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VEIKK VK1560 PRO Pen Display

| 1080p | 15.6″ | Pen Display | 92% NTSC |

VEIKK VK1560 PRO, a pro-spec’d pen display with an entry-level retail price.

VEIKK is a brand exclusively specialized in graphic tablets and pen displays which has developed quite an extensive catalog of both products; the VEIKK VK1560 PRO is part of their higher-tier models along the VK2200, part of their “Studio series” pen displays and the second generation of the VK1560 models. The full name of the VK1560Pro is VEIKK Studio VK1560Pro but during our review we might refer to it as VEIKK VK1560 PRO.

VEIKK is offering a professional-grade pen display for the price of mainstream branded models that are nearer to a toy than to a professional tool for graphic artists, during our review we will find out if the VK1560 PRO is able to keep up to the pro status that is offering on paper.

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VEIKK VK1560 PRO Review

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The device comes well packed in a large box with thick foam protections both for the pen display and the accessories.

Inside you will get:

• 1 x VK1560Pro Pen display
• 1 x Display Stand
• 1 x USB Cable
• 1 x HDMI Cable
• 1 x Power Cable
• 1 x Power Adapter
• 2 x P03 Battery-free Pens
• 1 x Hard Pen Case
• 1x Soft Pen pouch
• 2 x Detachable Pen Holders
• 1 x Pen Stand
• 10 x Pen Nibs
• 1x Nib Extractor
• 1x Drawing Glove
• 1x Cleaning Cloth
• 1x Quick Guide

Usually, our reviews do not focus on the accessories but VEIKK deserves an honorable mention for the amount and quality of accessories being bundled for free with the VK1560 PRO.

Among them you will see that you get 2 pens instead of just 1 and, even better, you will receive a full-fledged stand with a solid metal base structure that can be tilted freely from 15° to 85° – a quality of stand that most competitors would sell you as an extra accessory.



The pen display has a classic pro design with 8 express key buttons and a wheel; all of them reprogrammable through software. These buttons have a nice tactile feedback and a pleasant touch feel due to a rubberized finish; while the wheel offers an infinite rotational move clock and counterclockwise with a silent clicky tactile feedback on each step.

The unit itself is mainly made of plastic but it does not feel cheap nor flimsy; in fact, from the top and bottom casing connection you can see that the brand is using a respectable thickness for the housing’s plastics.

In addition to this, the pen displays has 4 very large silicone strip feet all across the bottom of the unit; these provide an extremely efficient system to keep the device in place when used flat on your desktop.

The dimensions of the VEIKK VK1560 PRO are 450 x 240 x 18mm, which in person looks slim and not chunky thick.

The excellent stand bundled with the pen display has a sturdy build and a fluid tilt control with a pull & re-adjust system. The device was securely placed on the stand with no instability problems and being able to handle the pressure from your hand/pen without moving.

Moreover, the feet of the stand have a textured, rubberized finish that kept the unit always in place and never sliding both over desk/mouse mats and over bare desktops with a slippery finish.



The VEIKK VK1560PRO, as the name suggests, has a 15.6″ IPS screen.

With a resolution of 1080p running at 60Hz and nearly 16″ of screen size, the VK1560 PRO offers a very good balance of size:resolution to become a handy professional tool without compromising usability for a wide range of graphic-related fields.

The 178 degrees of visibility and it’s 140+ PPI, showed a sharp definition for both fonts and graphic details while exhibiting no contrast loss nor color distortion (neither negativization of colors) at extreme viewing angles.

On top of that, the full lamination presents a seamless integration and feel of the screen with the rest of the device, while the pre-applied anti-glare / non-reflective film proved to be very proficient keeping glare under control – unlike standard glass and non-laminated screens.

Like many other pen displays on the market, the VK1560 PRO uses most of the area of the unit for the display but it does not go bezel-less; thus, the actual size of the unit becomes effectively larger than the 15.6″ inches of the screen itself.

On the other hand, the display with a brightness of up to 250 cd/m2 allows it to combat the ambient light of your work environment; even making it usable during shiny summer days.

Moreover, the display has a vast gamut coverage of 92% NTSC & 120% sRGB, presenting smooth color transitions, excellent contrast and saturation.



VEIKK includes 2 pens with the VK1560 PRO, the specific model of the pen is VEIKK PO3. This model is a passive pen that does not need batteries to work due to the EMR internal tech.

