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ELEGOO Saturn 4
ELEGOO Saturn 4

ELEGOO Saturn 4

| 3D Resin Printer | 12K |

ELEGOO Saturn 4, the brand new generation of the ELEGOO Saturn series.

The ELEGOO Saturn 4 joins the catalog of the brand of 3D resin printers as the newest release and the 4th generation of the already popular Saturn machines and next to the brand new ELEGOO Mars 5 and ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA.

In the past, we have reviewed both Saturn 3 series, including the ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra and ELEGOO Saturn 3; which proved to be excellent resin 3D printers with outstanding value for money.

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ELEGOO Saturn 4 Review

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The Saturn 4 comes in a large box with plenty of protective foam inside which ensure that the machine does not get damaged while being delivered. In fact, our packaging was hardly beaten up through the postal service but the machine was in impeccable condition inside.

In the package you will find:

• Power supply
• Plastic scraper
• 4GB Udisk
• Masks
• Gloves
• Funnel pack
• Replacement and assembly screws and tools
• Metal scraper



As with every other 3D resin printer from ELEGOO, the ELEGOO Saturn 4 comes nearly 100% pre-assembled from factory.

You will only need to replace the securing screws for the tank with the knobs, remove protective films and put the build plate in place.

If we consider the leveling process as part of the assembly steps, the new ELEGOO Saturn 4 incorporates a fully automated leveling system and design that does not require manual intervention from the user nor the need to fiddle with leveling cards and screws adjustments.



First of all we find important to highlight that the ELEGOO Saturn 4 that we are reviewing is the direct successor of the ELEGOO Saturn 3 12K but not of the ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra.

The ELEGOO Saturn 4 has inherited the 12K resolution and similar large printing volume of the older siblings, being part of the mid-sized 3D printers from ELEGOO.

As usual with new generation releases of ELEGOO machines, the brand evaluates user’s feedback and tries to innovate including better and more efficient design elements.

In the case of the ELEGOO Saturn 4, the machine has been equipped with a built-in shield system that now has a flip-up movement, allowing it to be opened with a single hand and not having to look around to find a place to rest the cover when being removed.

As you might have noticed, the shield on the ELEGOO Saturn 4 is green instead of red or black as seen on every other resin 3D printer from ELEGOO (the legacy ELEGOO Mars 2 was the only other printer with a green cover). This color makes it pop aesthetically without a doubt, yet it is fair to note that the cover is more translucid than the others (this might or might not lower its UV filtering capability)

The machine inherits the futuristic sharp corners and geometrical details but they have been applied in a different position and style than the Saturn 3 machines.

On top of that, the build plate of the ELEGOO Saturn 4 has been redesigned with a quick-release system that requires low effort to secure/remove the build plate every time.





The front panel of the ELEGOO Saturn 4 has a touch sensitive, color display. The touch screen uses resistive touch tech (as on the ELEGOO Saturn 3) but the display is now vertically shaped instead of horizontally as on every other resin 3D printer from ELEGOO.

Despite the different orientation, the screen has the same diameter of the older sibling (3.5 inches) but has a completely new user-interface which looks more polished and modern.

Throughout the tests, the screen was always responsive without any disturbing lag nor missed inputs.



As the ELEGOO Saturn 4 is mainly a standalone 3D printer that works through Udisks with sliced files, the touch screen is the fundamental element to control and fully operate the machine.

With the touch screen, users have access to all internal settings, leveling, configuration options of the printer and also can control the printing process including files navigation of the Udisk, axis control, printing parameters override, etc.



Inside, the printer sports a 10-inch 12K mono LCD, tempered glass to protect the LCD screen, laser engraved metal build plate, COB and Fresnel collimating lens that provides even an precise distribution of the light and automatic sensors that detect failures and potentially damaging flaws like resin residue detection, leveling failure and self-checking automated control.

Also, to control the thermals of the machine and LCD, the Saturn 4 has 4 copper heat pipes and a single fan.

The machine has a hefty construction with rugged metal on the internal frame and structural part like axis rails, rods, resin tank, etc and a combination of metal, plastic and acrylic panels for the outside sections of the printer.

The build plate has not only been redesigned but is also lighter than on previous generations, now using some parts in plastic and not entirely being metal; therefore the motors and axis have a lower tension and effort to move the build plate and prints.




As we have mentioned on the Operation & Control section, the ELEGOO Saturn 4 is a printer that prints files from the Udisk connected to the USB-A port on the right edge of the machine.

Unlike other printers from ELEGOO (like the ELEGOO Neptune 4 MAX, ELEGOO Neptune 4 Plus, ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra, ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra), the Saturn 4 does not have a built-in WiFi module and operates in standalone mode requiring USB drives with pre-sliced files to print them – similar as the ELEGOO Neptune 4 PRO, ELEGOO Jupiter SE.



Part of the new design elements related with performance include a dual pour spouts on the resin tank, easing up the delicate process of emptying the resin tank and an automatic resin shortage sensor and alarm that will inform the user if resin is running out, thus avoiding the print to fail.

On top of that, and probably the best feature added on the ELEGOO Saturn 4 is the automatic self-leveling system that works through new software and hardware implementations and a whole redesign of the printing bed piece. This new auto-leveling implementation is a groundbreaking upgrade from the “weakest” aspect of the previous generation, which made the leveling process a breeze to get done without any user intervention nor manual trial and error leveling attempts.

This new auto-leveling system, though has taken a bit of the z-axis printing capability when compared directly with the previous generation, having now a build volume of 218.88×122.88×220 mm³ vs 218.88×122.88×250 mm³ on the Saturn 3. This represents just 30mm less in height printing capability but the building plate area and capacity remains equally as generous as before.
Quality-wise, the ELEGOO Saturn 4 was able to provide pristine printing quality, resolving even the smaller micro details on every print test; this was not unexpected, seen the 12K 11520×5120 resolution of the machine (19×24μm XY resolution).

As with other resin printers from ELEGOO that we have tested, the laser-engraved build plate always provided excellent adhesion and also facilitated the removal of the prints after completed.
On top of that, the PFA release film over the tank’s bottom, exhibited risk-free printing with no single print test ran throughout the review getting stuck to the tank.

Regarding printing speed and accuracy, the ELEGOO Saturn 4 was able to provide the same performance of the ELEGOO Saturn 3 and ELEGOO Jupiter SE with maximum printing speeds of 70mm/h and 0.02mm of z-axis accuracy.




3D resin printers from ELEGOO come with a Rook STL file to test print, this was the first test threw to the ELEGOO Saturn 4, which completed the job in 2:56 hours with sharp and impeccable results.

Then we did a test print of a typical Sicilian (Italian) bust with a height of 130mm, which took 7:31 hours to fully print with supports and hollowed.

Finally we printed an Egyptian sculpture of Nefertiti, with a tall height of 203.80mm, taking 11:45 hours to completely print (hollowed and punched, with supports)



Having similar internal components as the Saturn 3, the machine also has a power supply and consumption that is the same with a maximum consumption of 144 watts.



The ELEGOO printer is fully compatible with main 3D slicing software for resin printing like ChituBox and Voxeldance Tango.

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ELEGOO Saturn 4 Technical Specifications

10-inch 12K Mono LCD
CHITUBOX & Voxeldance Tango
MSLA Stereolithography
MAX 70mm/h
218.88 x 122.88 x 220 mm³
COB (wavelength 405nm)
Chinese, English
USB Interface
3.5-inch Touch Screen
100-240V 50/60Hz 24V 4A
327.4 x 329.2 x 548 mm³

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ELEGOO Saturn 4