HYCHIKA Wet Dry HEPA Vacuum Cleaner – Review

HYCHIKA Wet Dry HEPA Vacuum Cleaner
HYCHIKA Wet Dry HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

HYCHIKA Wet Dry HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

| 1200W | 6HP | 5 Gallon (20 Liters) | HEPA |

HYCHIKA Wet Dry HEPA Vacuum Cleaner, the brand new wet/dry vacuum cleaner & blower from HYCHIKA.

This vacuum model is the most powerful from HYCHIKA, following the older 1000W all-plastic vac and next to 2 battery powered variants from the brand.

This vacuum cleaner aims to a more serious and competent vacuum coverage with a stronger motor that will suffice home/car cleaning as well as workshops and power tools vacuum use.

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HYCHIKA Wet Dry HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The vacuum comes inside a relatively small box with foam protection, containing inside:

• 1*HEPA filter
• 1*Foam filter
• 3* Extension wand
• 1*5 ft hose
• 1* Floor brush
• 1* 2-in-1 Crevice nozzle
• 1* Triangular nozzle
• 1* Disposable dust bag
• 4* Universal wheels




The HYCHIKA has the classic design of a workshop/power tool vac with a tubular tank and a detachable motor section that is part of the top cover.

Overall the vacuum looks harmonically pleasing without having neither an overly industrial nor flashy aesthetic.

The tank has a metal polished finish that connects with the black bottom section of the casters and also with the top cover with the classic combination of green/red colors of HYCHIKA.



Construction & Build

Most competing vacuums on the price range of this model are usually 100% made of plastics; instead, this HYCHIKA vacuum offers a full stainless steel tank that is even not flimsy-thin as seen on other budget vacs.

The top cover and casters base is made of plastic but both ends have a substantially rugged plastic feel with a generous thickness in the amount of polycarbonate material.

In spite of this, there are 2 details that might show early wear over time and abuse, such as the accessories and nozzles that are a bit too plasticky for our taste and the, unfortunate, decision of using plastic clips for the tank/top cover connection system.

Nonetheless, as a brand new unit the vac showed very good attachment between both sections and no loss of hermetic air-tightening.




The vac has a well-thought design with many details that have a dedicated practical function. The top cover has a cable organizing system that allows to wind the cable and secure it when not in use, also on the top cover there are 2 rounded sections (next to the power button) that work as an accessories storage area to fix the nozzles that you are not currently using.

On top of that, the top section of each casters connector is also an accessories storage area to either place the extension tubes or the nozzles.

To ease up the transport of the vac, there is a large folding handle on the top of the vacuum.




The HYCHIKA vac might have a metal tank but the unit is still very lightweighted and manageable.

This is also in part thanks to the use of other sections made of plastic (reducing the overall weight) and even more due to the fluid movement of the casters and the effortless amount of force needed to move the vac.

In fact, the vac was easily following us throughout the office by the simple strain and pulling force from grabbing the tube and moving around the rooms.

On top of that the long cable allows a wider area of coverage before needing to re-plug the unit on a different power outlet. On the other hand, the cable is not retractable and will always be at its full extension but you can wind the cable around the cable management section on the top cover of the vac.

As well as the long cable, the fair 5 gallon (20 liters) tank capacity provides users a longer time/days of use before needing to open and empty up the tank/vac bag.

Summing up the length of the cable (11.5 feet), extensions (3.5 feet) and tubes/hose (5 feet), the HYCHIKA vacuum cleaner can provide up to 20 feet of range.




As expected, the vacuum is loud but that is the price to pay for a vac with a powerful 1200W motor.

The HYCHIKA showed exceptional vacuum capability with it’s >2.5PSI, 6HP motor; in fact, when tested as a dry vac for general in-house and car cleaning, it was able to pick up every kind of particles, dust and even heavier objects as pieces of wood, glass and small beach stones.

In comparison to a Bosch 18V vacuum (Dyson copycat), the Hychika vac simply laughs at the Bosch in terms of power, airflow and PSI pressure.

Probably one of the most versatile options of this HYCHIKA vac is a well-balanced power/portability and modular connection that allows it to be also a vacuum to connect and use with power tools. HYCHIKA provides generic accessories and tubing that can connect to their line of power tools but we also tested if we could use it out-of-the-box with power tools from Milwaukee, DeWalt and Bosch without having to purchase any adapter. To our surprise, the HYCHIKA was able to connect with the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Jig Saw by forcing a bit the tube end, also it had not issue fitting a full-sized planer and a Bosch Professional Miter Saw – these last 2 fit the tubing if the standard nozzle of the vac tube was detached. On the other hand, none of the tubes fit a DeWalt orbital sander, DeWalt hand planer nor a Bosch router (you can buy the corresponding tube adapters to fit any power tool)

Even more important for woodworkers and DIY home users, the vac has a dedicated HEPA system/filter to ensure a safer health utilization thanks to the filtering capability of 97% of 0.3um sized particles.

It is fair to note that the vac does not have an automatic switch system for power tools, so you will need to manually power on/off the vacuum before/after using your attached power tools.

When tested with liquids, the HYCHIKA also had no issues to clean up the mess as a wet vacuum, you can feel the 17kPa doing its job.

As this vacuum is also a blower, we tested it pushing away the recent accumulation of leaves and grass on the front of the offices, coming from the autumn season. Once again, the vac presented a strong air flow of 60CFM that was able to blow away leaves, small branches and even objects such as napkins and empty soda cans.

As a further test of the blower function, we tried cleaning up the sawdust after a woodworking session; 1st we used the blowing option to push dust and smaller wood chips away from the workbench and tools, then we proceeded to use it as a vac on the floor of the wood shop. The HYCHIKA vac was able to push away and then vac every single dust particle and small sized wood pieces without showing any fatigue.




Value for Money

HYCHIKA has always excelled in the value for money department and this wet/dry vac is no exception. You will be getting a vacuum that can offer metal tank (instead of plastic), vac + blowing capability, a safe HEPA design and 50% more power than competitors with similar/higher price.



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Scores Scores

HYCHIKA Wet Dry HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Scores

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HYCHIKA Wet Dry HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Technical Specifications

TypeWet/Dry Vacuum



Part Number


 Motor Horsepower6 Horsepower


5 Gallon / 20 liters
Filter TypeHEPA Cartridge

Maximum power


 Noise Level76db



Size12.5″L x 12.5″W x 16.8″H
 Item Weight

11 pounds

Included Components1*HEPA filter, 1*Foam filter, 3* Extension wand, 1*5 ft hose, 1* Floor brush, 1* 2-in-1 Crevice nozzle, 1* Triangular nozzle, 1* Disposable dust bag, 4* Universal wheels

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HYCHIKA Wet Dry HEPA Vacuum Cleaner