SKYLOONG GK104Pro – Review



| Mechanical Keyboard | 100% | Hot-Swappable | Wireless/Wired | 8K Polling Rate | Gasket-mounted | South-facing |

SKYLOONG GK104Pro, a very special full-sized mechanical keyboard from SKYLOONG.

The SKYLOONG GK104Pro is the newest model from the brand, joining the GK series and more specifically on the PRO sub-series.

As a side note, there are usually 2 names found for the keyboard but they are exactly the same one; you might find the model named as:

• Skyloong GK104 PRO

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SKYLOONG GK104Pro Review

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The SKYLOONG GK104Pro comes in the same simple packaging box as seen on other Skyloong keyboards that we have reviewed (SKYLOONG GK87Pro, SKYLOONG GK61 PRO, SKYLOONG GK87 PRO Lite).

Inside you will get a large amount of accessories:

• Keyboard cover
• Keycap/Switch Puller
• USB-C Cable
• 8x Additional Switches
• 41x Replacement Keycaps
• USB Adapter
• Stabilizer for single spacebar
• Allen key



The SKYLOONG GK104Pro is a 96 keys keyboard with a 100% layout and 3 knobs (6 knobs can be equipped)

The keyboard comes with a ANSI layout but the brand includes all the keycaps necessary to transform it into a ISO layout, if you prefer ISO over ANSI.

Most probably you have already noticed that this keyboard has not 1 but 2 displays screens; on over the arrow keys (occupying the space of 6 keys/switches) and another one with an elongated and shorted design above the numpad section – more about the displays in the DISPLAY SCREEN section below.

The case of the keyboard has an all-black finish (non-translucid nor frosted) and a printed back plate on the bottom of the case – on the bottom you will also find a 2-step adjustable feet to accommodate to the ergonomics preference of each user.

The SKYLOONG GK104Pro is available in 5 different colors:

• SKYLOONG GK104Pro lava
• SKYLOONG GK104Pro twilight
• SKYLOONG GK104Pro peach
• SKYLOONG GK104Pro red white gray
• SKYLOONG GK104Pro TiGray

We find important to highlight that the color of the case, type of keycaps and overall aesthetics of the keyboard will be very different according to the color chosen.
The color that we are reviewing is the SKYLOONG GK104Pro TiGray.



As we mentioned in the DESIGN section, the SKYLOONG GK104Pro includes 2 display screens; the “main one” is a 2″ color screen with a hot-swappable design and the secondary one is a 2-color screen dedicated to status info and a special built-in calculator feature.

The main display (2 inches color screen) has a resolution of 320×240 and can either show an info screen with time, date, battery charge, connection mode, caps lock, scroll lock, Win lock or used to showcase animated GIFs (or static photos) – the screen also includes an APS curve graph that measures in real-time the APS, APM and keys number.

To access the calculator feature, the keyboard has a dedicated switch on the right edge; when the switch is turned on, the numpad and secondary display screen work as a calculator for fast and simple calculations.

When the switch is turned off, the numpad becomes available once again as a normal numpad function and the screen displays the time and battery charge – in either mode, the screen also informs the connection mode, Win/Mac, Num lock, Win lock, Caps lock.

The calculator has a speaker for sound keypress feedback and also a voice reading of each key press. There are several noise packs to select, some a bit tacky (or call it fun) – our preference is to switch the sound feedback completely off.




The case of the SKYLOONG GK104Pro is made of ABS adding sufficient ruggedness without making the overall weight to be excessively high.

Internally, the keyboard is equipped with quality components such as Gateron stabilizers and a top-gasket design that includes also plenty of dampening layers (switch PE foam, 2x Poron pads, , sound absorbing bottom foam,)

Furthermore, the brand has stepped up the game by designing the SKYLOONG GK104Pro with an internal rechargeable battery that can be accessed and replaced by simply removing the backplate of the keyboard – this is a feature that all brands should adopt.



The specific variant of the SKYLOONG GK104Pro that we are reviewing is equipped with shine-through, side-lit, PBT double shot keycaps from Skyloong.

The keycaps have a special design that make them fully visible when the RGB backlight are turned on, with fonts placed on the front face of the keycap instead of the top layer; this makes the keyboard look unique in comparison with other “standard” keycaps; yet this is not the first time that we review a keyboard with this keycaps designed (see also the reviews of the Keydous NJ98 and MCHOSE K99)

It is fair to highlight that this style of shine-through keycaps come only on the TiGray and Lava variants.

