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Keydous NJ80
Keydous NJ80

Keydous NJ80

| Mechanical Keyboard | Hot-Swappable | Wireless/Wired | 75% |

Keydous NJ80, a premium keyboard but with consumer-grade price.

Keydous might have a smaller catalog than other mainstream keyboard manufacturers but from our previous experience reviewing the Keydous NJ98, the quality and performance of their products wipe out the floor of mainstream keyboards.

The full model name of the Keydous NJ80 is actually Keydous NJ80-AP Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, but we will refer to it simply as Keydous NJ80 throughout the review.

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Exactly as the Keydous NJ98 that we reviewed last time, the NJ80 comes in a similar, simple box that does not make justice to the true custom-premium degree of the actual keyboard.

Inside you get:

• Extra knob with different color
• 5 keycaps set
• Keycap puller
• Switch puller
• USB-C cable
• Dust cover



The Keydous NJ80 has a 75% layout with 80 keys and one knob. The case and keycaps follow a clean, all-white design with 2 pale blue keys (ESC, Enter) and a yellow spacebar giving it a touch of color accent to the overall looks – also the knob adds another detail with its gold-color.

Throughout the case you will notice that the NJ80 does not have flashy elements nor additional lights; in fact, this Keydous keyboard does not come with any status LED lights placed on the case.

Hidden on the bottom case you will find the wireless dongle and the on/off switch, this gives it a clean general aesthetic look for the upper case but you will have to lift and turn around the keyboard to access either the dongle or the power switch.

The Keydous NJ80 is available in 5 different colors for the case shell:

Keydous NJ80 White (model being reviewed)
Keydous NJ80 Pale Green
Keydous NJ80 White Purple
Keydous NJ80 Blue Samurai
Keydous NJ80 Dark

The exact size of the Keydous NJ80 is 235x141x42mm and weights 1Kg / 2.2 Lbs.

Overall, the Keydous NJ80 has a retroish vibe with a clean and uncluttered design.



This specific variant of the Keydous NJ80 uses a Cherry profile for the keycaps, which match up very well with the bit curvy and tilted design of the case.

In fact, the final result of these elements make the Keydous NJ80 a class-leading option in the ergonomic department.

Furthermore, the NJ80 has a 3-stage height adjustment thanks to the tiltable/adjustable feet with 2 lifting positions.



The case of the NJ80 is made of a solid polycarbonate build that makes it feel rugged and durable, also the knob is made of aluminum alloy with a pearled metallic finish.

Inside, the keyboard is constructed with a multi-layer dampening design that includes a premium ROGERS INOAC Poron PCB foam, case foam and switch foam.

All stabilizers are clip-in and come completely and carefully pre-lubed and pre-assembled – no stab showed signs of being over-lubed.



The keycaps of the Keydous NJ80 are PBT using dye-sub for the fonts printing which both ensure a durable, fade and oily-free lifespan.

These keycaps have a smooth but slightly textured finish and a remarkably thick body that give it a feel of prime quality.

The use of the white case and white keycaps optimizes the potential of the south-facing RGB LED backlighting.

The knob presented a satisfying tactile feedback per step but without any clicky audible noise.



The board of the Keydous NJ80 has a south-facing, hot-swappable design compatible with 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches, no soldering is needed to replace the switches.

On top of the 5 different colors for the case of the NJ80, you can also select to get it pre-assembled with 1 of the 15 different switches available, including:

• Gateron Pro Milky Yellow
• BOX Strawberry Ice Cream Pro
• BOX Coffee Ice Cream (Tactile)
• BOX Blueberry Ice Cream Pro(speed linear)
• BOX Deep Sea – Islet (silent linear)
• BOX Taro Ice Cream Pro
• TTC Gold pink V2
• Cherry RGB Brown
• Kailh Brown Box
• Kailh Red Box
• Baby Kangaroo
• Cheery RGB Red
• Gateron RGB Brown
• TTC Speed Silver

Our unit has the BOX Taro Ice Cream Pro switches which are fast linear switches that have a light force of 37gf. The switches presented a buttery smooth travel with no scratchy feel.



The Keydous NJ80 has a wired USB-C connection with a detachable cable, one 2.4Ghz wireless connection through the bundled dongle and 3 slots for wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Both wireless modes were always responsive, lag-free and exhibited a stable connection without dropout nor input delay.



Unlike most other mechanical keyboards on the market, with the Keydous NJ80 you can even select the type of plate that you get pre-assembled from factory.

Keydous let you choose among a steel, brass or aluminum plate so you can fine tune the quality and characteristics of your keyboard.

On top of that, the NJ80 accepts full per-key reprogramming and macros that can be applied and designed through their software. Once you finish creating your personalized macros, lighting, layers and reprogramming, you will be able to save it on the on-board memory of the keyboard without needing to run the software to preserve the customizations.




The Keydous NJ80 is not only a premium keyboard but also a superb one in the ergonomics offered.

The well-assembled switches, stabs and multi-dampening layers provide a superior level of typing quality.


With a smaller, 75% layout and gaming qualities like fast and speed linear switches options pre-assembled from factory, excellent stabs and overall prime construction quality, the Keydous NJ80 will fulfill the needs of gamers looking for premium quality in their gaming keyboard.

Moreover the NJ80 offers gaming specs such as:

• 1000Hz polling rate
• Wired/wireless 2.4G
• Hot-swappable board
• Varied switches options (including speed linear)


With the full Fn row and a handy knob, the NJ80 can become a highly competent keyboard for productivity and content creation.

On top of that, the hot-swappable board and excellent pre-assembled switches grant durability and performance.


The compact but non-feature-limiting layout of the Keydous NJ80 plus the exceptional build components, switches and stabs, allow a complete package as a main keyboard that can be used for work and home.

Moreover, the wired/wireless connectivity and large battery allows total freedom to carry around the keyboard without a complicated installation every time you setup your desktop.


The modern Bluetooth 5.0 and long battery life of the NJ80 allows it to be perfectly matched with your iPad or mobile device, allowing full integration with your mobile system while preserving to work freely from one cafe to another one.



The south-facing LEDs of the board showed a bright light output combined with a fair variety of RGB lighting presets available through software.

Of course, as the keycaps are not shine-through, you will not see the fonts illuminated by the LEDs backlight but having a white main keycap body with dark fonts, the light coming from your monitor will give enough brightness to make them readable.



The specific model that we are reviewing is the Keydous NJ80-AP with brass plate and Kailh BOX Taro Ice Cream Pro switches.

The brass selection for the plate surely makes it a heavier keyboard but in exchange you will getting the most refined, deep sound of the NJ80 variants.

As a matter of fact, the Keydous NJ80 exhibited a superior level in the sound department offering an completely echo, resonance and rattle free noise and no single traces of pinging.

The sound profile of the combination of the brass plate, premium PBT keycaps and these Box Taro switches was an impressively clean, thocky sound with a slightly upper pitch.

All the stabilizers come pre-lubed and pre-assembled and never showed the need of being re-lubed as they all were fluid, fast, smooth and without showing rattling issues.



The Keydous NJ80 carries inside a large 4800mAh battery to offer a long lasting continuous use on a single charge without having to worry about recharging the unit on a daily basis.

The estimated runtime per charge is 40 days when RGB is turned off.

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Keydous NJ80 Technical Specifications

Keydous NJ80


Kailh Switch Sockets

Keycap Material

Keycap Profile

USB-C/Bluetooth 5.0/ 2.4G wireless

Battery Capacity

LED Direction

Ghost Keys

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Keydous NJ80