TOZO S5 Smartwatch – Review


TOZO S5 Smartwatch

| Watch | Bluetooth | Waterproof | Multi-Touch | AMOLED |

We are reviewing the TOZO S5, the latest and newest smartwatch from TOZO.

We have reviewed several products from TOZO and also other older models of smartwatches from the brand and they all have in common a well-balanced combo of affordable prices and good performance.

If you happen to find another watch from TOZO named TOZO AcuFit GT, do not worry, they are the same model.

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TOZO S5 Smartwatch Review

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Accessories & Packaging

The TOZO S5 comes inside a small but well-protected box that contains inside the watch and the charging cable.




Unlike the older models from TOZO, the new TOZO S5 now has a rounded design with a classic style.

The watch can be purchased with different type of wristbands from factory, yet the one that we are reviewing is the model with the silicone strap.

In any case, the wristbands have an easy detachable design so you can upgrade/change them at any given moment.

Aesthetically, we could safely say that this is the most premium and classy looking model of all TOZO smartwatches so far with a dark space grey finish over most of the body of the watch.

If you turn around the watch you will see the health sensors and the 2-pin charging connection.




Operation & Control

In total, the watch has 2 physical; a top one with a knob style protruding shape and a flat elongated one.

Each button has different functions that add up to the touch inputs and gestures to fully control the device and navigate through the menus.

Despite that the top button has a knob form factor and even rotates, the rotational movement does not provide any function nor input.




Battery Life

The TOZO S5 has a 300mAh internal battery, which spec-wise is substantially smaller than what you can find on Android smartwatches/phones but as this is not an Android phone it also consumes less power to operate.

The brand promises 7 to 10 days of normal use on a single charge, which is fairly good for a budget watch with a big display.

Unfortunately, the brand is still preserving the 2-pin charging cable system that it easily tends to disconnect.


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Construction & Build

The watch feels substantially better build than many other competitors at the same price, as the brand has opted for metal for the construction of the main watch frame and body and ditching the plastic materials used on previous versions.

On top of that the buttons feel well assembled without wobble and offering a clicky tactile feedback each time they are pressed.





The watch can be paired with the mobile app and can even be used to take and make Bluetooth calls with audio directly from the watch itself without having to reach your smartphone.

The typical functions and apps of most modern smartwatches are fully covered by the TOZO S5, including:

○ Apps notifications
○ SMS notifications
○ Call notifications
○ Contacts
○ Fitness apps
○ Health sensors
○ Weather forecast
○ Timers
○ Alarms
○ Music control

Step counting, calories burnt, heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep tracking, sedentary reminders, etc, are all functions that the watch also includes natively.




The TOZO S5 has very nice AMOLED screen with a generous size of 1.43 inches.

The display is not only big but it is also nice looking thanks to the AMOLED tech used on the panel and 326PPI with a resolution of 466×466.

The screen is pleasing to look at while reading large and small fonts requires no effort as they are always legible and sharp.

Colors and angle of views are very well handled while contrast and saturation make any icon and design pop in the AMOLED screen of the TOZO S5.

It is fair to note that the dials of the screen can be personalized by downloading designs from the app but there are not as many different options as seen on other watches that we have reviewed, yet all of them are free of charge.


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Due to the metal construction, the TOZO S5 is heavier than the older plastic models from the brand, yet the secure wristband aids to keep the watch in place and relieving stress over time.


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TOZO S5 Smartwatch Scores

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TOZO S5 Smartwatch