Build-wise, the keycaps have a pleasantly grainy finish that is subtle but defined.

As on all other Skyloong keyboards reviewed, the knobs are well-constructed with a full metal body and offer excellent rotational movement with a per-step notch with tactile but silent feedback.



From factory, the SKYLOONG GK104Pro can be chosen with 3 different mechanical switches.

All the switches options are special models from KTT custom-designed for SKYLOONG.

The switches include 2 linear type and a tactile one:
• KTT Rose Pink (linear)
• KTT Rose Silver (speed linear) – we tested them on the review of the SKYLOONG GK87 PRO Lite
• KTT Rose Sea Blue (tactile)

The model that we are reviewing came with KTT Rose Sea Blue switches, which are tactile; if you like tactile switches you will be glad to know that the tactility of these switches is better defined than all-time popular ones like Cherry Brown tactile switches.



The SKYLOONG GK104Pro can be used wired and wirelessly; wired it works through a detachable USB-C cable that offers a whopping polling rate of 8000Hz.

Wirelessly, users can set the keyboard to work with its Bluetooth connectivity or with the high-performance 2.4G wireless tech and dongle that can reach up to 1000Hz of polling rate – the dongle in hidden in a storage compartment below a removable magnetic cover found over the USB and switch mode area.

To select the connection mode, you have to access a switch placed on the rear, right edge of the case.



Keyboards from other brands will have a tough job trying to match the level of customization that the SKYLOONG GK104Pro offers, as it comes from factory with 3 programmable knobs but it can be “upgraded” by fitting 6 knobs in total; the knobs have 3 independent functions (rotate clockwise, counterclockwise and press) – all the knobs and functions can be customized and programmed through software.

On top of that, the 2″ display screen can be hot-swapped with 6 keys/switches and the split spacebar can be replaced with a single spacebar (key and stabs included with the keyboard)

Of course, the SKYLOONG GK104Pro has a hot-swappable board compatible with mechanical switches and is enabled to support full per-key customization, programming and macros.

We were glad to find out that unlike with other models reviewed, the SKYLOONG GK104Pro has on-board memory, so all your custom programming and layouts will be saved in the keyboard without the need of any software booting and running as a background task to apply and conserve the customizations.




The quality keycaps, switches and ease of use of knobs made the SKYLOONG GK104Pro a highly enjoyable and comfortable keyboard to use for everyday tasks and as a daily driver.


The SKYLOONG GK104Pro might more like a productivity keyboard but it is actually a highly competitive gaming keyboard too thanks to specs and features like:
• 8000Hz polling rate (wired)
• 1000Hz 2.4G wireless
• Hot-swappable
• Split spacebar
• Dual screens
• Multi-knobs


With a 100% layout with up to 6 knobs, 2 display screens and a built-in calculator, the SKYLOONG GK104Pro is a productivity/office keyboard monster that can dethrone any other competitor.

The multiple knobs has the potential to create custom layers for specific graphics/photo/video software like Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere; allowing quick access to functions like adjustment controls, zoom, timeline navigation, etc.

In fact, one of our editors decided to replace his mainstream productivity keyboard (Keydous NJ98-CP) with the SKYLOONG GK104Pro.


Being a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard and having plenty of keys, functions and programming possibility, the SKYLOONG can be a companion of mobile users but the size and weight might not make it the wisest choice for portability.



The board has south-facing RGB lights that do a perfect job illuminating the side-lit, shine-through keycaps and overall positioning plate underneath the top cover.

The keyboard also includes a built-in mic that combined with the appropriate dynamic lighting presets, will make the RGB lights react to the noises/sounds/music.



The SKYLOONG GK104Pro variant with SKYLOONG tactile switches, can be defined as a clacky keyboard with a clean and classic clack sound from mechanical keyboards.

The split spacebar and other keys that are supported by stabilizers presented a more deeper and thocky nature while the pre-lubed stabs and switches operated with no undesired noises, pinging nor rattling.



As seen on other SKYLOONG keyboards with display screens, the SKYLOONG GK104Pro uses one software for the programming of the keyboard and a second one dedicated to edit, design the display’s GIF/photos.



With 2 large screens to be fed and the neat backlit/keycaps combo needed a larger battery than average. Indeed, Skyloong decided to include a beefy 8000mAh battery inside the GK104 PRO.

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