The battery-free design makes the pen significantly light-weighted, yet the ergonomic and rubberized finish makes it feel secure and stable in-hand while keeping a low fatigue after long working sessions.

The PO3 pen is capable of offering 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and a tilt response up to 60 degrees.

The unit has 2 reprogrammable buttons near the tip and replaceable nibs with an easy to replace front with a screw/unscrew section to access the nib.

Each pen has a holder for them, either the rigid plastic case or the softer fabric one; also, a pen holder attachment can be connected to the edge of the display.

Regarding the wheel, it can feel slightly too easy to rotate at times, where we found ourselves mistakenly rotating a bit the wheel when not intending to.



This VEIKK pen display uses 2 connectors on the unit’s right edge and 3 connectors on the input sources.

These connectors are one micro-HDMI plus a micro-USB (no USB-C here) on the pen display, one HDMI for your PC and 2 USB-A for power and the other for the sensor to enable digital input of the pen.

It is fair to note that when the cables are connected they do protrude from the side and can be damaged if you hit them. While the micro-USB is a bit of a dated connection, the brand has added a custom physical slot and connection to the Micro-USB cable that is intended to give a stronger fit and build – unfortunately, the dual USB cables are a bit too short for setups with a fixed desktop PC where the case might be farther aways from the mouse/key area; users intending to use the VEIKK pen display with a laptop might like the shorter cables, though.

On the other hand, it is remarkable that the brand was able to design the VK1560 PRO with an USB power that can feed the needed current/voltage (solely 5V 2A) to work.



The VK1560 PRO can be used as a pen display working on the screen of VEIKK device itself or as a classic graphic tablet working over the screen of the VEIKK pen display but looking at the graphic work on your main monitor. When using the pen display as a classic graphic tablet on your main monitor you can choose either to keep the screen on or completely turn it off while not losing the graphic tablet function.

On top of that, the large screen size with Full-HD resolution makes it an useful external monitor even when not using it as a pen display graphic tool.

The express keys and wheel placed in a vertical alignment on the right edge of the screen allows a full 180° rotation of the device, for left-handed users, without losing the superb ergonomics of the device – users can also choose to rotate the unit and use it in portrait mode.

This might not be a groundbreaking option as nearly any other pen display offers this, yet the key difference is that if you set the pen display to be used rotated 180 degrees for left-handed users, the wheel rotation functions will be automatically reprogrammed to be used as they should – almost all other competitors make you reprogram the wheel express key manually if you want to use it rotated for a left-handed artist.

The display does not offer built-in OSD settings and menus for deeper tuning but throughout the VEIKK software you can access color temperature adjustments by choosing the presets (sRGB or from 5000K to 9300K) or custom calibration with separate R, G, B and brightness + contrast sliders.

To be more precise, the displays does have 2 dedicated buttons on the right side edge that allow to control the brightness of the screen without having to use the software, plus a 3rd button for powering the unit on/off.





With it’s large nearly 16″ screen and 1080p resolution, graphic designers have an ample working space with excellent color reproduction, saturation, contrast and benefiting from pressure and tilt response.


The 15.6″ 1080p display will offer a huge advantage for professional and commercial photographers when compared to pen displays with screens smaller than 13″.

On paper, it might not seem to be offering many inches above a 13″ or 11.6″ pen display but in real life and working scenarios, the efficiency improvement will be night and day.

Nonetheless, a slightly bigger screen could had helped to see tiny details such as mini dust spots and hot-pixels, yet the excellent implementation of the wheel dial on the VEIKK VK1560 PRO and a quick center button to change the mode from to zoom control to brush size control, fully compensates these limits allowing fast navigation, zooming, seeking and editing of smaller artifacts while keeping the workflow smooth and uninterrupted.


From drawing to 3D design, the well-performing tilt and pressure sensitivity combined with the good screen quality of the VK1560 PRO can fulfill the needs of these type artists providing an effortless working experience.


With most of the online video market still running on 1080p videos, the VK1560PRO can still be a relevant pen display for modern video editing and content creators.

At the same time, for 4K and 8K video editors, the VEIKK can provide an useful added tool to improve productivity while using their main 4K+ monitors simply to check the fine UHD details.


The anti-glare film, paper alike feel and responsive performance make the VK1560 PRO a superb pen display for office work and note taking tasks.


The large screen size will be a welcomed feature for architects and engineers, allowing a larger playground space and a more comfortable usability without straining the sight like on small 11.6″ pen displays.



