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EPOMAKER TH80-X, a mechanical keyboard variant from the TH80 series but with a display.

The EPOMAKER TH80-X are the latest addition to the TH80 family and the only one that includes a LCD screen.

Joining the most popular models of keyboard from Epomaker, we will see in our EPOMAKER TH80-X review if this variant is able to keep up with the high-standards and performance of the other siblings.

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The keyboard is packed in a similar box as most of the sub-$100 models from Epomaker.

Inside you will get:

• 4 extra mechanical switches (same as the variant that you chose for the keyboard)
• Keycap puller
• Braided USB-C cable
• Keyboard cover



The EPOMAKER TH80-X has a 75% layout with 79 keys plus 1 knob and a tri-color design that combines the main white keycaps with light grey ones and a nice accent with 7 green ones.

At first sight, the EPOMAKER TH80-X and the EPOMAKER TH80 PRO might seem to differ only on the addition of a display for the TH80-X, instead, the EPOMAKER TH80-X has several other redesigned details; the brand has rearranged the F number row to accommodate the DEL button next to the F12 key, also right CTRL has been eliminated from the last row and finally, the knob has been remade with a larger diameter.

Moreover, the casing is actually totally different with a dual-bevel design and curvy edges; also the power switch is now much bigger and placed on the right top edge in a recessed section that also holds the USB-C connector – the wireless dongle is placed in a magnetic compartment below the right feet.

The EPOMAKER TH80-X is available in 2 different colors:

• EPOMAKER TH80-X Grey Green
• EPOMAKER TH80-X Blue Pink

The color variants will not only differ on the keycaps color but also on the casing color matching the keycaps.




With the EPOMAKER TH80-X you are getting a similar screen as the EPOMAKER Shadow-X but with a horizontal layout (instead of the vertical seen on the Shadow-X). Also, you are getting the same useful information being displayed, that includes:

• Date
• Clock
• Lock confirmation
• CAPS Lock status
• Battery status in 3-digit percentage
• Connection mode and slot used
• Lighting configuration
• GIF/Info screen switching

A rich-feature that the brand does not promote is that you can also upload GIFs to the screen and have a full-color animated GIF in it.

The display is very well implemented to show clear information of the current connection status and also enables a handy access to all lighting patterns, colors, speed, brightness and also WIN/Mac OS mode and layers selection.

Overall, the configuration options enabled feel better implemented than on the Shadow-X but, on the other hand, the color pattern design of the default display has a rainbow lateral grading color that looks less fancy than the clean color design of the Shadow-X.



All the EPOMAKER TH80 models share a similar housing and ergonomics design, which proved to be a phenomenal one and a hard one to beat. The EPOMAKER TH80-X, indeed, has inherited this but the subtle redesign choice of removing the right CTRL key has allowed them to incorporate a dedicated separation for the arrow keys. This detail adds a great value to ergonomics being way easier to locate the arrow keys without looking at them and avoiding any errors of pressing the Shift or right CTRL keys (which could happen on the other TH80 models)

An unexpected result was this DEL key in the unorthodox placement; by the idea of this we thought that it would be a bit awkward but we ended up loving it and finding it even more practical and easier to recognize/reach than the placement of standard layouts.

It is fair to highlight that despite having similarities with other TH80 models, the TH80-X has a different profile that is no longer the curvy MDA one but a flatter new one.

To adjust to the ergonomics needs and preference of each user, this keyboard offers 3 height options with it’s adjustable feet (2 levels)



The keyboard offers a very nice build quality thanks to quality components utilized for the construction and assembly of the unit.

The casing uses ABS material but is far from showing any flex nor flimsy feel, instead the unit feels very robust right out of the box.

Inside, the keyboard includes a hot-swappable board, a PC plate, silicone sandwich layer, bottom case and switch pad and a gasket-mounted design.



The keycaps of the EPOMAKER TH80-X are double-shot ABS to improve durability but are not shine-through nor the better PBT type, yet these are quality ABS keycaps and not the cheapo that you get on nearly every mainstream keyboards.

The build shows a smooth finish without any textured surface and with a custom NAE profile.

The fonts used for the keycaps are in between a more futuristic theme and a gamer-styled one; a downside, though, keys “H”, “2”, “4” have a bit of a strange font design.

The knob of the EPOMAKER TH80-X is another detail fully redesigned and not copied from older siblings. This time the keyboard’s knob has a much bigger diameter and a metal body with a plastic top cap.

The knob has a wonderfully fluid movement that can be even rotated with a single finger sliding from the edge of the keyboard but with enough resistance as to not happen accidentally.

In spite of this, the rotational movement has a tactile feedback for each step but a completely silent one – even more silent than the one of the TH80 PRO.



The EPOMAKER TH80-X has a mechanical switch hot-swappable PCB that is compatible with either 3-pin and 5-pin switches with a MX mechanical design.

Unlike the EPOMAKER TH80 PRO, the EPOMAKER TH80-X is available with 3 different switches instead of the 7 options of the PRO model.

