HUION Kamvas 13 – Review

HUION Kamvas 13
HUION Kamvas 13

HUION Kamvas 13

| Pen Display | Full HD 1080p | 13.3″ | 120% sRGB |

HUION Kamvas 13, one of the most affordable pen displays from HUION.

HUION has established as a highly reputable graphic tablet and pen displays manufacturer over the last decade, offering both budget-friendly models for new artists and premium-grade devices for professionals.

The HUION Kamvas 13 belongs to the Kamvas pen display series (not to be confused with the higher-tier Kamvas Pro), being the 2nd smallest model after the Kamvas 12.

The HUION Kamvas 13 can be purchased in 3 different color variants:

HUION Kamvas 13 Violet Purple
HUION Kamvas 13 Cosmo Black
HUION Kamvas 13 Midnight Green

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HUION Kamvas 13 Review

Tests & Scores

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HUION Kamvas 13 Scores

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The pen display comes inside a clean and stylish packaging with sufficient protection for the unit.

Inside you get:

• Pen PW517
• 3-in-1 Cable
• Stand
• USB Extension Cable
• Pen Holder PH05A
• 10x Pen Nibs PN05A
• Pen Nib Clip
• Glove
• Cleaning Cloth



The HUION Kamvas 13 might be one of their budget-friendly models but it inherits and utilizes a professional design and form factor with a classic pen display aesthetics.

The Kamvas 13 is equipped with 8 express keys placed on the left edge of the front panel (plus a power button).

All express keys have a concave top end that make them easier to recognize by touch while the 2 center ones have a larger size and a flatter top end. Every button has a plastic finish without any rubberized coating and a clicky tactile and sound feedback to confirm that you have pressed the key.

A slight detail in comparison with other pen displays is that the power button has a ring backlight, allowing to see and check if the unit is turned on – most other pen displays either do not have a status backlight or hide the power/light button in a way that you cannot see it.

HUION has done a good job keeping the size relatively small for a 13 inch pen display; in fact, at the end of the review you can see comparison photos with other competitors with smaller displays but with the same overall size as the Kamvas 13. Also, the pen display has a light and fairly thin dimension (below you can see it next to a modern phone).

The bottom case has 4 rubberized feet to avoid any slippery issues on any desktop, yet this pen display also comes with a stand bundled if you add $25. The stand presents a solid and stable placement that is helped by the 3 large rubberized strips and the metal top case reinforcement.

The stand is fairly simple with a mainly plastic construction but with a smart design that allows it to offer 7 fixed height stages.

HUION Kamvas 13 thickness vs smartphone
HUION Kamvas 13 thickness vs smartphone




The HUION Kamvas 13 has a 13.3″ IPS screen with a resolution of 1080p (60Hz) in a 16:9 aspect ratio. The displays offers a contrast of 1000:1 and 25ms of response time.

Out of the box, we can say that the HUION Kamvas 13 had the best color calibration and natural color reproduction when weighting it against the out-of-the-box experience with other entry-level pen displays.

The display has a bit depth of 8bit and a gamut coverage of 120% sRGB to provide accurate colors and transitions; at the same time we noticed excellent contrast, saturation and definition on both objects and fonts.

Being a modern IPS monitor with a fully laminated design, the screen was always visible at any angle without showing negativization nor deterioration of colors and neither loosing significant contrast/brightness.

Moreover, the screen’s finish has a slight textured grain that makes it feel like a smooth paper but this texturized detail is less pronounced than other competitors, allowing it a more silent noise and less perceivable resistance when using the pen.

The display also has an anti-glare film that keeps reflections out of the way and never seeing the kind of mirror-alike effects that you get on uncoated glass screens.

Moreover, the brightness is able to offer up to 220cd/m2, which felt sufficient to use the pen display on strongly lit rooms without any issues (yet, it seemed a bit less brighter than other 220cd/m2 models that we have tested)



The pen of the HUION Kamvas 13 is a battery-free model that is very well-thought with an excellent design that includes details like a large rubberized section where you sit your fingers, buttons with a silver-colored accent around them to easily identify the location of the buttons and ergonomic details that allow a vastly superior and more comfortable use.

