HYCHIKA Mini Electric Screwdriver Set – Review

HYCHIKA Mini Electric Screwdriver Set
HYCHIKA Mini Electric Screwdriver Set

HYCHIKA Mini Electric Screwdriver Set

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We are reviewing the HYCHIKA Mini Electric Screwdriver Set, a well-equipped multi-toolkit for repairing, servicing and assembling.

This HYCHIKA Mini Electric Screwdriver Set can also be found named as HYCHIKA HYQ2001.

So far we have reviewed many power tools and accessories from HYCHIKA and all of them have showed excellent value for money, we will see if this screwdriver set and multi-kit is able to provide good performance for the asking price.

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HYCHIKA Mini Electric Screwdriver Set Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The HYCHIKA Mini Electric Screwdriver comes with a rugged plastic case with a dual level compartments that include a vast number and variety of accessories, such as:

• 1x battery powered screwdriver
• 1x manual screwdriver handle
• 40x 28mm bits
• 6x 45mm bits
• 6x sockets
• 1x extension bar
• 1x flexible extension bar
• 1x metal crowbar
• 1x cleaning brush
• 1x curved tweezer
• 1x straight tweezer
• 1x plastic crowbar
• 1x triangular tablet set/kit
• 1x magnetizer
• 1x screw storage box
• 1x thimble
• 1x mini suction cup

Despite the affordable price, the HYCHIKA Mini Electric Screwdriver Set offers a very complete package with plenty of accessories and bits to assemble/disassemble and service/repair nearly any tech and electronics without needing to grab any other tools.




In total, the HYCHIKA Mini Electric Screwdriver is a 67 in 1 full-fledged kit capable of becoming a highly versatile and useful companion toolkit.

The rated electrical torque of the screwdriver is 0.25Nm but it also supports a manual torque input of up to 3Nm to apply some manual tightening of the screws after the battery-powered screwdriver has maxed out its adjusting torque.

The main screwdriver has a deep silver color and a 2 large black buttons that act as the right and left buttons (clockwise/counterclockwise)

The chuck has a metal build with a magnetic attaching system and 3 bright LED light on the front of the screwdriver in a ring alignment around the chuck. This light design is well-thought to illuminate the small working area and easily find the screws need to be tightened/removed.

The back of the screwdriver has an exposed USB-C port that is used to charge the unit while a strip light on the main front of the device provides information of the charging status.



Construction & Build

Both the main battery powered and manual screwdriver units are fully made of robust metal with no wobbly nor flimsy parts.

Internally, the screwdriver is equipped with a 3.7V 330mAh rechargeable battery that can provide long repair/assembly tasks without needing to be recharged – the screwdriver has a rated battery runtime of 90 minutes on a single charge.

The battery is charged through a USB-C connector and using standard USB power supplies.




Of course, if you compare the main battery powered screwdriver of the HYCHIKA set, it will be way larger, heavier and fatter than a manual screwdriver; yet, in comparison with other battery powered screwdrivers, the HYCHIKA falls within the standard sizes and weights of similar competitors.

The octagonal shape with curves edges of the screwdriver’s body provides a better grip and more secure use than a fully cylindrical screwdriver.

The placement of the forward/reverse buttons are well-placed to be accessible with a single finger without overstretching it nor having to apply any weird hand placement.

On top of that, the added extension addons facilitate the use of the screwdriver on tighter and complex situations.




With the amount of bits and of accessories addons that come bundled with the HYCHIKA Mini Electric Screwdriver Set, the kit becomes a truly repair and general purpose kit that can cover plenty of different tasks, including:

• Assembly of any type of devices
• Opening, cleaning of small electronics, gadgets phones and tablets
• Repair of phones and gadgets
• Magnetizing/demagnetizing
• DIY building

On top of that, thanks to the use of standard 4mm bits users can expand the toolkit with compatible M4 bits.

Also, when paired with both extension addons and longer bits, the HYCHIKA set had a reach of as much as 39mm.




The HYCHIKA Mini Electric Screwdriver Set has become a superb ally for the test team in the office as they are constantly assembling and disassembling products that need to be reviewed.

The team has started loving to use the HYCHIKA for tasks such as the building process of Barebones DIY Keyboard Kits, mechanical keyboards disassembly, photo/video lenses and assembly of smaller parts of Laser Engravers, 3D Printers, 3D Resin Printers, etc.

Also, the screwdriver set has proved to be highly useful when servicing smartphones, tablets, watches, headphones, amplifiers and other more delicate electronics and gadgets.

The Hychika set was the first choice when the team had to assemble the $1500 flagship laser engraver machine from AtomStack, a 3D resin printer from ELEGOO and a 3D FDM printer from Creality.

The screwdriver kit reduced the usual assembly times by at least 25% to 30%, providing 95% of the tightening process and needing only the final 5% of manual input to ensure a full tightening.

Moreover, all 3 machines were fully assembled with the HYCHIKA kit with the same single charge and not needing to recharge it.

With a power rating of 0.25NM, the driving power of the Hychika was sufficient to get all screws in and tightened up sufficiently, needing hand tightening with the non-motorized screw driver for the last part of the process.

Probably the only weaker points were that we wished that there was some sort of speed rotation control instead of being fixed at 180rpm and that the magnetic attaching system of the chuck would had been a bit stronger as bits tended to get stuck to the screws and detached from the screw driver – this was only happening with Hex screws.



Value for Money

From the amount of bits and accessories included, plus the versatility offered by the kit while having a retail price below $50, the HYCHIKA Mini Electric Screwdriver is one hell of a bang for buck.




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HYCHIKA Mini Electric Screwdriver Set