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| 1080p | 15.6″ | Pen Display | 120% sRGB |

GAOMON PD156 Pro, one of the larger pen displays from GAOMON.

The GAOMON PD156 Pro is part of the pen displays from GAOMON, sitting as a mid-tier model.

Specifically, the GAOMON PD156 Pro is the evolved and flagship version of the 15.6″ models, above the PD1561 and the PD1560.

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GAOMON PD156 Pro Review

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The GAOMON PD156 Pro comes inside the typical box from the brand which is a well-protected and graceful packaging that will grant that the unit is safely delivered to you.

With the pen display you will get additional accessories such as:

• Stand
• Pen
• Pen holder
• 2-in-1 cable
• USB cable extension
• Soft leather case/pouch
• 8x replacement nibs
• Glove
• Soft cleaning cloth
• USB power adapter

We think that users will appreciate that GAOMON decided to include a stand with the GAOMON PD156 Pro. The stand is identical as the one included with the HUION Kamvas 13 that we reviewed (but with the GAOMON branding) while the stand of the VEIKK VK1560 Pro is a beefier one, but it is still a neat and welcomed freebie that gets the job done.



The GAOMON PD156 Pro has a classic pen display design and aesthetic look with a dark overall finish with no popping color accents nor flashy details.

On the left edge, the pen display is equipped with all the express keys and a dial. The dial offers a smooth rotational movement with a tactile and audible feedback while the express keys offer the same feedback on each press. These buttons have a plastic construction with a subtle rubberized coating.

If you have some expertise with pen displays and even graphic tablets, you will feel at home with this GAOMON model.

The exact size of the GAOMON PD156 Pro is 442 x 274 x 12.5mm and weights 1.3kg. If you wonder why the dimensions are larger than what expected on a typical 15.6″ monitor, the GAOMON PD156 Pro becomes bigger than a PC monitor due to the buttons/dials space and because this pen display has significantly thick bezels.

In spite of this, the GAOMON PD156 Pro is actually slimmer and lighter than most competitors offering 15.6″ pen displays.

To avoid any slippery issues, the device has two ample rubberized strips on the bottom case.

The stand that comes included with the pen display is the GAOMON GMS01, which is a stand that the brand sells for $60 but you get it for free with the GAOMON PD156 Pro.

The stand has a rugged metal main base with 2 rubberized strips and a complementary construction in plastic. This stand provides 7 angle positions including fully flat, 14.5°, 19.5°, 22.5°, 37°, 41.5°, 45°.



The screen of the GAOMON PD156 Pro has a diagonal size of 15.6″ with a resolution of 1080p in a 16:9 ratio, 16.7 million colors and running at 60Hz.

The display offers a wide gamut coverage of 120% sRGB, 88% NTSC that resulted in smooth color transitions and a more accurate color representation than other pen display with a narrower gamut.

Moreover, the screen uses a full-laminated tech design and a IPS display type, providing better glare control (and less parallax) and vast viewing angles without exhibiting loss of visibility, brightness nor negativization of colors – to add a further level of glare control, the pen display comes with an anti-glare matte film already pre-applied from factory.

On top of that, the PD156 Pro presented strong brightness (220cd/m2) that had no issues competing with the room illumination of our offices nor from overhead lights and the 1000:1 contrast ratio ensured true black blacks and white whites.

Saturation, clarity, contrast and definition of both text and shapes/elements were reproduced as expected by a mid-tier professional tool for graphic artists with no drawbacks nor issues with these qualities.

The display has a dedicated OSD menu that allows a deeper control of the settings of the screen itself




The specific pen model included with the GAOMON PD156 Pro is the Digital pen Artpaint AP50 – this is the exact same pen that we saw included with the GAOMON PD1161.

The pen has a large but not excessively big size that gives a nice and balanced feel while using it. Due to the full plastic build, the pen is lightweighted, inducing less hand fatigue.