The specific pen model included with the Kamvas 13 is the PW517 that utilizes the newer PenTech 3.0 with 8192 pressure levels, 60 degrees of tilt and a pen resolution of 5080 lines-per-inches.

Near the tip, the pen holds 2 buttons that act as “B” and “E” but can be reprogrammed through software. Both buttons protrude as to find them without struggling and offer a clear tactile feedback when pressed.

Likewise, the pen holder is also very well designed, with a donut-alike form factor and a dual resting position for the pen. The flatter and wider shape of the holder gives excellent stability when the pen is placed vertically, avoiding to get knocked down if slightly hit.

Overall, we consider the pen (and the holder) of the HUION Kamvas 13 to be the best we have used and tested so far in entry-level and mid-tier pen display products.



The HUION Kamvas 13 uses a modern USB-C connection that allows a full video signal, power and I/O through a single USB connection.

To be more specific, this pen display has 2 USB-C ports; one for a single-cable USB connection and the other one, instead, if you are using the 3-in-1 cable. To avoid any confusion, the brand has color coded the USB-A ends as to identify which is the PC end (black) and which corresponds to the USB power (red)

It is worth mentioning that although the pen display supports both kind of connections, you will get the 3-in-1 cable model bundled with the device – if you prefer to use the single-cable USB-C connection, you will have to buy it separately.

Both USB-C connectors are angled and have recessed ports that give it a more robust and durable design, granting lower chances of breaking the connectors.



The Kamvas has the possibility to be used either as a pen display or as a classic graphic tablet. To use it a graphic tablet, you can simply turn off the screen and work on the active screen area as a classic pen tablet.

Moreover, the symmetrical alignment of the express keys allow a seamless integration when rotated to be used for left-handed users or in portrait mode, without losing the original ergonomics of right handed users.

On top of that, if you rotate it 180 degrees, the express keys will be automatically inverted and remapped to follow a coherent function according to the orientation of the device.




Graphic designers obtain a competent pen display for little money with the Kamvas 13, thanks to the larger screen size, responsive performance and accurate colors.


With the HUION Kamvas you are getting all the exceptional features of smaller 11.6″ pen displays but with the significant increment of screen working area.

Despite this, the Kamvas 13 is identically sized as pen displays with smaller screens between 11.6″ and 12″.

Among the welcomed spec for portability and mobile use, the Kamvas 13 offers:

• Single USB-C cable connection
• Compatibility with Android devices
• No dedicated PSU needed
• Thin


General photographers can find an useful companion when working on-the-go due to the portability of the Kamvas 13.

Professional commercial photographers, obviously, will aim for higher-tier models with a much bigger screen than 13″ and higher resolution, to be able to trace and edit small details that might be easy to miss with the Kamvas 13 – for example, micro details such as dust spots and dead pixels.


The fluid pen movement, bit larger screen than other budget models and excellent color/contrast of the HUION Kamvas will be part of the features appreciated by these type of artists.

Also, the Kamvas 13 provides a remarkable value for money for the performance provided at the friendly asking price.


For video editors and video content creators, the HUION Kamvas 13 can be a great investment to speed and ease up their daily workflow.

Mostly for video editing at 1080p, the Kamvas with the pen input and express keys can provide a net advantage on a daily basis.

With the capability of working as a pen display, secondary external monitor and/or as a classic graphic tablet, the versatility to accommodate to each video editor is endless – even more by it’s single cable connection without needing an external PSU.


The HUION Kamvas 13 is an impeccable pen display for note taking whether as a fixed, stationary device or to carry to your university, school lectures or office.

The advantage offered by the single USB-C connection and no need to be connected to a power outlet it is simply unmatchable.



Pressure & Tilt

The pressure sensitivity of the HUION Kamvas 13 exhibited a highly responsive and detailed adjustment to any micro-difference in the pressure being applied – the same performance was noticeable in all software used to test it (Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Painter, MediBang, Krita, Clip Studio, Affinity Photo 2, Affinity Designer 2)

Some heavier-handed users could find the pen to be a bit too sensitive on some apps; for our taste we found it to have a natural and relaxed operation on the standard curve preset for software like Corel Painter but we found ourselves having to set the hardest preset for Photoshop.

