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Epomaker AcquaShift
Epomaker AquaShift


| MX Keycaps | PBT |

EPOMAKER AquaShift, a premium MX keycap set with an ocean vibe.

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EPOMAKER AquaShift Review

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The set come inside a dark packaging containing the keycaps set, a dual layer of plastic covers and a keycap puller.



The EPOMAKER AquaShift (Aqua as in Water in Latin) has a blue color pattern design that includes 4 gradients of the ocean-styled gamut.

The overall color has a muted, pastel style instead of a cartoonish popping one and a build finish with a slight, pleasant texture that can be felt with your fingertips but that never becomes as gritty as sander paper.

The caps design have a cherry profile and a non-shine-through build with mid-sized fonts in a classic style that is shared across both the color choice and the fonts choice.

If you combine it with a keyboard or DIY Kit with a retroish style, the AquaShift add a coherent and neat design element to your final results – you can see it fitted in our photos with the EPOMAKER EK75 which both harmonize perfectly.




The caps have a 1.8mm thick PBT build, which is a substantially thicker construction than other PBT caps on the market.

The AquaShift have a dye-sublimation technique for the printing of the fonts over the caps, ensuring non-fading letters and numbers through-out the years.

The quality built and thick material contributes to a deep, thocky sound when combined with a quality keyboard and thocky switches.



The set is fully equipped with keys to cover a 100% keyboard with numpad thanks to the 149 keys included and can be used to assemble both a Windows or Mac keyboard with it’s bundled dedicated variants.

Moreover, the keycaps include ANSI and ISO layouts coverage, command keys in 1.25U, 1.5U and 2U.

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EPOMAKER AquaShift Technical Specifications

Specifications for Epomaker AquaShift
• Material: PBT
• Compatibility: MX
• Dye-sub

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Epomaker AquaShift