The lower end of the pen has a vast rubberized section (where you typically place 3 of your 5 fingers) and 2 buttons that can be programmed to do your preferred actions.

Unlike what we have seen on the brand new UGEE UE12 Plus, the buttons of this pen have a clear protruding placement and confident tactile feedback.

This pen uses electromagnetic resonance tech that allows it to function without any batteries.

The AP50 pen supports tilt and pressure sensitivity with 60 degrees of tilt and 8192 pressure levels.



The GAOMON PD156 Pro has a vast more modern and less cluttering connectivity design by ditching the multi-cable connection that we saw on the PD1161 and using a single USB-C connection port on the pen display side.

Nonetheless, this is not a fully single-cable design as the PC end of the cable is actually a 2-in-1 cable that split into USB-A and HDMI.

Despite this, the positive news is that the pen display is fully powered by the USB-A connector in the 2-in-1 cable – GAOMON bundles a USB power supply that is intended to be used for the USB-A cable but the GAOMON PD156 Pro was, also, able to be powered by a USB port of our testing PC.

We found the cable to be a bit on the short side for a desktop configuration where your PC case might be farther away, yet for the USB-A part, GAOMON includes an extension/splitter.



The GAOMON PD156 Pro has in total 11 buttons and a dial; among the 11 buttons, 9 of them are reprogrammable through the brand’s software – the 2 non-programmable ones are the center dial button and the last bottom one that is used for OSD menus.

The buttons layout allow an easy adaptation of the pen display to be used either in landscape or portrait mode and a friendly 180 degrees rotation for left-handed users.

Moreover, this model can be used as a pen display or as a non-display classic graphic tablet with the screen turned off but with the full pen/pressure capabilities.




The large screen and display with a wide gamut coverage makes the GAOMON PD156 Pro a well-featured pen display for graphic designers that want to get a more useful device than 13″ or smaller variants.


We consider that 15.6″ is the smallest that you should go if you are a professional photographer and this size + 1080p the least for a commercial photographer, if you are willing to accept its limitations.

Anything below 15.6″ becomes too workflow-impeding for any pro-level photographer editing a large amount or high-detailed quality of photos on a daily basis.

The larger screen and 1080p resolution will allow you to recur less to the use of zooming in and out and depending only on it while searching out for tiny details like dust and dead pixels.


If your desktop setup has the needed space to fit a 15.6″ pen display, you will be more than happy to make the upgrade decision to switch your small 12″ pen display or your graphic tablet into the GAOMON PD156 Pro.

The comfort added to keep up with your creative inspiration will be less limited by the size of your screen workspace while also adding the handy dial and nearly dozen of express keys.


Most graphic artists looking for a portable pen display might not think of a 15.6″ model as most of them have a multi-cable design and require an external power supply connected to a wall outlet.

Instead, the GAOMON PD156 Pro with its single USB-C cable design and USB powering system, gives it all the advantages of a smaller portable pen display but with the benefits of a more usable and pro display size.

On top of that, the brand did a good job making the GAOMON PD156 Pro slimmer and lighter than many other 15.6″ pen displays.


Whether as a secondary monitor or as your main working monitor with pen/pressure capabilities, the GAOMON PD156 Pro can be a powerful ally for video editors and content creators working on 1080 material.


If you do a lot of note taking by hand with a more fixed setup, the GAOMON PD156 Pro could be a perfect match allowing you to use it a monitor and a note taking pen/enabled monitor.



All tests in this performance section were done with Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Photo 2, Affinity Designer 2, Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Office Suite.

Pressure & Tilt

Pressure was a breeze to use with the right amount of sensitivity and response right out of the box with the standard pressure curve coming as default. Both brush thickness, opacity, all shape dynamics and build-up effects related with pressure sensitivity were gradually picked up with detailed and smooth transitions.

You can customize the the response curve and the 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity through Gaomon’s software.