Nonetheless, the Kamvas 13 can be fine-tuned through software by choosing among 5 pressure sensitivity presets or to manually build one that fits the type of feel that you prefer (also you can adjust the click threshold)

Both tilt and pressure were instantly recognized by all tested software.


The HUION Kamvas 13, is the first entry-level sub-15 inches pen display that offers a significantly snappier response to lag. Most other models on the market in this category, struggle to follow a pen that moves fast from one point to the other of the screen. The KAMVAS 13 instead is a big upgrade in this section, showing a pen-cursor lag that is much less noticeable and more reasonable for a better working experience.


This HUION pen display, despite the friendly price, did not suffer from any jitter at all. Even while testing the performance with a physical ruler while tracing slow (and fast) diagonal lines, the Kamvas 13 responded with perfectly clean and jitter-free lines.

Tracking / Parallax

Right out of the box, the Kamvas 3 presented a very precise tracking on 99% of the screen space, starting to show marginal parallax on the very end of the 4 corners of the screen. After manual calibration, we were able to improve the tracking cancelling the previous seen parallax on 2 out of 4 of the corners.

HUION Kamvas 13 Tests of pressure, tilt, parallax, tracking, lag, jitter
HUION Kamvas 13 Tests of pressure, tilt, parallax, tracking, lag, jitter


HUION Kamvas 13 vs Gaomon PD1161

The HUION Kamvas 13 might have a bigger 13.3″ display in comparison with the 11.6″ of the Gaomon, yet the Kamvas and Gaomon pen displays have nearly the same dimensions.
Against the Gaomon, the HUION is significantly snappier and more responsive overall.

HUION Kamvas 13 vs UGEE UE12 PLUS

Equally as seen when compared with the Gaomon monitor, the HUION has the same size as the UGEE UE12 PLUS, despite the extra 1.4″ of larger display area.

Unlike the UGEE, the Kamvas 13 does not suffer from jitter.

HUION Kamvas 13 vs Microsoft Surface Pro

As you can see clearly from our photos, the Microsoft Surface Pro series can simply not keep up with the anti-glare performance offered by the HUION Kamvas.

Also, lag and pressure/tilt feel more natural and faster on the HUION.



The HUION software is well-polished visually and feature-wise allowing easy access to all customization and settings of the pen and the pen display.

On top of that, the software offers deeper customization than other competitors, like the click threshold setting for the pen pressure, selection of working area by monitor, area or screen ratio and the option to save customizations per-app.

The only detail that we find a bit obnoxious is the web browser opening if you mistakenly click on the STORE menu.

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HUION Kamvas 13 Pen Display Technical Specifications

Product Name
Kamvas 13
Product Model
Cosmo Black / Midnight Green / Violet Purple
Panel Size
13.3 inch
1920 x 1080 (16:9)
PPI (Pixels Per Inch)
166 PPI
LCD Type
Active Area
293.76 × 165.24mm
Contrast Ratio
Response Time
Viewing Angle
89°/89°(H)/89°/89°(V) (Typ.)(CR>10)
120% sRGB
Display Color
16.7M (8bit)
Pen Technology
Battery-Free Electromagnetic Resonance
Pen Resolution
5080 LPI
Pressure Levels
8192 Levels
±0.5mm (Center) ±3mm (Corner)
Reading Height
Tilt Recognition
Finger Touch

Digital Pen
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
5V 2A
Video Interface
USB-C (HDMI Signal), Full-featured USB-C (DP Signal)
Press Keys
8 Programmable Press Keys
Adjustable Stand
ST300 (Optional)
OS Support
Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.12 or later, Android
AG Glass
Pre-installed anti-glare matte film
Full Lamination
Power Consumption
Standby Consumption
Working Temp. and Humidity
0-40°C, 20-80%
Storage Temp. and Humidity
-20°C~60°C, 10-90%
366.5 x 217.4 x 11.8mm
Net Weight
VESA Compatibility

What’s in the box
Kamvas 13 Pen Display, Battery-Free Pen PW517, 3-in-1 Cable, USB Extension Cable, Pen Holder PH05A, Pen Nibs PN05A x 10, Pen Nib Clip, Glove, Cleaning Cloth, Quick Start Guide

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HUION Kamvas 13