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MEAZOR 3D, a revolutionary new multi-laser tool from HOZO Design.

The MEAZOR 3D is part of the newest products from the brand joining their catalog as a 6-in-1 measure tool that can provide advanced laser measuring and floor-planning functions.

HOZO Design is a company specialized in innovative measurement tools with unique creative use of the latest tech on the market.

The MEAZOR 3D was born as a crowdfunding project by the brand reaching a successful pledge of over $365k.

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MEAZOR 3D Review

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The MEAZOR 3D can be purchased as a single unit or in different kit variants, the model that we are reviewing is the MEAZOR 3D Premium Combo plus their Master Tripod kit.

MEAZOR 3D Premium Combo comes bunded with:

• Ultra 3D Adapter
• Target plates
• Charging cable
• Alen wrenches
• Mini tripod stand

The Master Tripod kit includes:
• Aluminum tripod
• EVA case




The MEAZOR 3D has an oval shape with a slim profile and a size that fits perfectly in the hands.

The device has curved edges on the back and front of the unit and a combination of black, greys and space grey colors across the body and different sections of the device.

The MEAZOR 3D has overall premium and classy aesthetics with a feel of a serious power tool with modern vibes.

On the top panel you can find the circular display screen and 2 physical buttons. These buttons have a different surface form to be recognizable by touch without having to be looking at them (the top button has a concave and while the other button has a flat surface)

The back edge of the MEAZOR 3D is equipped with a rotational wheel while the bottom of the unit has a standard tripod hole, one Type-C charging port and a rotational disk that can be unfolded to become a flip stand.

On the top edge of the wheel there are 3 blue LED lights that are used as a reference when using the wheel-measuring function. The front edge has the laser beam and sensor windows.

The tripod included with the Master kit is a 5-section, aluminum tripod with quick twist-lock extension legs that can be adjusted in 3 different angles and a main extensible column (the tripod can be fully folded)

The tripod is actually a pretty nice one in the same level of a mini photo tripod; it can support up to 3 kilograms and has rubberized feet.

The exact dimensions of the MEAZOR 3D are 3.9″x2.1″x0.8″ (HxWxD) and a total weight of 3.4 ounces (97 grams)




The MEAZOR 3D has a 1.3″ rounded display with a resolution of 240×240 and 184 PPI.

The screen is a color, backlit IPS display that is touch sensitive and works as the main component to use the device.

The screen has clear icons, sharp fonts and an intuitive UI with well-explained settings, details and usage indications.

Both on lit rooms or total darkness, the displays can be read effortlessly thanks to its backlight.

Through the touch screen you will be able to navigate through the menus, select the function, measurement mode, change units, save measurements, export projects/measurements and fully control each laser mode.

The main screen will welcome you with a menu navigation to select the measurement mode wanted. When entering a measurement mode you will see an intro screen and then access then selected tool.

If the tool requires an addon or special conditions such as calibrating the device, etc. the intro screen will let you know it.

In general, the touch interface was reasonably responsive and snappy with just some lag when switching the modes navigation through touch inputs or when selecting the sub-modes in the Pro Laser function.




Without doubt, versatility is a major strength of the MEAZOR 3D thanks to its capability of becoming 6 advanced laser tools in a single device.

The main tools offered by the MEAZOR 3D include:

• 3D Modeling

• Laser Measure: allowing to reference the measurement starting at the front, back or middle of the MEAZOR 3D body

• Floorplan Scanning: including a hands-free measurement mode to get accurate measurements while enabling to skip obstacles (like furniture)

• 2D and 3D scanning and drawing

• Level: working as a standard laser or bubble level but with the precision of the internal sensors of the MEAZOR 3D

• Pro-laser: Selectable measurement & calculations (Pythagorean, area, etc.)

• Curve Scanning: outliner for curved objects

• Protractor: accurate angle measurements

• Rolling Ruler: using the rear wheel to measure objects while sliding the MEAZOR 3D across the straight or curves objects to measure

• Scale Ruler: Measurements with the rolling ruler can be set to be calculated based on 57 different scale/ratios.

• Multiple Rooms Surveying: allowing 3D displacement to measure multi-rooms and auto-stitching of the multi-room captured

• Auto-dimension, volume and space calculations

In all modes you will able to switch the measuring unit among fractional, decimal, imperial and metric.

On top of that, the projects and measurements are available to be exported as files in format: TXT, DXF, JPG, XLS and PDF.

It is fair to note that to make full use of the potential of the Protractor function you will need to buy the Protractor Kit addon; also, for best results, the Curve Scanner needs to be used with the 3D addon (Ultra 3D adapter)




It is not easy to find tools built ruggedly and as premium as the MEAZOR 3D.

In fact, the unit is made of a combination of aluminum alloy, silicone, glass, ABS, polycarbonate and POM; which results in a well-constructed device that feels durable in the hands.

The main body has a structure made of aluminum with a top and bottom cover made of silicone and plastic – the wheel has a silicone rubberized finish.

The displays screen is protected by a tempered glass to withstand normal abuse and avoid to get cracked if dropped.

The Ultra 3D accessory can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted in a range of -30 to +30has a magnetic attachment system that snaps the MEAZOR 3D unit in place. Once in place, each rotational step will give a tactile notch feedback – the rotational movement can be done through the handle or using the rear 1.8 turning knob for better precision.

Among all the elements and accessories of the MEAZOR 3D, the only details that were more “fragile” were the built-in folding stand of the MEAZOR 3D and the fact that the Ultra 3D addon is mostly made of plastic.

Internally, the MEAZOR 3D is equipped with a 40m (131 ft) laser module and a 4096-grade angle sensor module. The MEAZOR 3D is rated to work safely at 50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C) and 0% to 90% humidity.




The MEAZOR 3D has a well-thought form factor to be ergonomic-friendly and ease-up the operation of the device on different setups and positions.

The combination of metal and rubberized sections with the curved ends, result in a natural grip and positioning on hand.

On top of that, all the navigation and input sections are easily reached by a single hand using the thumb and pinky finger.

The main touch screen can be reached with your thumb without losing grip of the unit while the 2 buttons on the bottom section of the top cover are also accessible with your thumb without feeling that you are uncomfortably stretching it.

The device has an internal vibration motor that gives a vibrating feedback on each wheel step and power on/off.

If we had to point out a weak point regarding its ergonomics, it would be that the wheel is very sensitive and maybe a bit too light which sometimes we rotated while taking measurements while not wanting to.




The detailed specs, ranges, accuracy and resolution of each mode of the MEAZOR 3D are:

Laser Distance
Range: 0.3ft-131ft (0.1m-40m)
Resolution: 0.04inch(1mm)
Accuracy: ±1/16in (±2mm)

Scale Rolling Ruler
Range: 0-300feets (0-99meters)
Resolution: 0.04inch(1mm)
Accuracy: ±1mm

Scales Measure
4 built-in modes with 57 scales

Floor Plan Scanning
Range: 0-184ft×184ft (33,856ft²)
or 56m×56m (3136m²)
Accuracy: ±1in (±25mm)

Curve Scanning
Range: Maximum Curve Length(start point-endpoint):
82feets (25 meters)
Resolution: Angle Resolution : 1.0°,
Length Resolution: 0.04inch(+-1mm)

Range: Dual axis ±90°
Resolution: 0.1°
Accuracy: ±0.2°at 0° ~45°. ±0.4° at other angles

Range: 0~360°
Resolution: 0.17°
Accuracy: ±0.3°at 0°~180°, ±0.4° at other angles

Pythagorean mode with triangle third-side and area calculation. Area mode with rectangular area calculation. Export drawing to apps

Support Units
mm, cm, m
in (decimal)
in (fractional)
feet, yard

Data Storage
200 built-in data




As any advanced tool with complex and powerful functions, the correct and full use of the potential given by the MEAZOR 3D will require some learning curve.

To ease up the process, the brand includes an intuitive quick-use manual and has, also, implemented a well-summarized introductory screen when entering each measurement mode. This intro screen will give users a fast and comprehensive insight of how the measurement mode screen is organized and how it works.

The MEAZOR 3D works seamlessly with the MEAZOR mobile app and connect between each other through a Bluetooth connection.

The wheel rotation and UI navigation is always controversial according to each users preference, so there is never a full consensus of which should be right. In the case of the MEAZOR 3D, clockwise rotation means move to the left and counterclockwise to the right.

