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LOFREE Flow, the newest low-profile mechanical keyboard from LOFREE.

The LOFREE Flow was introduced as a crowdfunding project that was successfully backed in short time by almost 1500 backers, reaching 4 times the projects funding objective.

The LOFREE has been released as 2 different variants:

• LOFREE Flow 84

• LOFREE Flow 100

LOFREE is a young brand specialized in keyboards, mouse and keycaps with a catalog that keeps expanding and some innovative designs that have caught the attention of many keyboard enthusiasts.

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The LOFREE Flow comes in a nice sturdy and modern packaging with a magnetic-closing design.

Inside you will only get a USB-C cable as part of the included accessories.



As we mentioned in the intro of the review, the LOFREE Flow comes either in 84 keys or 100 keys layouts; the specific model of the LOFREE Flow that we are reviewing is the LOFREE Flow 84 (84 keys) version.
Both Flow variants inherit the same properties, characteristics, design elements and specs.

The LOFREE Flow is not the standard kind of keyboard that you can find everywhere, instead, this is a mechanical keyboard with a low-profile. In fact, is so slim that the case is as short as 10mm.

This kind of design gives it much thinner and shorter size and a compact foot print, making it ideal as a portable keyboard.

The keyboard has a strong design focus dedicated to look, stylish, premium and aesthetically pleasing.

Among these design elements, you will notice an unibody case with rounded edges, a decorative gold-colored plate on the right edge and unique metal feet that add a 3.9 degree tilting angle to improve the ergonomics of the keyboard.

On the bottom you will also find 2 strip lights and on the front edge of the case a stealthier white light will indicate the status of the battery charge – also, CAPS Lock has a tiny by bright light on the keycap itself.

The LOFREE is available in 2 different colors:

• LOFREE white
• LOFREE black (as the model we are reviewing)

The exact dimensions of the LOFREE Flow are: 316 x 126 x 24.5 mm.



The LOFREE Flow is a remarkably well built keyboard with a full aluminum alloy case and no flimsy nor cheap details across the whole device – even the feet are made of rugged metal.

Despite the vigorous metal build, the Flow is surprisingly light with a total weight of only 568g (1.25lbs).

Internally, this LOFREE keyboard sports a north-facing hot-swappable board, gasket mounted design and a premium multi-dampening layering that includes silicone pad, IPXE foam, PORON PCBA foam and gasket pads.

On the bottom, the keyboard is equipped with 4 rubberized strip/feet with excellent grippiness that always kept the keyboard in place and slipper-free.



Seeing the current standard of mainstream low-profile keyboards you might think that the LOFREE Flow will come with cheapo plastic keycaps; instead, this keyboard follows the same premium build found so far, coming pre-assembled with quality PBT dye-sub keycaps that will withstand finger-oil accumulation and fading fonts.

The keycaps have both Windows and Mac legends so you will be covered for both OS without needing to replace the keycaps.



When choosing the layout and color of your LOFREE Flow, you will also be given the option to choose among 3 type of switches:
• Kailh Ghost switches
• Kailh Phantom switches
• Kailh Wizard switches
The 3 switches cover all kind of mechanical switches, being the Kailh Ghost linear switches, Kailh Phantom tactile switches and the Kailh Wizard clicky switches.
We noticed, though, that the clicky wizard switches do not seem to be available to choose right now and consider that some switches are limited to the case color option.
The LOFREE Flow 84 model that it is being reviewed by our team has the Phantom tactile switches.
These switches offer a silent personality but with a tactile feedback bump at a specific travel distance.
Compared with popular tactile switches like Cherry Brown or Gateron Brown, the Kailh Phantom offer a similar subtle tactile bump and a heavier actuation force than a typical linear switch.
All of the low-profile Kailh switches offered by LOFREE have the same superior build with full-POM material and a self-lubricating design.
The specific specs of the Kailh Phantom are:
• Total travel 2.8mm
• Actuation force 45gf
• Responsive touch 55gf
• Responsive keystroke 1.6mm
• Spring length 15.5mm
• Lifespan 50 million clicks



This LOFREE keyboard has a dual-connectivity system that includes a Bluetooth wireless connection and a USB-C wired one.

