ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO – Review

ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO
ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO

ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO

| 3D FDM Printer | 500mm/s | Dual-zone heat bed |

ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO, a budget-friendly but powerful 3D printer from ELEGOO.

The ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO is the more advanced version of the smaller ELEGOO Neptune 4 (non-pro), incorporating better specs and features.

So far, we have reviewed almost all models from the Neptune 4 series, including the ELEGOO Neptune 4 MAX and the ELEGOO Neptune 4 PLUS; despite the smaller size and more affordable price, the ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO inherits most of the qualities and specs of the bigger siblings.

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ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO Review

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The ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO comes in a fairly large box with abounding amount of protective foam inside.

Included with the machine, you get:

• Diagonal pliers
• Plastic scraper
• Cooling fan
• Spool arm
• Display screen
• Filament detector
• PLA sample filament
• RJ45 cable
• 8USB disk
• Card reader
• MicroSD card
• Build platform glue stick
• 2x Replacement nozzles
• Needle
• Tools
• Screws



If you put the ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO side by side next to the huge ELEGOO Neptune 4 MAX, the PRO version looks like a mini offspring; yet the machine has a respectable max. printing volume of 265x225x225mm which is bigger than other “small” printers that we have reviewed such as the Kingroon KLP1.

Aesthetically, all Neptune 4 printers look very similar with the use of a blue pearled metalized finish, arc dual Z-axis design and a clean and organized distribution of rods, motors, assembly screws, etc.

In spite of having an affordable price, the ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO includes an innovative feature that no other 3D printer from the brand includes (an mostly no other competitor neither), which is a smart hotbed that has a segmented design with 2 different power outputs (100W and 150W). This dual bed design works by detecting when the print is bigger than the center (120x120mm) of the hotbed; if the print fits within the center zone, only the center hotbed get turned on, else if the print is larger than the 120mm of the center it automatically turns on the outer zones of the hotbed.

To the right end of the X-axis you will notice that the printer has a knob, this is the manual belt tensioner for the x-axis belt; another belt tensioner is placed on the front of the main base, which serves to adjust the tension of the Y-axis/bed’s belt.

Unlike the other bigger Neptune 4 machines, the Neptune 4 PRO has an exposed Y-axis/bed motor that is not enclosed inside the main base of the machine.



Usually 3D FDM printers require more assembly steps and time than 3D resin printers but this was not the case with ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO thanks to its small size and simplicity of steps to put it together.

The Neptune 4 PRO comes packed with the full bed and lower section of the machine assembled from factory and the Z & X axis as well.

Basically, you will need to screw the Z/X-axis arc with the lower/bed of the machine and you are good to go.

This is probably the quickest assembly of every 3D FDM printer reviewed so far.

As a matter of fact, the full assembly of the ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO took the team as little as 20 minutes to complete.



Despite being the smaller sibling of the ELEGOO Neptune 4 PLUS and ELEGOO Neptune 4 MAX, the ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO has inherited the same superb, large and useful display screen seen on the larger brothers.

This is a 4.33″ color screen that is touch sensitive and uses a detachable magnetic system with its dedicated screen holder on the right side of the printer.

The screen provides plenty of detailed and in-depth information of the machine, controls, settings and real-time info.

In spite of having a vast array of info displayed, the screen has an intuitive UI with well-divided sections and labeled menus with icons.

Unlike the display screens seen on many printers from competitors, the screen of the ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO is snappy, responsive and never misses a touch input.



The ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO can be used in 3 different ways: connected directly to a PC through the USB-C connector, standalone with files loaded to a Udisk connected to the USB-A port or through your local network when connected wired with the RJ-45 connection. Unlike other machines from ELEGOO, this one does not include a built-in WiFi module but you can still access the network interface and full control of the machine when working through the LAN connection.

The main control component of the machine is the touch screen as it allows full control of all the in-depth functions of the machine but also leveling, files navigation of the Udisk, printing tasks control and job settings.

Moreover, through the display screen users can access in real-time settings to override/adjust the printing parameters (speeds, fans, extrusion, LED lights, etc.)

Also, you can force turning on/off the different zones of the the heatbed and even set independent temperature targets for each.



Given the smaller size than the Neptune 4 PLUS and Neptune 4 MAX, the ELEGOO Neptune PRO does not have the 2 added supporting rods that the bigger models include.

Despite this, the machine does not show any wobbliness nor signs of being less well-supported, as the smaller dimensions of the axis put less stress on the structure of the machine.

The ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO has a substantially more affordable price than the Neptune 4 MAX but it still uses premium building materials that include CNC aluminum frames, copper-titanium bi-metal throat pipe, POM V-guide wheels and powerful fans. Moreover, the Neptune 4 PRO is also a Klipper firmware/board printer as its bigger siblings.

