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NeoRuler, an unique digital ruler by HOZO Design.

The NeoRuler is a modular digital scale ruler that can be “upgraded” to also work as a digital caliper with the premium combo kit.

HOZO Design is a young company with innovative measurement tools using the latest tech, making their tools smarter and more versatile than others.

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NeoRuler Review

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The NeoRuler is sold as a scale alone or as a full package with the caliper kit – we are reviewing the full premium combo kit.

With this full combo of the NeoRuler you will get:

• NeoCaliper conversion kit
• Leather case
• NeoDrafting 1.2mm pen holder
• NeoDrafting 0.8mm pen holder
• NeoReading NeoMagnifier
• NeoReading NeoPointer
• USB cable




The NeoRuler has a modern design with a grey and silver finish.

The top of the device has 3 navigation buttons on the right corner and a display on the left corner.

The active measuring scale of the NeoRuler has a full LED strip that illuminates to indicate the measured distance or to represent the custom scales.

With the NeoCaliper kit, the NeoRuler converts into a fully-fledged caliper but inheriting advanced features and power of the core of the NeoRuler. The NeoCaliper has 3 knobs, a lock screw for the jaws that can either adjust the tension or fully lock the jaws, a thumb screw knob to move the scale with precision and a top end jaw stop knob that keeps the upper jaw in place and can be unscrewed to remove part of the NeoCaliper kit to reconvert it into the classic NeoRuler.

Aesthetically, the NeoRuler looks like a serious tool meant for professional work, yet with a stylish premium flavor – even more with the NeoCaliper kit in place.

The NeoCaliper conversion process has a design flaw that we find important to highlight, when removing the top end of the device to place the top caliper jaw you have to be very careful to not pop out the “scale pointer”; if it pops out you will get internal assembly limiters, springs and pieces flying around and you can potentially make your NeoRuler non-operational unless you know how to assemble it back again.

The NeoRuler is heavier and larger than a classic ruler and caliper which will probably not make it the smartest choice for construction work while working on a ladder on a balcony but makes it perfectly manageable for architects, engineers and any desktop environment.

The standard edition of the NeoRuler weight 184 grams while with the NeoCaliper kit it goes up to 290 grams. The dimensions of the NeoRuler alone and with the caliper kit are larger than standard rulers and calipers but still fall within a manageable size – the exact sizes are 330mmx43mm for the ruler and 345mmx88mm with the caliper kit.




Unlike a typical caliper, the NeoRuler has a color LCD with a resolution of 240×134 and 240 PPI.

The screen has a diagonal size of 1.14″; which might seem a bit small on paper but on-hand has an useful size with a UI that makes a smart use of the size/resolution of the display to provide all the necessary information without becoming neither overwhelming nor lacking details.

Through the mobile app you can customize the color theme of the display to better adjust to your preference.





If you want to make the most out of the NeoRuler, you should definitely buy the NeoCaliper kit.

The device allows users to do all sort of advanced measurement-related tasks that can include unit conversions, custom scale measurements and quick space divider with scales – the NeoRuler supports unit conversions including: mm, cm, m, inch, feet, yard, mile, km.

With the NeoRuler you will be able to access 93 built-in scale conversions (52 US standard scales and 41 metric scales) with a minimum calculated scale of 100,000:1 and a maximum calculated scale of 1:100,000 (accuracy ±0.004 inch/±0.1mm) or to freely set any customized scale within the aforementioned ranges.

With and without the NeoCliper addon equipped, you can use the NeoRuler as a dedicated smart ruler or smart caliper with all the scale and unit conversions and combine its capabilities with the included accessories to adapt to the specific project. The NeoDrafting accessories serve to trace precise measurement lines with a pen hold in place thanks to the addon. The NeoReading kit allows precise readings over measured floorplans or drafts with either an open pointer of the NeoPointer or with an enclosed magnified addon of the NeoMagnifier.

With the space divider function users can divide the scale from 2 up to 12 equal sections and have the blue LEDs to indicate the scaled dividers.

On top of that, as the device has a built-in Bluetooth chip, it can be paired with the MEAZOR mobile app to send all measurements to the app, create measurement projects as either data lists, measurements over photos, a draw mode or create floorplans – the app has the possibility to create projects in 2D or 3D and also allows to export the projects in several file formats: JPG, XLS, PDF or DXF.




The NeoRuler is certainly a rugged tool with hefty metal construction and most elements well put together.

As a matter of fact, the NeoRuler makes use of high-quality construction elements such as a 316 steel & aluminum frame, stainless steel blade, polycarbonate, POM and rubberized bottom.

Internally, the device is powered by an ARM Cortex-M4 MCU, 4096 magnetic encoder for a snappy and precise workflow.

From a durability point of view, the only weak detail could be the flex cable that goes back and forth inside the unit, which could eventually get damaged.




Paired with the mobile app, the NeoRuler became a highly useful measurement companion which allowed us to do several real-life tests and measurements that included a floorplan measurement using the scales function and measuring objects over photos.

We used NeoRuler with the NeoCaliper with its photo function to get the dimensions of some sections of a mechanical numpad and then used the same feature to measure a 3D resin print – all measurements were taken in a 1:1 scale and using cm for the first test and inches for the second test. The NeoRuler with the NeoCaliper kit was a nice tool to complete the task and have a live log of the measurements over the real photos, allowing the storage of the info, access and re-use whenever needed by simply opening the saved project on the app or exporting the project as a PDF file.

When we ran the NeoRuler through the measurement of a floorplan we used the scale function creating the correct measured scale that represented the real-life size at 1:35.97 scale. Instead of creating a floorplan project from zero, we imported our digitalized floorplan of one of our rooms and proceeded to take measurements directly from our original printed copy over 2 of the outer walls, the entrance door and the window’s size; getting the scaled real-life true lengths converted by the NeoRuler and MEAZOR app. The whole project was fairly easy to complete where the measurements and all dimensions corresponded to the original sizes with excellent accuracy.

We then went back to use the device as a ruler, making use of the space divider function through the light indicators over the main scale graduation and set the scale so each lit blue bar over the scale represented 0.5 meters. The 0.5 meter per lit bar served to have quick metric representations to draw a scaled draft plan of a woodworking DIY project of a large 4mx0.5m multi shelves system.

If you are going to use the mobile app and all of its functions you might be better using a phone or tablet with a pen to have better precision, as it gets a bit difficult to control and edit each measurement spot with your fingers.

A detail we noticed was that many times we had to remember the function of each of the 3 physical buttons on the NeoRuler to know which was the back, enter or navigation one as the shape of the buttons resemble a Stop, Record and Play button from an audio device more than the navigation UI of a smartphone.




Internally, the NeoRuler is powered by a 1000mAh rechargeable Li-on battery that can last from 12 hours up to 14 days according to the use.


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