 lines.

The Mars series are part of their most affordable and budget-friendly MSLA 3D Stereo lithography printers but the ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra sits as the flagship model of the Mars 4 series with many specs and capabilities that become closer and even surpass some of the offerings in their upper Jupiter and Saturn models.

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ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra Review

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The ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra comes very well protected in a packaging that holds inside plenty of protective foam material to ensure that you get your machine safely through any shipping abuse.

The printer includes all the necessary hardware and software accessories to assemble and start printing right away – though there is no resin included so add up to your cart a quality 8K resin bottle when ordering the ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra.

Inside you will find the following accessories:

• USB air purifier
• U disk
• Voxeldance Tango license
• Gloves
• Funnel
• Assembly screws replacements
• Allen keys
• Metal scraper
• Plastic scraper
• WiFi Antenna



The brand has applied a smart design for the ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra allowing a large maximum printing size but conserving a compact form factor.

The machine has a tower-alike form factor with a taller than wider shape but with optimal weight distribution that gives it excellent balance and stability – the printer does not give a single hint of collapsing, shaking nor stumbling.

On the front panel of the printer you will find a screen display, USB port for USB disks and the power button.

As there are plenty of ELEGOO Mars 4 variants and all models look very similar, we give you a hint to be sure that you are choosing the flagship variant; the Mars 4 Ultra is the only one that has a darker “black” anti UV cover while all the rest have a red colored one.

The ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra has a size of 22.7×22.7×44.35cm and is able to build a maximum volume of 153.36×77.76x165mm.

Overall, the ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra has a nice, stylish design with clean aesthetics that gives it a business-alike vibe.



The ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra is equipped with a big 4 inch HD touch screen. This screen uses a modern IPS technology with a resolution of 800×480 pixel, providing excellent colors, readability, brightness and wide angles of view.

Even more important, the displays is a touch sensitive screen that works as the control, setting and navigation system of the printer; allowing a modern design with an intuitive smartphone-alike experience.

The large icons and fonts give an easy to follow and understand menus, settings and printing live information.

When printing, the screen will give a live percentage of the printing progress, layers printed, layers left, elapsed time used and remaining time to complete the job.



The aforementioned display screen is the main control of the ELEGOO printer with an intuitive and responsive menu and settings but, in addition to this, users can fully operate the machine through the screen or printing right away by connecting a USB drive to the USB port of the printer.

Powered by its own unix-based Linux operating system and beefy 4GB of RAM, the Mars 4 Ultra offers a snappy UI, navigation and general operation of the machine with a reliable operating system backing up a stable working environment.



The ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra feels way more premium than the price suggests with a solid and rugged build that inspires durability and a long lasting 3D printer companion.

The printer is constructed with a combination of metal and plastic sections were the main body, casing, functional, structural and stress-working components are made of solid metal while the UV cover uses plastic.

Some details that, furthermore, show the level of assembly quality used for the Mars 4 Ultra include a build plate that is laser-craved, 9H tempered glass protection for the mono LCD, metal rods, screws and excellently proficient rubberized feet.

Overall the printer does not show any signs of wobbliness that could deteriorate the quality of the prints nor parts that might seem to be compromising the durability of the product – if being picky, we could say that the anti UV cover will be the only more fragile component of the whole unit.

As part of the internals optimization, the printer has a dedicated copper tubing cooling system for heat-dissipation and thermals control of the COB light.



This ELEGOO models allows the connection to the printer either wirelessly with a Wi-Fi 2.4G & 5G or wired through the USB connection, allowing to print directly from files in a USB disk/pen drive or wirelessly uploading the files to the printer.

While sending sliced projects to the printer through the wireless Wi-Fi connection, the printer always received the files without interruptions nor broken connection and within acceptable transferring times.

The power connector is placed on the back panel of the printer.



Hearing “entry-level” and finding out the friendly price of the ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra might make you think that you are getting a crippled 3D printer model, instead the Mars 4 Ultra offers some premium specs such as:

• 7-inch 9K mono LCD
• Resolution of 8520×4320
• 18µm XY resolution
• 150mm/H printing speed

The ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra presented remarkable prints quality with fine detail and excellent control of riffles – as a matter of fact this was not an unexpected surprise, seeing the 0.018mm of XY resolution, LCD max capabilities, 0.02mm accuracy of the Z-axis and the advanced COB light + Fresnel collimating lens.

Every print test that we through at the Mars 4 Ultra was printed with crisp details, smooth shapes and no undesired printing errors.

Of course, as with any consumer 3D printer, if you are intending to print a huge, multi-piece product you will need many hours of printing time but for smaller prints, the ELEGOO was able to finish the job in acceptable times and with a total runtime that was up to 2 times shorter than other similarly priced MSLA 3D printers.

It is nice seeing that ELEGOO bundles for free an air purifier, taking care of their customer’s health without trying to squeeze an extra buck from them. The USB air purifier does not only comes for free but it also showed remarkable results during our tests by nearly completely eliminating the strong odor coming from the resin – in fact, this is a true activated carbon filter and no gimmicky accessory.

Moreover, the machine has a simple assembly design with a 4-point, friendly-leveling system that requires only a first time leveling without any further re-leveling needed.

Noise-wise, if you come from a FDM 3D printer, you will be delighted of how silent the ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra is in comparison.



ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra print example - model by Nekropunks
ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra print example – model by Nekropunks



As every 3D printing session is usually hours long, you might be interested in knowing how it will impact your monthly electricity bill.

This ELEGOO printer has a maximum power consumption of 72W, with all the juice needed provided by the PSU bundled with the device.

Given the performance, quality of print and speed of printing, the power consumption of the ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra seems fair.



It is hard to argue the superb deal that you are getting as a freebie software with the ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra.

Specifically, you get a lifetime license for Voxeldance Tango, which is a slicer software that can cost as much as a subscription of $720 per year – basically you are paying less for the Mar 4 Ultra with Voxeldance Tango bundled for free than the price of the software itself, though you are getting a ELEGOO edition of Voxeldance software.

On top of that, the printer has its own Linux OS running inside the machine itself.

Moreover, as the Mars 4 Ultra uses .goo & .stl files, it is fully compatible with free slicing software like ChituBox and Lychee Slicer.

Be sure to set the parameters of your ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra as it corresponds to get your prints right; Voxeldance Tango has a preset for the Mars 4 Ultra, ChituBox also has one but you will need to search the model and add it manually – also remember to add the specs of the resin that you are going to use each time and create profiles for each of the different resins that you have.

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ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra Technical Specifications

• Product model: MARS 4 Ultra 9K
• LCD: 7-inch 9K Mono LCD
• System: EL3D-4.0
• Slicer Software: ChituBox
• Technology: MSLA 3D Stereo lithography
• Layer Thickness: 0.01-0.2mm
• Printing Speed: up to 150mm/h with ACF release liner film and ELEGOO rapid standard resin
• Z Axis Accuracy: 0.02mm
• XY Resolution: 0.018mm(8520*4320)
• Build Volume: 153.36mm(L)*77.76mm(W)*165mm(H)
• Light Source: UV Integrated Light (wavelength 405nm)
• Languages: Chinese English Japanese Dutch Korean French German Russian Italian Spanish Turkish Portuguese
• Connectivity: USB
• Weight: 15.43lbs(7kg)
• Operation: 3.5 Inch Touch Screen
• Power Requirements: 100-240V 50/60Hz 24V 3A
• Printer Dimensions: 22.7cm(L)*22.7cm(W)*44.35cm(H)


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ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra