Langogo Genesis – Review

Langogo Genesis
Langogo Genesis

Langogo Genesis

| Translator | WiFi | Mobile Data | Touch Screen | Dual SIM (eSIM) | Hotspot |

? Langogo Genesis, a portable smart translator that promises accurate and immediate translations.

The Langogo Genesis was launched as an Indiegogo campaign marketed as the “1st Pocket Translator and Mobile Hotspot” that according to the brand is capable of enabling owners to “Speak like a local in 70 languages and stay connected wherever you travel

The Langogo Genesis was able to become a successfully backed campaign on the aforementioned fundraising platform, with 1044 backers and raising $170,059.

You can buy the Langogo Genesis in:

The Langogo Genesis can also be found as Langogo AI translator.

Langogo Genesis colors
Langogo Genesis colors

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Langogo Genesis Review / Langogo AI translator Review

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Advanced Features

The Langogo Genesis features include advanced options such as:

  • 2 years of translation mobile data for free
  • Dual SIM
  • eSIM
  • Hotspot
  • 4G GSM
  • WiFi
  • Global WiFi
  • Bi-lingual detection
  • Data plans
  • Noise cancelling
  • AI assistant
  • “Interpreter” mode

gramophone-25660   4.5/5

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Langogo Genesis unboxing
Langogo Genesis unboxing



Langogo Genesis weight in Ounces and Langogo Genesis weight in grams.

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Accessories & Packaging

The Langogo Genesis unboxing results in a charging cable, a lanyard and a metal pin to remove the SIM holder.

The units comes inside a rectangular box with a clean design and a substantially rugged cardboard quality.

gramophone-25660   3/5



The Langogo Genesis has a smartphone-like form factor and aesthetics with, also, 4 physical buttons.

Nonetheless, the foot print of the device is clearly smaller than most modern phones with a narrower dimension and a shorter tallness than standard 5” or bigger smartphones.

On the other hand, the Langogo Genesis is a bit thicker than many newer phones on the market.

The Langogo Genesis measures: 12.13cm x 5.44 cm x 1.32 cm and weights only 115 grams.

The small dimensions and light weight makes it an easily pocketable device to travel with.

gramophone-25660 4/5

Langogo Genesis
Langogo Genesis


Operation & Control

The Langogo Genesis has been smartly thought to be used as fast as possible and get immediate translations.

Indeed, the brand did a great job designing the controls of the device, incorporating a modern touch sensitivity screen technology inline with smartphone’s screens and a simple button’s layout with a dedicated translation button.

This translation button gives immediate access to the translation app with a “press and go” instant translation-ready mode in less than a fraction of a second since the button is pressed – in fact, this is one of the many major advantages that this translator offers over fiddling around your smartphone looking for the translator app and waiting until it is open and ready to operate.

In addition to this, the translations are done nearly instantly within 1 second of listening to the spoken words.

In particular, the buttons of the Langogo Genesis allow:

Translation Button

  • 1x Press (with screen on or off): Direct translation opening

Volume + Button:

  • 1x press: Volume raised by 1 step (9 volume steps available)
  • Press and hold: Quick volume increment

Volume – Button:

  • 1x press: Volume lowered by 1 step
  • Press and hold: Quick volume decrease

Power Button:

  • Press and hold: Power on/off
  • 1x press: Turn screen on/off

The translation button is placed on the right edge of the screen while the remaining 3 buttons are on the right upper edge.

How to translate?

  1. Press the translation button
  2. Speak
  3. Release the button to translate

The overall operation and control of the Langogo Genesis results in an intuitive and straightforward usage that involves little to no learning curve.


Langogo Genesis buttons
Langogo Genesis buttons


Battery Life

The Langogo Genesis is equipped with a 2200mAh battery that can grant up to 7 days of standby time and 6 hours of full usage.

As with every battery powered device with a screen and wireless connections, the battery runtime will vary according to the connections used and brightness of the screen.

How to charge the Langogo Genesis:

To charge the Langogo Genesis users need to plug it to an USB power supply through it’s USB Type-C charging port.

A full charge cycle should take 2.5 hours through a compatible USB charger.

gramophone-25660 3.75/5

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Langogo Genesis
Langogo Genesis


Construction & Build

The Langogo Genesis feels fairly well-built with a main housing made of polycarbonate and a front reinforced Asahi glass.

Overall, the translator does not feel like an all-metal rugged smartphone but neither as a cheapo plasticky product. All in all we find it to offer a fair compromise to remain light but sufficiently durable.

gramophone-25660  3.75/5

Langogo Genesis
Langogo Genesis



The Langogo Genesis has a touch sensitive screen with capacitive technology and a diagonal size of 3.1″ that responds to “touch tapping” and gestures.

The brand does not specify the PPI of the screen but it explicitly discloses that the screen used offers Retina resolution.

On real usage, the screen looks crisp with well-defined fonts that are easy to read.

In addition to this, the screen does not show any negativization of colors and wide 180 degrees viewable angles in any direction – the screen brightness can be manually adjusted with a slider through the settings.

gramophone-25660 4/5

Langogo Genesis
Langogo Genesis



The Langogo Genesis runs a customized Android OS with a homepage that shows the time and date plus the Translation app icon and the Global WiFi. A sliding gesture to the left will show 5 additional “apps/modes/menu options” (if updated to the latest software version), including:

  • Interpreter mode – bi-lingual live translations
  • Euri  – AI assistant
  • Intelligent recording – audio recording and speech to text transcribing
  • System messages
  • Settings

The top bar of the screen shows the connections status, signal strength and SIM chosen; while the right upper edge informs the battery charge with an icon and with percentage readings.

The system language can be chosen among 8 different options.

Langogo Genesis
Langogo Genesis photo


Language Compatibility

The Langogo Genesis can translate more than 100 languages, including locale variations of the languages such as:

  • English (13 country options)
  • Spanish (20 country options)
  • Arabic (14 country options)
  • Chinese (3 variations)
  • French (2 countries)
  • Portuguese (2 countries)

gramophone-25660 5/5

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The Langogo Genesis is packed with WiFi and a dual mobile SIM for data transfer that includes a physical SIM slot and an inner eSIM – the speed supported is 150 Mbps to 300 Mbps.

In addition to these 3 connection options, the Langogo Genesis comes with Global-WiFi and purchasable data plans in-app.

Moreover, the translator is also a hotspot device that can share WiFi with up to 6 phones, tablets and computers by simply activating the hotspot function under the settings menu.

The specific connectivity supported includes:

  • Frequencies: 2G/3G/4G/GSM900/DCS1800/PCS1900/WCDMAB1/WCDMA(B2/B5/B8)/TD-SCD-MA(B34/B39)/TDD-LTE (B38/B39/B40/B41M2555/B41M2665)/FDD-LTE(B1/B2/B3/B5/B6/B7/B87/B17/B20)

The wide variety of connectivity options and frequencies enables the translator to be compatible with the different connection types of different countries.

The brand ensures connectivity compatibility in at least 72 countries with no roaming through their eSIM.


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Langogo Genesis
Langogo Genesis



Under the hood, the Langogo Genesis / Langogo AI is powered by a Mediatek MTK6739; a 64-bit, quad-core ARM-Cortex A53 CPU that can run up to 1.5GHz – this a chip that is used by many affordable modern smartphones.

In addition to this, the translator holds 8GB of internal storage and an USB Type-C connector that, besides being used for charging, is also compatible as a headphone jack.

Langogo Genesis
Langogo Genesis



The Langogo Genesis carries 2 speakers that can be easily recognized by the perforated sections on the back of the housing.

The speakers sound clear and are able to reach a loud volume output to be heard during noisy and crowded situations – the volume setting can be adjusted in 9 steps.

In addition to the speakers, the translator can be paired with earbuds through the USB connector.

Either male and female speech voice options are available for the translations through the settings menu.


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Langogo Genesis
Langogo Genesis


Firmware and Software Updates

The firmware of the Langogo Genesis can be upgraded OTA through it wireless connection.

The Langogo Genesis has been receiving frequent updates since we got the unit with many additional functions, optimizing of their translation performance, operation and rich features.

In total, so far, our unit has received 4 updates that have brought features such as:

  • Improved Interpreter mode
  • Incorporation of Intelligent Recording mode that enables the Langogo Genesis to record audio + transcribe vocal recordings into text
  • Enrichment of Euri AI assistant functions

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Langogo Genesis Technical Specifications

Screen size3.1 inches
Mobile DataYes
Disk8 GB
Battery6 hours
Countries eSIM72
PlugUSB Type-C
WeightApprox. 115g

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Langogo Genesis FAQ

Does the Langogo Genesis have a microphone?

The Langogo Genesis has noise cancelling microphones.

What is the price of the Langogo Genesis?

You can check the most up-to-date price of the Langogo Genesis by following THIS LINK.

Where can I buy the Langogo Genesis?

You can buy the Langogo Genesis HERE

Which Langogo Genesis colors are available?

The colors available for the Langogo Genesis are: white, black, pink, blue

Langogo Genesis Photos

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Langogo Genesis