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KiiBoom Sapphire
KiiBoom Sapphire

KiiBoom Sapphire

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KiiBoom Sapphire, a custom mechanical switch from KiiBoom.

You might know KiiBOOM as a mechanical keyboard manufacturer, yet recently the brand started to expand by offering their own custom mechanical switches with the same quality standards as the mechanical keyboards.

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KiiBoom Sapphire Review

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The KiiBOOM Sapphire are packed in a rugged square box with an internal plastic section that stores each switch securely and independently from each other.

The packaging has a magnetic closing design that gives it a premium touch.




The KiiBOOM Sapphire have a frosted, translucent housing that also includes the same finish for the bottom section and stem.

The translucent PC housing provides a superb effect for shine-through backlighted boards – these switches even have an in-built LED slot.



As all other switches from KiiBOOM, the KiiBoom Sapphire have a 5-pin design compatible with 5-pin MX, Kailh boards (with the potential to fit 3-pin boards if you cut the 2 plastic pins)

The stems make use of the standard X from MX keycaps, thus being perfect to use with any of the millions of MX keycaps variants available on the market.




The lighter actuation force than other general-purpose switches (54gf actuation & 58gf bottom) and well-distributed forces, can make the KiiBoom Sapphire a fairly capable switch for gaming if you are not specifically looking for a fast linear model.



With 3.2mm of total travel and 2.2mm of pre travel, the KiiBoom Sapphire have the same satisfying typing qualities that we have seen while reviewing the KiiBoom Topaz, yet the lighter force of the Sapphire model makes it a less-fatiguing variant for users that prefer less force needed to activate their switches.

Similar to the Topaz, we found the KiiBoom Sapphire to be an excellent match for long lasting typing sessions yet you will gain a faster typing potential.



Among all the 3 recent KiiBOOM switches that we have reviewed, the KiiBoom Sapphire have the thockier sound of all.

In fact, the KiiBoom Sapphire have a decisively deep-pitched thocky sound on each keypress (obviously you need to match it with a thocky barebones Kit or keyboard and quality PBT keycaps)

The quality build elements of the KiiBoom Sapphire also reflect in their performance, showing no pinging and a creamy scratch-free personality.

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KiiBoom Sapphire Technical Specifications

Specifications for KiiBoom Sapphire Switch
• Pin: 5 pins

Switch type: Linear
• Actuation force: 54gf
• Bottom force: 58gf
• Pre Travel: 2.2mm
• Total Travel: 3.2mm

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KiiBoom Sapphire