Tilt was another feature that was enabled without hassle on all tested graphic software and presenting a flawless performance and precision (within the working range of 60 degrees)

The overall pressure and tilt of the GAOMON PD156 Pro had no issues with all the apps used for testing, including Photoshop, Affinity Photo 2, Ilustrator, Affinity Designer 2, Corel Painter, MediBang, Krita and Clip Studio.


The display of the GAOMON PD156 Pro has a response rate of 25ms and pen report rate >266pps, which showed an excellent performance regarding lag both in tracking and input lag.

On all tests and real life scenarios, this GAOMON pen display never presented any level of lag that could limit nor interfere with any creative and graphical work.

In fact, this pen display performed better with less visual lag than most other pen displays tested.


When stress testing the GAOMON PD156 Pro, the pen display showed some jitter but the effects were only visible with physical rulers while tracing diagonal lines at a slow pace.

These jitter presence was vastly improved and lowered the faster the lines were traced with even nearly full absence of them when traced quick and confidently.

Tracking / Parallax

Regarding tracking and parallax, the GAOMON PD156 Pro showed similar performance and characteristics as the GAOMON PD1161 that we reviewed some time ago.

This means that the pen display offered a good tracking performance without needing manual calibration and minor parallax appearing only on the very extreme ends of the screen and remaining within the tolerance of error listed in the specs of the product (3mm on corners)

Depending on the level of parallax that you are experiencing, you can run the pen display through its manual calibration tools to optimize and minimize the effects.

After manual calibration we were able to reduce a significant amount of its corner parallax.

Examples of pressure response, tilt and jitter on diagonal lines


GAOMON PD156Pro vs VEIKK VK1560 Pro

The GAOMON has a slightly bigger but lighter and thinner size. Also the Gaomon clearly has a more modern display as you can see that the screen looks fully black when turned off instead of the dark grey of the VEIKK.

Moreover, the silver accent on the center button of the wheel is easier to see and the additional express keys offered on the Gaomon will be a substantial advantage to improve your workflow – and the single cable connection will be another welcomed modern upgrade over the VEIKK.

On the other hand, the VEIKK offers a better stand and nicer buttons tactility and a more rubberized finish.



With Gaomon software there were some bugs here and there but overall it got the job done – for example, the “Enable Wheel” option actually does the opposite of what it says; disabling the wheel and enabling the Windows Radial function.

In spite of this, the rest of the software worked as intended and allowed a complete customization of the pen display, including:

• Pen sensitivity custom curves
• Express keys programming
• Per-app profiles
• OTA firmware upgrades
• Active workspace and area settings
• Monitor/pen display orientation
• Calibration

Moreover, the software enable pop-up messages that reflect and inform the current mode that the dial is being set to (though, the older version of the software had a more clear indication of this)

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GAOMON PD156 Pro Technical Specifications

Panel Size 15.6inch
Active Area 344.16 × 193.59mm
Resolution 1920 x 1080(FHD)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Brightness 220cd/m2
Viewing Angle 89°/89°(H)/89°/89°(V) (Typ.)(CR>10)
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Response Time 25ms
Gamut Volume 88% NTSC
Display Color 16.7M(8bit)

Pen Technology Battery-free Electromagnetic Resonance
Pressure Level 8192Levels
Pen Resolution 5080lpi(0.005mm)
Accuracy ±0.5mm(Center) ±3mm(Corner)
Sensing Height 10mm
Report Rate ≥266PPS
Touch /
Tilt ±60°

Full Lamination YES
Press Keys 9 Customized Press Keys 1 OSD Switch Button
Input interface type-c
Output interface USB-A, HDMI, DC
OS Support Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.12 or later
CPC 442*274*12.5mm
Surface Finish Anti-glare protective film
Adjustable Stand GMS01
Weight NW1320g/GW3341g
Colour Black
Pen Model AP50

Package Contents Pen Display PD156 Pro *1 Digital Pen AP50 *1 2-in-1 Cable *1 Y Cable *1 Glove *1 Pen Holder *1 Pen Nibs *8 Power Adapter *1 Quick Start Guide *1

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