To change the mode you will need to put the switch mode in the correct position and use the Fn shortcut to choose either the Bluetooth slot that corresponds to the active paired PC, phone, tablet.



From a hardware point of view, the LOFREE Flow is more customizable than other direct competitors thanks to a hot-swappable board and Kailh mechanical switches but from a software perspective, the LOFREE falls short of options as you cannot reprogram it, set macros nor access any deeper customization as there is no software for the Flow.




The premium multi-layer design and Kailh mechanical switches offer a delightful typing experience and superior sound that cannot be compared with other low-profile keyboards like the Logitech MX Keys Mini.


The reduced footprint and quality mechanical switches plus the PBT keycaps can be appreciated by gamers with a tighter desktop area. While the fast linear Kailh Ghost switches with an activation distance of just 1.2mm can challenge the quickness of most linear switches and of some speed linear switches.

Of course, using it wirelessly with BT might not be the smartest choice for hardcore gaming but the keyboard can be used wired with the detachable cable for a faster and more reliable response.


The LOFREE Flow might be small, yet offers 84 keys that include full navigation keys and the F number row with shortcuts.

The versatility of being both wired and wireless and battery powered, will provide a further layer of adaptability for a productive usage on-the-go.

We also found it to be a great complementary side keyboard to use with pen displays and graphic drawing tablets.


The layout of the Flow will lack the numpad but if you are wanting a keyboard to use mainly for spreadsheet and calc, you can opt for the LOFREE Flow 100 instead of this 84 keys variant and you will be better covered for office work.

Nonetheless, if you want to keep your workspace smaller, the LOFREE Flow 84 is still well-equipped with all main keys and shortcuts to become a competitive all-arounder.


With an excellent weight:size ratio and features such as Bluetooth connection and slim profile; the LOFREE Flow is a very good keyboard to choose for mobile, phone and tablet users.




The LOFREE Flow has a backlit board and 2 dedicated strips on the bottom of the case.

The keys backlight is white colored while the bottom-side LEDs (referred as ambient lights) are RGB.

The keycaps offered a mixed personality when considering the backlight behavior. Some keycaps legends were backlit and readable while others with characters aligned on the center or bottom did not become lit nor readable. The north-facing LEDs offered a backlit coverage and illumination of only 50% of the surface of the keycaps – maybe the white keycaps exhibit less of this net difference.

Overall, the side-bottom LEDs are quite nice and well-implemented while the general backlighting system of the keys has some flaws and could be a bit too dim.



The quality components, gasket mount, dampening layers, solid case and premium switches provide a remarkably good sound profile that far exceeds what you can expect from nearly any other low-profile keyboard on the market.

Certainly, sound is one of the strong assets of the LOFREE Flow. You can expect a clean sound flavor with no resonance, pinging nor rattling noises and complete absence of hollow and echoing noises.

Moreover, the combination of the stabilizers, pre-lubed switches and PBT keycaps are able to provide a deep pitched and fairly stealthy typing.



Unfortunately, the LOFREE Flow does not have any software to control, customize or reprogram the keyboard.



The LOFREE is certainly a slim and more compact keyboard and to keep it this way, the brand has equipped a smaller than usual battery with a capacity of 2000mAh.

If you want to break runtime records per charge, this will not be your best choice but for normal casual use, the Flow will be enough with its rated 40 hours battery life.

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LOFREE Flow Technical Specifications


84 keys


Keycap Material

Keycap Profile
Low profile

USB-C/Bluetooth 5.0

Battery Capacity

LED Direction

Ghost Keys

316 x 126 x 24.5 mm


Inside the box
• Keyboard
• USB A-C Cable

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