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⌚ SOUNDPEATS Watch 2, the latest generation of SoundPeats smartwatches.

The SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 is the newest model from the brand following the SOUNDPEATS Watch 1 and the SOUNDPEATS Watch Pro 1, inheriting many of the features that made the previous models stand out and incorporating better and newer options.

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SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 Review

Tests & Scores


Advanced Features

The SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 features include advanced options such as:

• Acceleration sensor
• Heart rate sensor
• IP68 waterproof rating
• Bluetooth v5.1
• Vibrating motor
• OTA firmware upgrade



SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 weight in Ounces and SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 weight in grams.

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Accessories & Packaging

The SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 unboxing results in a charging cable and the user manual – no further accessories are included.

Everything comes in a rectangular box with some protective foam inside.




The SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 has a classic watch design with a thin profile and a round form factor.

The watch offers a classy and elegant aesthetics combining a space gray and black finish throughout the whole body and band.

The clean design and finish can fit both formal or sporty usage.

Looking at the bottom of the main unit, users will see the heart rate sensor and the bi-pin connectors for charging.

The watch weights barely 38 grams and measures 45.7×42.6×11.6mm.



Operation & Control

The SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 has 1 single physical button and a touch sensitive screen.

The single button can be used to turn On/Off the device, turn On/Off the screen and to go back in the menus.

In addition to this, the full control of the watch can be done through the touch screen by single touches and/or swipe gestures.



Battery Life

The SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 is equipped with a 220 mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery that can provide up to 7 days of battery life on a single charge.

While extensively testing the battery life, our editor’s found that the rated 7-day battery life is easily met by the SOUNDPEATS Watch 2, even with the heart rate sensor activated 24/7.

Charging: To charge the SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 users need to use the bundled charging cable and plug it to a compatible USB charger. The charging system uses a bi-pin connector that magnetically snaps.


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Construction & Build

The SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 has an unexpectedly superb build despite the cheap price.

The unit has an aluminum body with a rugged and quality feel while the wristband is made of silicone. The wrist strap can be adjusted in 13 steps and can be replaced with any compatible custom wristband available in the market.

Moreover, the brand has added a quick release system for the wrist strap, making it extremely easy to replace by any user.

The SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 has a IP68 waterproof rating and a certified safe usage rating for swimming activities.




The SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 offers a several smart functions that can be used when paired with a smartphone and in standalone mode.

The SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 functions include:

• Caller ID
• SMS notifications
• Instant message display
• Push notification for any app
• Vibrating alerts
• “Lift wrist to view”
• Step counting
• Calories burned
• Stopwatch
• Alarms
• Reminders
• Breath training
• Weather forecast
• Heart rate measuring (manually or continuous monitor)
• SpO2 measurement
• Sleep monitoring
• 12 sports activity modes
• 40 Custom Dials download and creation
• Music control
• Volume control




The SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 has a high definition screen with a size of 1.28 inches.

The screen offers a resolution of 240×240; this corresponds to over 250 PPI which is more than a 4K 32” TV.

Moreover, the screen of the SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 provides an excellent size/resolution ratio that allows plenty of space for multiple information displayed on a single screen while preserving a clear and readable vision.

In addition to this, the panel has phenomenally deep blacks, popping saturated colors with very good contrast.

The brand allows the watch to access more than 40 extra dials besides the bundled originally, which are downloaded through the phone app.


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The SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 has a single connector on the back of the device, this is used to charge the watch by magnetically snapping the charging cable.

Unfortunately, magnetic system will not be as secure nor stable as other smartwatches and smartbands that offer a docking system.


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With a slim profile, quality build materials and a smooth form factor, the SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 is a true joy to wear for the whole day.

Additionally, the smart choice of choosing a silicone strap makes the fit gentle to the skin while offering excellent support, no slippery issues and durable material.

With 13 adjustable positions, the strap can adapt to any wrist’s sizes from kids to larger than average adult’s wrists.

Tightening of the band should not be too loose nor too tight, in order to provide a more accurate measurement of the sensors.




Throughout our testings, the SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 showed a snappy performance with extremely fast boot and reboot times.

In the past, many of the smartwatches that we have reviewed had some issues with the responsiveness of the “Lift to view screen” function, were we found having to press the physical buttons to activate the screen. Contrary to most other tested watches, the SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 always had a very reactive “Lift to view screen” even with naturally smooth raises – overall, the watch showed neither an excess nor a lack of responsiveness to the function.

With a modern Bluetooth v5.1, the watch showed a pristinely stable connection with the smartphone, never missing a notification nor loosing pairing with the phone.

Moreover, controlling music playback by both skipping tracks or controlling volume was nearly instant.

In addition to this, the physical button never misfired nor missed any press while the touch screen provided a good touch sensitivity and acceptable lag at rare occasions.

We would had liked to see the message function and music control to be part of the home screen shortcuts, instead of having only sports-related shortcuts – accessing unseen messages requires to navigate through the submenus with a couple of click and touches.

Both the heart rate and SpO2 sensors readings might not be medically accurate but fell within the standards of most of the Android SmartWatch-Phones that we have reviewed.


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