Pressure & Tilt

The 8192 pressure & 60 degrees tilt enabled sensors exhibited a precise response to subtle pressure variations that did not needed a rough amount of force to show gradual transitions.

From professional graphic related software like Photoshop to Illustrator, Krita, Medibang, Clip Studio, Affinity Photo 2, Affinity Designer 2 or office tools like OneNote, the VK1560 PRO worked right out of the box without any over-complicated configuration.

Fine control of pressure and tilt were easily handled having access to the full creative potential of shape dynamics like brush size and opacity or smoothing and build-up effects without feeling unnatural.


This VEIKK pen display is spec’d at a response rate of 290 PPS (an upgrade from the 250 PPS of the previous version) which during our tests showed a noticeable capability keeping up with fast movements and tracing lines and no significant delay nor lag for professional use.

If you drift your pen like a cheetah you will notice the cursor lagging a minimal ms behind but on real-life use and normally fast pen movements these ms were never overly present nor affected any of the graphics test sessions during our review.


The modern sensors inside the VEIKK VK1560 PRO and it’s pen exhibited, yet another, outstanding performance when stress-testing the pen display for jitter.

In fact, this VEIKK model did not show any problems handling and tracing straight, smooth lines; either vertical, horizontal, diagonal and both with physical or software rulers.

Tracking / Parallax

Unlike the recent pen display that we reviewed from GAOMON, the VEIKK VK1560 PRO showed an impeccable performance with tracking and no parallax issues at all.

On a continuous traced line from edge to edge and in any direction, the VEIKK pen display was able to maintain a flawless tracking and tracing that was spot on with the pen’s “cursor”. This means that unlike other competitors, you will have precise accuracy ensuring that your pen will perfectly draw/write in the exact place that you place your pen; even if you are working on the extreme corners of the pen display.

On top of that, the pen display was calibrated from factory and we did not need to go through any custom calibration for the pen and tracking.


Tests of pressure, jitter, delay, build-up, parallax, opacity with pressure and tilt


Compared to other pen display technology like Wacom from older Surface Pro and tablet PC laptops with Wacom passive pen tech, the VEIKK shows a net performance superiority in all departments.

Compared to Microsoft Surface models, the VEIKK pen display was way more accurate in alignment and far less prone to any issues with parallax.

Moreover, the smoothness in tracking and better control of delay makes the VEIKK a better choice for graphic professionals and artists.

VEIKK VK1560 PRO vs Surface Pro Laptops

Just for the fact that newer iPad tablets support pen input with pressure and tilt, we list it as a comparative product but iPads are products that are certainly not in the same class for more serious use.

In addition to this, the superiority in glare control of the VEIKK in comparison with these other models, is more than evident in our photos.

VEIKK VK1560 PRO vs Apple iPad

On the other hand, all of the above have touch input also while the input of the VEIKK is only through the pen.



The VK1560 PRO includes compatibility with Windows, MacOS and Linux through OS dedicated manufacturers drivers – Linux drivers even have coverage for rpm and deb packages.

If you encounter issues with pressure and tilt recognition by your graphics software, run the VEIKK driver/software as an Administrator to allow the diagnostic tool to repair any misconfigured WinTab driver.

The software provides info pop-ups that tell you which function you have enabled; for example, if you press the eraser button, the on-screen pop-up will show a message saying “ERASER”, if you switch back to the brush/pen function, the pop-up message will inform “PEN” – the message will only appeaer on your main display.

With did encounter some issues with Corel Painter struggling to see the pen as a pressure and tilt sensitive pen, Photoshop worked right out of the box, Krita needed to change the “Tablet Input API” setting to Windows Ink.

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VEIKK VK1560 PRO Pen Display Technical Specifications

Dimension: 450 x 240 x 18mm

Model: Studio VK1560Pro

Working Area: 15.6"

Report rate: 290RPS

Pen: P03

Pressure Sensitivity: 8192

Reading Height: 10mm

Tilt: 60°

Compatibility: Windows 11/10/8/7, Mac OS 10.12 (or later), Chrome OS 88 (or later), Linux(Ubuntu/elementary OS/Pop!OS/ezgo/debian/mint/mageia/centOS/Arch)

Color: Black

Warranty: 24 Months Limited Hardware Warranty

Full Lamination: Yes

Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Visual Angle: 178°

Power Supply Input: AC 100~240V

Shortcut Keys: 7

Dial: 1

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