ProScreenCast SC01 – Review

ProScreenCast SC01


ProScreenCast SC01

| Wireless Display Adapter | 4K | 60Hz | HDR |

We are reviewing the ProScreenCast SC01, a wireless display adapter with fair price and wide compatibility.

ProScreenCast SC01 Review

Tests & Scores


Advanced Features

The ProScreenCast SC01 includes advanced features such as:

• 4K
• 60Hz
• OTA firmware upgrades


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Accessories & Packaging

With the ProScreenCast SC01 you will receive all the basic accessories needed to power and run the wireless adapter, including: 1x HDMI cable and 1x USB-C cable for power.




The ProScreenCast SC01 has a slim design with a black finish and rounded edges.

The device has a basic composition where you will find 2 ports on the back edge and 1 single button on one edge of the top case.

On top of that, the whole device ventilation holes across all the edges.

On the bottom, you will find 4 additional grids for vents and 4 curved rubber feet to avoid any slippery issues on a desktop surface.

The ProScreenCast SC01 measures:7 2mm x 72mm x 17mm.



Operation & Control

This wireless display adapter is basically controlled through you OS and mobile device when choosing to cast or stream your monitor, but in addition to this, the physical button placed on the top section of the adapter acts as a rotation/screen orientation controller – it is just a pity that the brand did not enable any customization for the button to allow users to change the default function to something else.




It is fair to award to the ProScreenCast SC01 the variety offered for its wireless casting connection compatibility.

In fact, the adapter can work with MacOS, iOS mobile devices, Chrome OS, Android and Windows without issues.

This is thanks to the fact that the wireless adapter is fully compatible with Miracast, AirPlay, DLNA – also it can connect either on 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless connections.




Testing the performance through Airplay, Miracast and DLNA, the ProScreenCast SC01 showed respectable response time with excellent lag control when using Airplay with Apple, very usable with acceptable lag on Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices and a more noticeable lag on Android casting devices.

On a more critic point of view, using it with an iPad, the workflow and usability was not affected by any lag present with the ProScreenCast. With Windows 10 and 11 on a stable and fast net connection, the device performed also very well for non-critical use like office work or tasks were pinpoint precision and zero lag is wanted.

Will you notice a performance difference a deterioration between running 4K 60p natively vs through the ProScreenCast? Yes, mostly in lag, precision and seeing fairly often mouse pointer hiccups and, from time to time, input delay when using for office work.

Gaming: racing games will not suffer from notable lag input nor casting but some rare hiccups might happen some less often times, mostly you might notice compression visual artifacts on more static and semi static graphics.

Fighting / Arcade: most if not all the cons seeing on all other sections were barely noticeable and never disturbing

FPS and competitive gaming: no one would ever replace native display connection for any wireless display or casting/streaming dongle; the loss of milliseconds in visual response and consequently an effect on input-related will never make it a smart choice for this kind of use.

  • Video and multimedia 4
  • Office-Work 3
  • Gaming 3.25
  • Racing 3.75
  • Fighting / Arcade 4
  • FPS 3
  • Competitive gaming 2
  • Media Streaming – TV 4


An instant and snappy casting was achieved with Apple devices, Windows PCs were also quite straightforward and quick to connect and start casting to the ScreenProCast SC01 while Android devices were slightly behind in the connecting and streaming process.

Video and multimediaOffice-WorkGamingMedia Streaming – TV

Overall General Use Performance



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Scores Scores

ProScreenCast SC01 Scores

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ProScreenCast SC01 Technical Specifications

ProScreenCast SC01

  • WiFi Dual Band 2.4G/5G
  • Bluetooth No
  • 4K Yes
  • 60Hz Yes
  • HDR Yes
  • Miracast Yes
  • AirPlay Yes
  • DLNA Yes

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ProScreenCast SC01