HYCHIKA Angle Grinder – Review

HYCHIKA Angle Grinder
HYCHIKA Angle Grinder


HYCHIKA Angle Grinder

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HYCHIKA Angle Grinder, an affordable wireless angle grinder from the brand.

As part of the basic tool set of a DIY home owner you might want to have an angle grinder and this HYCHIKA Angle Grinder, gives users access to it without having to invest too much money.

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HYCHIKA Angle Grinder Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The grinder comes in a simple cardboard packaging bunded with:

• 3x grinding wheels
• 1x rechargeable lithium-ion battery
• 1x battery charger
• 1x wrench
• 1x handle
• 1x wheel guard




The HYCHIKA Angle Grinder has the classic green, red and black color combination seen on other power tools from HYCHIKA and is fully cordless with the use of HYCHIKA power packs.

Design-wise, the grinder has a narrower handle section with a grippy rubberized finish and red buttons to be easily seen.

The handle of the angle grinder can be screwed and placed in 3 different positions according to the working conditions.

The handle includes inside a wrench to adjust and remove the grinding wheels but we noticed that the wrench tended to fall off when using the grinder, so (for safety reasons) we highly recommend to avoid placing the wrench inside the handle while using the grinder.

The grinder is compatible with 115mm grinding wheels with no proprietary nor limiting compatibility of the discs/wheels that you use.

To replace the grinding wheels, the power tool has a dedicated red button on the metal front of the grinder, that locks the grinder’s spindle while using the wrench to tighen/untighten the grinding wheel in place.

Ergonomically and regarding the overall design of this power tool, the HYCHIKA Angle Grinder has a “classic” angle grinder form factor and design with no specific sections that fall out of the industry-standards of angle grinders.




Construction & Build

The HYCHIKA Angle Grinder is a heavy power tool thanks to the metal frame and most internal section of the tool, with only plastic seen on buttons, handle and most of the outer case parts.

On hand, the grinder feels solid while there were no wobbly nor rattling parts perceived either right out of the box and after all the tests applied.

Hefty metal construction is also found from the wheel guard up to all securing threaded gasket and flange nuts of the machine.



Safety Features

Unlike class-leading angle grinders, the HYCHIKA Angle Grinder does not have a brake nor smart sensors for kickback protection but it does offer a slide switch for safer and smarter use.

To protect the user from hazardous particles, the grinder comes with a removable metal protection shield cover that can be rotated to adjust the best protecting angle according to each situation.







The HYCHIKA Angle Grinder sports inside a brushed motor that spins at 8500rpm and is powered by the universal 18V/20V batteries from HYCHIKA that are inter-compatible with the full catalog of 18V/20V power tools from the brand.

As an angle grinder is a powerful tool, the battery consumption is also higher than other power tools, therefore the brand bundles it with a larger 4Ah battery pack.

Some details that we noticed when testing the tool were that rpm felt slower than other angle grinders that we have used and the shield adjustment system is not too smooth and hits the handle when rotating at certain angles.

The HYCHIKA Angle Grinder was tested by the team through the most common tasks optimized for angle grinders; first we grabbed the HYCHIKA tool to remove rust from old metal pieces that included a thin metal shelf and also solid structural pieces of a entrance roof body and metal doors. Removing rust from these parts was a breeze to complete with minor effort and in short time – a job that would had taken ages if done with manual tools.

Then, we proceeded to use the grinder to cut through hollow and solid metal bars of 1cm, 2cm and 4cm, with the right wheel for the task, the HYCHIKA Angle Grinder was able to take care of the cutting job without showing shortage of speed nor power.

Overall, as a power tool to build up the system of home owner or DIY weekend hobbyist, the HYCHIKA Angle Grinder can cover the needs of most common angle grinding tasks with the comfort of its cordless design yet without being anemically weak.



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Scores Scores

HYCHIKA Angle Grinder Scores

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HYCHIKA Angle Grinder