The switches options for the EPOMAKER TH80-X are only linear and include:

• Gateron Black
• Gateron Yellow
• Epomaker Flamingo

The variant that we are reviewing is equipped with Gateron Pro Yellow switches. Being that the keyboard comes with these widely popular switch models and combined with the pre-lubed and well-assembled intervention by EPOMAKER, the switches not only conserve the confident but smooth qualities that made famous these Gateron models but also enhance and optimizes a fluid and high-performing working condition.



As all the other EPOMAKER keyboards that we have reviewed, the TH80-X has the capability of connecting with 5 different devices and tri-mode that includes wired and wireless modes.

Users can decide to use the keyboard wired through the USB-C connector, wirelessly in Bluetooth mode (with 3 pairing slots) and with the 2.4GHz wireless connection (dongle included)

The display screen become a good friend to ease up the process of both pairing and switching modes as the information on the screen will let you know the status of the connection and which slot/mode you are using.



With a hot-swappable design, MX compatible keycaps, macro per-key and reprogramming per-key on the whole array of keys, the EPOMAKER TH80-X offers endless possibilities to customize the unit to your preference.

Furthermore, the keyboard has on-board memory, so whatever customization you set will be conserved inside the device and will not depend on a background software on your PC.




With a 75% layout that results in a significantly smaller size than a TKL but not becoming extremely larger than 60% keyboard, the TH80-X has a nice footprint for gaming purposes.

In addition to this, the device is well-equipped with specs that gamers will be happy to get, such as:

• Anti-ghosting and NKRO
• 1000Hz polling rate
• Wired and 2.4GHz wireless
• RGB lighting and customization per key
• Macro and reprogramming
• Media control knob
• Huge battery life


A small footprint but still offering many useful characteristics of larger keyboards, this model becomes a nice option for productivity, audio/video/photo editors, etc.

Among the specs welcomed by these users:

• F number row
• Compact size
• 3-mode connectivity
• Long battery runtime
• LCD display
• Programmable
• Media knob


Business people and office users will have a fine-tailored keyboard for their needs with the EPOMAKER TH80-X thanks to characteristics such as:

• Wired and wireless connection
• Mac and Windows OS modes
• Massive battery
• F number row
• Dedicated knob
• Info and settings display screen
• On-board memory

Moreover, the quality dampening and rugged build will make it a remarkable keyboard for typing on office environments without having excessively loud and sharp keypress sounds that could annoy nearby workers.

People and businessmen on the go will love the huge battery capacity to avoid remaining with a discharged keyboard in the middle of an important event.


An easy to carry 75% footprint and the crazy battery capacity and consequently the runtime on a single charge makes it a superb companion for tablet and mobile users that do not want to be hassled with excessively frequent charging and benefiting from cable-free setups when combined with it’s wireless Bluetooth connection.

Further features that will make it a compelling option are the RGB backlighting, knob and useful LCD display.

Of course, if you look for a slim and ultra-light keyboard this one might be less adapted for your needs.


Fully reprogrammable and per-key macros will be a comfortable feature for programmers, while the F row number will expand both capabilities.

The knob and display without enlarging too much the dimension of the keyboard can provide another layer of comfort and versatility for programming.

Moreover, programmers will obtain:

• Wired and wireless use
• Long battery runtime for on-the-go use



The model offers many lighting patterns from factory and a RGB color LED light design that can be customized from the software or on-the-fly through the menus of the display screen.

The specific design of the PCB has a south-facing LED layout and the option to set a per-key lighting customization on every key of the keyboard.

Despite not being able to customize the color pattern of the LCD info screen you can fully redesign it with a custom GIF and even set it to be black & white.



As a point of comparison with the EPOMAKER Shadow-X that we have reviewed in the past (also with Gateron Pro Yellow switches), the TH80-X does a better job removing any hollow traces of sound and, in general, is way more silent when typing without smashing.

Clearly the brand has done a very good job in the sound department, in part thanks to the well pre-lubed switches, gasket-mount design and dual silicone dampening layers; resulting in an optimization of the sound characteristics of these massively popular Gateron switches.

Moreover, the stabilizers pre-assembled and pre-lubed on the TH80-X are even less rattly than the Shadow-X (which was already fairly proficient at this)

In general, the EPOMAKER TH80-X shows a remarkable performance – if being very picky, it could be said, though, that the TH80-PRO shows a bit less wobbliness on the keycaps but both are far from being wobbly at all.




TDespite the small size, the EPOMAKER TH80-X carry inside a battery with a massively large capacity of 8000mAh – to be more precise, there are 2 batteries inside which are 4000mAh each and being connected in parallel add up the current capacity, reaching 8000mAh. As a comparison reference, the TH80-X has a battery with a capacity that is nearly 3 times more of the TH80-PRO and almost twice the battery of the RT100 (a 95% keyboard with a much bigger screen)

Whether you are interested or not in the screen, the gigantic battery capacity upgrade over the other TH80 models is reason enough to choose the TH80-X over the other ones.

It is worth noting that despite the much bigger battery, the TH80-X is not too much heavier than the TH80 PRO.

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EPOMAKER TH80-X Technical Specifications


Number of keys
79 keys+1 knob

75% layout

wireless and wired


Plate material

double shot ABS material, NAE profile (custom profile)

Case material

Hot swappable

Bottom layer

Sandwich layer

Cable length
about 1.5m



Compatible system

Keyboard dimension

Keyboard weight
about 1117g

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