EPOMAKER EmeraldMist – Review

Epomaker EmerladMist
Epomaker EmerladMist

EPOMAKER EmerladMist

| MX Keycaps | PBT |

EPOMAKER EmerladMist, a mechanical keyboard keycap set with a refreshing aesthetic that is inspired in misty emerald lakes colors.

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EPOMAKER EmerladMist Review

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The EPOMAKER EmeraldMist have a lovely color gradient that looks pleasing to the eyes, with an airy feel.

Different to other keycaps set, the gamut range chosen gives a less contrasty final design with a clear reading on any lighting conditions. As the model name suggests, the brand opted for an Emerald-based gradient.

The set has a cherry profile and a more standard than gamery fonts design that makes it look stylish but never boring.

Keys belonging to the letters family have a top left alignment while the F number row and numbers have a more centered left alignment.

The caps are non-shine through.



This set is made of premium polybutylene terephthalate quality with a substantially thick body.

Being PBT keycaps you will not have to worry about oily caps while the dye-sub technique will make fonts last an eternity before showing fading signs.

With a construction quality exactly like the Epomaker AcquaShift and Epomaker SereniTea, the EmeraldMist also shares the same premium sound profile that is a profound, full, thocky sound (when using a quality keyboard and switches)



The set has a MX structure stem and compatibility in all 149 keys included.

The amount and variety of keys allow users to replace all keycaps of a 100% keyboard independently of being aimed for Windows or Mac as both dedicated key variants are included.

The set also comes with Shift, Ctrl and Alt keys in several standard sizes to accommodate and cover even the most odd keyboard layouts – including 1.5U, 2U and 1.25U.

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EPOMAKER EmerladMist Technical Specifications

Specifications for EPOMAKER EmerladMist
• Material: PBT
• Compatibility: MX
• Dye-sub

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EPOMAKER EmeraldMist