Meross Smart Thermostat – Review

Meross Smart Thermostat
Meross Smart Thermostat

Meross Smart Thermostat

| Temperature Automation | WiFi | Apple Home, Alexa, Google Home |

Meross Smart Thermostat, a WiFi connected thermostat for automation of temperature related tasks.

Meross is a brand specialized in the manufacturing of smart accessories and gadgets that range from smart plugs, lights, switches up to sensors, hubs, alarms and doorbells.

With an ever expanding catalog of smart devices, the Meross Smart Thermostat joins their catalog as a friendly accessory to control appliances according to temperature parameters.

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Meross Smart Thermostat Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The Meross Smart Thermostat comes inside a fairly simple box with the unit inside and no further accessories.


Advanced Features

The Meross Smart Thermostat is a rich-featured thermostat with advanced features such as:

• Mobile app control
• Heating/cooling automation
• Advanced scheduling & programming
• Energy monitoring
• Remote access
• Voice control
•  Compatibility with Alexa, Google Home and Apple Home




The Meross Smart Thermostat is formed by 4 sections, a main console control unit with a display, a smart power outlet connection, a wall connector and the temperature sensor.

Both the main console and power outlet connection come with a hanging loop/hook, easing up the installation of both parts to any wall.

Besides the display screen, the main console is equipped with 3 physical buttons and reinforced cable connections.

Aesthetically, the thermostat has a clean, all white look with a backlit screen that allows to read the information displayed even at fully dark rooms.

The LCD display makes use of large and sharp fonts that are easy to see without having to get your nose up to the screen itself, while the physical buttons provide quick access and setting of the main basic settings of the device.

The thermostat’s sensor has a detachable cable connection with a cable length of 79 inches, thus facilitating the reach and positioning of the sensor in more complicated setups.

The power cable to the wall outlet has a length of 59 inches while the power output connector is significantly shorter at 10 inches.



Construction & Build

The Meross Smart Thermostat is mainly made of polycarbonate but, as usual with Meross devices, the quality of the building materials is rugged and durable.

The temperature sensor is fully waterproof and made of stainless steel. The robust sensor of the Meross can support and measure a whopping temperature range from -30°C to 110°C

On top of that, the device has a high current capacity of up to 3680W, 16A.



Operation & Control

The Meross Smart Thermostat can be controlled through the 3 physical buttons placed on the front of the main console section or you can use the Meross mobile app to use the full potential of the device.

To connect with the smart thermostat, the device pairs with the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet using your local/home WiFi connection. By some port opening controlled and configured completely automatically by the app, the Meross thermostat can be also accessed when you are outside of your home and connected to a different WiFi or mobile data plan.

Through the app you gain access to all the preferences and deeper advanced functions of the thermostat such as:

• Power on/off
• Temperature setting
• Alarm notifications – sending notifications when a set high and/or low temperature is exceeded
• Compressor delay – function tailored to protect the compressor of your fridge
• Frost protection – protecting against frosting in extremely low temperatures
• History of temperature
• Power usage
• Automation plan design
• Temperature control ranges
• Scheduling
• Creation or editing of temperature presets
• Setting of the differential value
• Timer

Moreover, the Meross Smart Thermostat has a log system that records all the temperature readings along time that can then be accessed through the app getting all the info by day, week or month and even exported to your email.

On top of that, the device is equipped with a power consumption/energy monitor that records in real-time the wattage used by the appliances connected to the power output connector of the unit – same as with the temperature readings, you can then access all then energy usage recorded information with the daily average kWh and total consumption per day, week, month, year and export the data to your email and even calculate your electricity bill (after you set your local cost of kWh.




The Meross Smart Thermostat can cover with ease temperature-related automation that can be used for home, work environments up to more professional-oriented production for distillery, greenhouse, breeding, etc.




We tested the Meross in many different scenarios to automate and optimize tasks over the office.

The first and simpler automation task was controlling the water temperature of the mini-aquarium in the office, programming the powering on/off cycle of the thermal-control system of the aquarium when the optimal range of temperature were reached.

As a second test, we used the Meross thermostat to control and automate the heating of one specific office room by controlling, through command voice with Alexa, the powering off/on of the electrical heating appliance and setting specific temperatures by simply ordering Alexa to do so.

Then, we proceeded to test the Meross with a smart automatization of the temperature of an attic that has a dedicated fan system for its thermal control. The attic is equipped with a “dumb” design that requires manual activation of the fans when the smart thermometers in the attic indicate a temperature above/below the desired ones; with the Meross Smart Thermostat we replaced the need of having to manually turn the fans on/off and control the temperature readings from time to time. The resulting setup provided reading of the temperatures and added the automatic powering on/off of the fans when the temperatures exceeded/reached the desired temperature ranges.

Afterwards, we used the Meross Smart Thermostat to keep an eye of the temperature of a home greenhouse and scheduling the automation of the fans + heating lights to turn on when the temperature decreases below the desired optimal for the greenhouse needs.

On all tested scenarios, the MEROSS responded with accurate temperature readings and never skipping any of the programmed automation tasks.

Furthermore, we tested if the Meross Smart Thermostat was truly accessible outside of the local WiFi connection when outside and connected to another WiFi network or using the phone with a data mobile plan; the thermostat has no issue being fully controlled also on a data mobile plan; seeing only marginally longer times to get an initial response from the device when compared to being connected to the local WiFi connection shared with the thermostat.

If we needed to point out any drawback; we would have loved if the device would also measure humidity.

The Meross Smart Thermostat has a design detail that might seem irrelevant but was a key feature for most of the automation settings that we wanted; this detail is the fact that the Meross thermostat has a power failure memory that will restore the thermostat to the last status when recovering from the loss of electricity. This function avoids the accidental or undesired off/on activation of the thermostat after a power failure.


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Meross Smart Thermostat