VEVOR Thickness Planer – Review

VEVOR Thickness Planer
VEVOR Thickness Planer

VEVOR Thickness Planer

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VEVOR Thickness Planer, a powerful thickness planer with premium features but friendly price.

VEVOR has an endless variety of professional tools and if you look around their catalog you can find some gems that are offered at crazy affordable prices that are impossible to find on mainstream brands – in fact, this VEVOR thickness planer is one of them.

Among the remarkable features, the VEVOR thickness planer offers:

• 2000W all copper motor
• Motor running at 23500 rpm
• Dual speed control
• Planing of woods up to 13″ wide (33cm)
• Maximum wood height capacity 6″+ (160mm)
• 236 in/min feeding speed (6 m/min)

It is important to highlight that VEVOR has more than one thickness planer models and they vary in speed, max. wood handling dimensions, motor power and bundled accessories.

The model that we are reviewing is the high-tier thickness planer from VEVOR, as quick comparison with other models from the brand you will get 2kW instead 1.8kW motor, 13″ wide wood handling instead of 12″, dual speed control instead of single fixed speed, three cutting blades instead of two.

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VEVOR Thickness Planer Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The planer comes bundled with:

• 1x knife blade bit gauge for leveling blades
• 1x Allen wrench
• 4x rubber feet
• 1x open-end spanner/wrench




The thickness planer has an all-black finish with a colorful orange accent (same as VEVOR logo) on the knob of the depth adjustment handle and on the carrying handles on each lateral side of the unit.

The other colored detail is the power switch in red color with a yellow security lock system.

On the other hand, as you can see from our photos, the finish of the metal body is surely a fingerprint magnet but this should not be something that matters as this is a woodworking tool and not a piece of art to hang on a museum, also the top case section between the rollers had a weird oily staining right under the location where the user manual came placed, we are not sure where this came from but there is nothing to worry about this.

On the right edge of the front panel you can find the height setting indicator/thickness scale with a fairly simple to read design that is both in mm and inches.

The input and output base plates of the planer have fluid rollers that help the sliding and feeding of material to the planer. Also, the top plate of the planer has 2 rollers to facilitate resending the planed wood back to the input section and mostly a very handy detail for woodworked that work alone without additional people helping to handle the input and outputting of the wood pieces.

These base plates extend the handling capacity length of the wood pieces to be planed without any additional support, reaching up to 35 inches – it is important that you control the leveling of these table extensions to optimize the thickness planing results; our unit came perfectly leveled and flush so there was no need to adjust it.



Construction & Build

The VEVOR M1B-LS-3305 has a rugged build with an all-metal casing and with every structural piece also constructed in metal, less fundamental details are made of plastic like the on/off switch, speed dial, knob of the height handle/lever – the only section that we think that could had been avoided to be plastic is the side handles that are used to hold and lift the planer.

It is worth noting that the orange details and power switch are actually the only sections that are not of metal but do not seem to compromise the overall ruggedness nor longevity of the tool.

Fortunately, the brand took well-care of lubricating and applying grease to all mechanical pieces needing it such as the leveling rods and gear mechanism.

You can either fix the thickness planer to a work table with bolts or you can simply put it on top of it with the supplied rubber feet to avoid any movement of the unit, yet we found that the planer was very stable and did not tended to move even without fixing it and neither placing the rubber feet (but, please do apply one or the other fixing methods to reduce risks)



Safety Features

As with most tools and even more for big powerful tools, safety features are a fundamental feature that can avoid accidents and reduce the risk of injuries.

The VEVOR thickness planer has several safety features that are well implemented.

The On/Off switch has an excellent quick and safe system with no confusing design. Moreover, the switch has a security lock that, if removed, ensures that the planer cannot be turned on – this security lock is the yellow section that you see on the middle of the red power switch.

Moreover, the planer has an automatic 20A current overload protection system with an easy-to-access compartment if need to replace the burnt fuse.



Operation and Control

The 2-speed dial has a dual locking system to avoid any accidental turning. To switch speeds you have to keep pressed the button at the end of the dial and only then you will be able to rotate the speed dial.

The speed indicators on the dial are very hard to see as they are beveled with a black over black design

The height control offered a nice micro-adjusting by having a fair bump feedback for every rotational step of the handle while having approx. 10 steps per mm and allowing a generous height range from 160mm to 6mm.

It is fair to highlight that the height indicator arrived tilted slightly upwards, thus indicating the height with a bit of an error; though this was a very easy task to calibrate with one or more run-tests through the planer and then re-tilting the indicator to the right position by simply loosing up a bit the 2 screws of the height indicator, moving the indicator and then tightening the screws – as with any complex power tool, you should always control and calibrate it if needed.

To power-on the unit you simple need to pull up the power switch and pulling it down whenever you finish planning will turn the planer off.




The powerful 2000W motor combined with a 3-blade design (carbon steel blade) and a 2-speed control, this VEVOR thickness planer showed outstanding planing results with extreme ease and no signs of struggling at any time throughout our tests even we fed it with even hard wood pieces as thick as 150mm and 300mm wide.

Moreover, our specific model is the high-tier one that includes 2-speeds which came very handy when we wanted a slower but more precise planing or whenever we preferred a quicker job – in our tests both speeds presented clean and smooth surface results.

In addition to this, the smart and rugged metal teeth holding/pulling the material to be planed always exhibited confidence, stability and no wobbliness when feeding the wood to the planer. Also, the roller section on the base plates were a neat addition to a fluid and never “skippy” material feeding and output from the planer.

On top of that, the planer itself and the blades came very-well calibrated and leveled, so there was no need to use the blades leveling tool bundled with the device and, consequently, showing outstanding clean results right out of the box (the planer has a max. cutting depth of 0.3cm per time for pieces up to 100mm and of 0.1cm for the largest ones above 210mm)

The team was surprised to see that the planer was remarkably accurate and precise in it’s height/depth planing from factory without any blade calibration nor structure leveling.

You might want to consider that thickness planers and many high-powered power tools are loud and the VEVOR with its beasty 2kW motor is no exception; from our measurements the highest dB spike reached up to 90+dB.
Regarding chip removal, the back port on the planer is compatible with dust-extraction systems but you can also use it without any VAC if you do not mind cleaning the mess afterwards.

If this will be your first thickness planer you will learn through time different techniques to get the best results of your machine; for example: it is better to do more planing steps with lower thickness planing per step than deeper and fewer ones, going along the grain helps out to the final results, blade leveling is fundamental and everything will be directly related to the wood hardness, type and condition of the pieces.



Results Examples

As you can see from our photos of some of the results, the surface planing showed a groundbreaking before/after results.

On the following you can see the accuracy of the height control and the planning results (set to 7mm in the thickness planning height control and obtaining a 7.1mm result, without any micro-calibration done to the unit)


Value for Money

As much as you look around the market you will have no chance of finding such a powerful and rich-featured thickness planer at the low asking price of this VEVOR thickness planer.


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Scores Scores

VEVOR Thickness Planer Scores

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VEVOR Thickness Planer Technical Specifications


Infeed Table Width
13 in / 33 cm

Infeed Table Length
12 in / 30.1 cm

Speed Control
Dual Speeds

15 Amps, 2000W, 23500 rpm

Knife Cutter Quantity

Max Cutting Depth
1/8 in / 0.3 cm

Max Cutting Thickness
6 in / 15 cm

Feeding Speed
236 in/min (6 m/ min)

Item Weight
61.7 lbs / 28 kg

Item Dimensions(L x W x H)
20.7 x 27.4 x 18.9 in/ 52.5 x 69.6 x 48 cm

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VEVOR Thickness Planer