To save battery the device has an auto-sleep (30 seconds) and auto-off timer (2 minutes); we were unable change the timers to anything different than what it comes by default but sometimes we found that the times were too short for tasks were we had to do some thinking between measurements.




The first test was obviously the startup times to know how much you will have to wait until you get the device ready to work or to restart it after it went on auto-power-off state; the results showed that the MEAZOR 3D booted and was fully operational in less than 2 seconds from a completely off state.

Taking multiple measurements was a breeze and a pleasing experience that required, simply, a touch to save each measurement and send it to the mobile app without having to halt the measurement workflow to reach a pen and paper to write down each measured section.

We started doing simple one-time measurements of wall to wall distances and then proceeded to do some multi-measurements of more complicated multi-dimension measurements with obstacles to account the needed cable lengths to equip a server room with both net and power cables. The project was buttery smooth to complete with auto-calculation and log of all measurements for later control and reference when purchasing all needed cabling.

Afterwards, we proceeded to use the planimetry of the offices using the Rolling Ruler and Scale Ruler to verify if the scale/rolling mode was accurate applying the scale of the planimetry and then confirming through live measurements of the office through the floor-planning and laser measurement modes. Once again, the MEAZOR 3D performed remarkably well giving precise and accurate measurements but we had to get used and be rigorous when using the blue LED indicators and light wheel rotation of the scale/rolling ruler mode – when being sloppy and not following the LED indicators in detail or oscillating while moving, the wheel could over-measure or under-measure.

Being that we used and completed the floor planning of the office on the latter test, we took advantage of the job done to export and conserve a digital planimetry of the office for any future remodeling of the space or to do some interior/architectural design previews before investing in new furniture.

Further tests of the pro-laser, area mode calculations, Pythagorean calcs, curve measurement and level were as accurate as all other tests done with always the smoother workflow and shorter time taken to complete the tasks – as with all other measurements the key for accurate result with the MEAZOR 3D was the user meticulousness while handling the tool and the correct use of each mode.

Every measurement was instantly sent to the MEAZOR mobile app appearing without any delay nor lag when using the MEAZOR 3D with both their Android and iOS app.

The app allowed further in-depth personalization of each measurement by creating independent projects, labeling projects and individual measurements, reorganizing, editing, calculating or erasing measurements. The MEAZOR 3D is also compatible with Roomle and Measure Square apps.

The Ultra 3D addon was easily tilted up and down and was a neat addition seeing that it had a popping stand that granted a 90 degree tilt. The addon ensured precise 360 degrees spinning measurements and even more when using the fine adjustment knob that is rated to provide 0.1 degree of adjustment – the only detail was that our spinner sometimes tended to slip when turning over the bubble level.

Overall, the MEAZOR 3D unleashed endless possibilities of measuring scenarios with excellent performance for both simple measurements or even more intricate multi-measuring projects at DIY or professional level.




Despite the small size, the MEAZOR 3D sports inside a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 650mAh that can provide a runtime of as much as 30 days in stand-by, 6 hours of continuous use (under normal situations) and 0.75 hours in intensive tasks at max power.

To charge the unit you can do it through the back USB port with a USB charger that is able to provide 5V 1A of current – charging takes 1.5hrs to 2hrs.

During all the tests enumerated in the Performance section plus all the time used to review the unit, the MEAZOR 3D battery withstand the usage without having to recharge it.


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MEAZOR 3D Technical Specifications

Laser Distance:
– Range: 0.3ft-131ft (0.1m-40m)
Accuracy: ±1/16in (±2mm) in ideal circumstances*
Floor Plan:
– Range: 184ft×184ft (33,856ft²) or 56m×56m (3136m²).
Accuracy: ±1/2in² (±25mm²) in ideal circumstances**
Scale: 4 built-in modes with 57 scales
Units: General: mm, cm, m, in (decimal), in (fractional), ft-in (decimal), ft-in (fractional), yard
+Scale: km, miles
Power: USB-C (Fast Charge Applicable), 30 days standby,6 hours in daily use
Storage: 200 built-in data with120MB Flash Drive
Operating temperature: 50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C)
Relative humidity: 0% to 90% non-condensing

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