The printing head is equipped with 2-active fans to keep optimal thermals for printing and control the nozzle’s temperature & extruding filament; also, the printer comes with a wide back fan addon that carries inside 4 strong fans that flow cooling air evenly over the active printing zone.

Unlike similarly priced and sized printers, the ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO includes 4 leveling wheels for the bed, an advanced auto-leveling feature that provides 121-point auto-leveling and 2 lighting systems that include a long multi-LED strip light on the top arc and a direct LED light on the printing head.

Probably the only weak element of the printer is the phone-line styled connector used for the display screen, which could eventually break if you unplug and replug it all the time.



The smaller footprint and smart dual zone heating bed made the ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO the best choice for most common 3D printing tasks where a huge printing volume/size is not needed, while offering a shorter total printing time due to the quicker heating bed and also providing a way lower hit on the electricity bill.

When looking and analyzing the printing times of tested prints it is usually weighted the true time from the print and not considered the minutes needed to preheat the bed before starting the printing process. When adding the hotbed heating times, the ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO makes a substantial difference as the small bed takes way less time to heat up.

Moreover, the ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO is also, officially, the fastest 3D FDM printer from the brand as not only it shares the max. 500mm/s of speed but offers nearly 3 times faster acceleration speeds than the MAX and 2 times the PLUS model; reaching 20000mm/s2.

The ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO is the best 3D printer that you can buy for the asking price, if its building volume cover your needs, you will have all that you would ever want from a 3D FDM printer for less than $300.

You might think that 500mm/s as of today standards is not jaw-dropping anymore but the difference with other 500mm/s printers that we have reviewed is that the 500mm/s speeds of the ELEGOO are truly usable with print quality that does not differ too much from slower printing speeds.

On top of that, the machine includes a filament detector, which might seem trivial but it is an essential feature to avoid losing hours of printing time and/or totally wasting an ongoing print. This filament detector will pause the printing process as soon as it senses that the filament has ran out, allowing the user to load a new filament spool and continue the printing job without losing the progress nor ruining the print.

We tested intentionally cutting the filament from the spool on an ongoing printing job and the filament detector instantly paused the printing task and reported an alert message to replace the filament.

\ \



The printing tests were done at speeds between the default 250mm/s and 500mm/s, being the Benchy test printed at 500mm/s with a corresponding ELEGOO Rapid+ PLA filament to keep up with the fast printing speed.

The printer includes features such as input shaping and pressure advance if you want to fine-tailor and boost the performance of the machine.

To test the speed and quality of the ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO, we proceeded to print a pre-sliced file of the Benchy that was estimated in 18 minutes and pushing the machine setting it to its Sports Mode at 500mm/s (rapid PLA+ used)

The task resulted in one of the fastest Benchy print that we have obtained so far, completing the job in the estimated 18 minutes (the best time we got was 17 minutes when reviewing the ELEGOO Neptune 4 PLUS)

As you can see from the photos of the test print, the Benchy came out respectably well printed with minor signs of stringing.

If you are wondering, you can print around 1 and a half Benchy prints with the bundled free PLA+ sample.

As we usually do, we tested the full height printing handling of the machine by printing a tall vase design enlarging it to the max. size of the machine.

The vase was printed without flaws and in just 1:24 hours. The print test was securely adhered to the PEI bed sheet even without any bed adhesion glue stick.

A 120mm action figure was printed in faster times than other printers with nice detail results and no visible printing errors.



Even when settings the machine to its Sport Mode printing at 500mm/s, the ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO reported an incredible low power consumption oscillating between 124W and 192W, when making use of the optimized smaller printing within the 120x120mm of the dual hotbed design.

With this smaller print, using the center of the hotbed you can easily appreciate the groundbreaking advantage of the ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO over any other 3D printer and even over the bigger ELEGOO Neptune 4 PLUS and ELEGOO Neptune 4 MAX; showing a lower power consumption that goes from 2 to 4 times less – you will certainly be happy when you get your cheaper electricity bill.

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ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO Technical Specifications

Neptune 4 Pro
FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
CNC machined aluminium extrusion
115/230V 50/60Hz
English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese
225 x 225 x 265 mm³
235 x 235 mm²
475 x 445 x 515 mm³
630 x 510 x 260 mm³
475 x 550 x 735 (Including Rack & Tray)
300 °C
110 °C
PLA / TPU / PETG / ABS / ASA / Nylon
8.9 kg
13.92 kg
500 mm/s
20000 mm/s²

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ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO