Minisopuru iMac Dock DS802 – Review

Minisopuru iMac Dock DS802
Minisopuru iMac Dock DS802

Minisopuru iMac Dock DS802

| USB Dock | NVME |

Minisopuru iMac Dock DS802, a multi-connector dock/hub from Minisopuru.

If you own an iMac you might wish to have a larger array of connections and ports, this Minisopuru dock can be a solution while preserving the general Apple look.

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Minisopuru iMac Dock DS802 Review

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The Minisopuru iMac Dock DS802 comes inside a simple box.

The unboxing of the packaging results in:

• 1x NVME thermal pad
• 1x screw driver
• Kit of fixing screws



The Minisopuru dock follows the same aesthetics and finish of your iMac for a clean and seamless integration, making it seem as coming from Apple directly from factory.

If considering the logo on the top base of the dock as the reference for orientation, then the cable can be said that exits through the back panel of the unit and all the I/O ports remain aligned on the right panel.

On the bottom left area of the ports panel, the dock is equipped with a small but bright white LED light that informs the status of the dock. When reading or writing I/O activities are happening, the LED light will blink.

The bottom of the dock/hub has a compartment for a NVME disk and 2 very large silicone rubberized strips/feet that do an excellent job keeping the dock in place.

Moreover, the dock comes in 5 different colors that match 5 of the 6 colors of current iMac models.

An odd detail that we were surprised to discover was that the SD card reader is inverted so your cards need to be inserted upside down – but the MicroSD card reader is not inverted.

Overall, this Minisopuru dock provides a seamless integration with an iMac, looking clean and smooth with the rest of your Mac environment and Apple’s ecosystem.

The Minisopuru could camouflage and make you even think that you are looking at a Mac Mini or an Apple TV (1st Gen) if you see it from a side.



The Minisopuru iMac Dock DS802 is a very solid product with a rugged all metal shell construction.

The cable shows the same Apple alike aesthetics and build with a thick girth, rubberized finish and reinforced end connectors.

Nonetheless, the cable is a bit stiff and could be borderline short depending on your configuration.

This dock has the exact dimension (13.4*15*2.15 cm) to fit in place the base of an iMac, while the raised up borders ensure that your Mac will not fall of the edges.

The dock was finely crafted and designed for a modern iMac 24″ M3 but the size, design and form factor makes it also a perfect match with different iMac variants and even with MiniPcs.



The Minisopuru iMac Dock DS802 offers in total 8 connectors/ports that are all clearly labeled.

The specific ports available are::

• USB-C male for PC/Mac connection
• 1 x NVME SSD disk connection
• 1 x USB C 3.2 Gen2 10Gbps
• 1 x USB A 3.2 10Gbps
• 2 x USB A 2.0 480Mbps
• SD card reader (UHS-I 150MB/S)
• MicoSD card reader (UHS-I 150MB/S)

The wide variety of connectivity options enables the possibility to expand the peripherals and disks connectable to your iMac, where you could use the USB 2.0 ports for mouse/keyboards, printers or devices that do not need/benefit from faster USB 3.2 speeds.

With the fast 10 GBps USB ports and NVME connection you could easily build up a multi-external disk setup while reaching up to 1000 MB/s.



Powering the inner guts of the Minisopuru iMac Dock DS802 there is a Realtek RTL9210B-CG Disk device; the device is fully driverless so you will not need to search, download nor install any specific drivers besides what is automatically recognized by your computer.

It is important that you plug the dock to a port that is capable of feeding the device in both speed and power or your power-hungry ports might not work as intended or even have enough amperage to power the NVME drive.

Throughout our test, we got far below read/write speeds for the NVME disks tested. A 2800MB/s r/w Kingston NVME was reaching only 413MB/s read and 369MB/s write speeds on first tests right out of the box but we were able to boost it to 931MB/s read and 830MB/s write if we forced activated Removal Policy to “Better Performance” and activated Write-Caching Policy – to be fair the brand is not clearly explicit about the NVME speed specs but does name several times a general 10Gbps max speed for the USB ports of the hub; therefore, our last results would be perfectly inline with a 10Gbps speed capacity.

It is worth noting that a thermal pad is included to improve and reduce overheating issues of the NVME but there is no active cooling nor fan inside, so you might want to weight this before matching it with a notoriously hot NVME drive. During the review, the bottom of the unit did not become alarmingly hot and the rest of the device always showed a normal operating temperature.

Further tests of the ports speeds did show that the SD card reader rated at 150MB/S was able to provide the promise speeds while, also, connecting slower 100MB/s microSD cards was neither a problem for the dock.

The “slower” USB 2.0 connectors also were able to fall within the rated 480Mb/s while we also did not find any compatibility issues with peripherals connected with the dock.

Still, while testing all different variants of the available ports/connectors from the dock we noticed that the USB-C connector will not conserve the Video&Data capabilities of the original USB-C port from your computer.

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Minisopuru iMac Dock DS802 Technical Specifications

Specifications for Minisopuru iMac Dock DS802
Model number: DS802
• Dimension13.4*15*2.15 cm
• USB C 3.2 GEN2*1 & 10Gbps 3A MAX
• 1 x USB C 3.2 Gen2 10Gbps, 1 x USB A 3.2 10Gbps, 2 x USB A 2.0 480Mbps, SD/TF card reader (UHS-I 150MB/S), 1 x M.2 NVMe SSD port
• Product working temperature Room Temperature: 25℃ Full Load: lower than 49℃
• Some NVMe SSDs compatible Samsung 980 Pro, Samsung 970 EVO; Western Digital Black SN850, Western Digital Black SN750, Western; Digital Blue SN550; Acer FA100; Crucial P2; Intel 670P Series; Siliconmotion SM2263XT, etc.
• Some M.2 SATA SSDs compatible (Max support 2TB),Samsung 860 EVO, Samsung 850 EVO; Western Digital Green, Western Digital Blue; Kingston UV500, Kingston A400; Adata SU800,etc.
Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 5.9 x 1.2 inches

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Minisopuru iMac Dock DS802