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Zaopin Z1 PRO
Zaopin Z1 PRO

Zaopin Z1 PRO

| Gaming Mouse | HUANO Switches | 4000Hz Polling Rate | Wired/Wireless |

Zaopin Z1 PRO, a massively popular gaming mouse from Zaopin.

If you are a hardcore gamer you might have already heard of Zaopin, otherwise the brand will probably be a new founding to you.

Zaopin might not have the market share of Razer or Logitech but it has certainly gained a vast popularity among gamers looking for ultimate performance and a friendly price.

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Zaopin Z1 PRO Review

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The Zaopin Z1 PRO comes in a black box with sufficient protection and including inside:

• Mouse feet
• Dot skates
• Braided cable
• Dongle
• USB adapter
• Soft pouch



Zaopin Z1 PRO weight in grams and Zaopin Z1 PRO weight in ounces



The Zaopin Z1 PRO sits in the category of small-sized, egg-shaped gaming mouse.

The egg alike shape is a form factor that is widely sought after by serious gamers, due to its small but ergonomically optimized shape. You can expect a middle bump, wider front and a substantially narrower back.

The Zaopin Z1 PRO has a matte coating with a bit of a grainy finish that adds texture and better grip to the plastic surface of the housing.

The Zaopin Z1 PRO has 2 variants, a hollow-bottom one and a “regular-bottom” model, the difference between the 2 is also the battery capacity of each variant, being 200mA for the hollow one and 500mA for the regular model.

On the bottom you will find 2 replaceable skates, the mode switch, DPI button and the translucent frosted bottom housing (hollow for the 200mA variant)

In addition to this, the Zaopin Z1 PRO is available in 9 different color options:

• Zaopin Z1 PRO white
• Zaopin Z1 PRO black
• Zaopin Z1 PRO pink
• Zaopin Z1 PRO blue
• Zaopin Z1 PRO orange
• Zaopin Z1 PRO red
• Zaopin Z1 PRO rose pink
• Zaopin Z1 PRO yellow
• Zaopin Z1 PRO Christmas version

The main housing, clicker and side buttons of the will have the same color as the version that you choose while the wheel will be black.




The Zaopin Z1 PRO can be seen marketed a mouse for small hands but we ran it through most of our editors with tiny to huge hands size and 90% of them had the same positive response regarding the ergonomics, comfort and natural use of it.

As a result of this, we can say that the Zaopin Z1 PRO is not only build for smaller hands; mid and large hand users will find themselves equally comfortable while using the Zaopin Z1 PRO.

If you are concerned about slippery issues, the Z1 PRO was far from being as slippery as the Logitech G502 but you could prefer to add some grip tapes if you are a heavy sweater or live in a particularly hot city.
The size of the Zaopin Z1 PRO is: 110x62x38.5mm and an exact measured weight by our team of 48 grams (46 grams advertised by the brand)

If you ever grabbed or own a light gaming mouse at 55 grams, you will be surprised how much lighter the Zaopin Z1 PRO feels in your hands (hollow-bottom version). In fact, this mouse is so feather-light that you might even wonder if Zaopin forgot to put the batteries inside the Zaopin Z1 PRO.

The classic egg-shape of the Zaopin Z1 PRO makes it adaptable for ambidextrous use but with the loss (or weird reach) of the side buttons for left-handed users.




The tiny size and cute colors of the Zaopin Z1 PRO should not make you underestimate it, as this is, actually, a full-fledged gaming mouse with high-quality internals.

Among the premium components inside the Zaopin Z1 PRO you will find a flagship PAW3395 sensor with a maximum of 26000 DPI, NORDIC N52840 SoC chipset and HUANO switches.

All these components allow the mouse to offer tracking of up to 650IPS, 50G acceleration and a 1000Hz polling rate out of the box (4K with the additional dongle)

The Zaopin Z1 PRO is entirely made of plastic but it does not feel flimsy, as a matter of fact the Z1 PRO showed no flex, creaking noises and no single section wobbling nor rattling while shaking it.



As we mentioned in the section above, the Zaopin Z1 PRO is equipped with HUANO switches; these are premium micro-motion switches from HUANO that are rated at 80 million clicks.

The main clickers presented a ultra-fast response with barely any pre-travel and a low actuation force that needed just bit of finger pressure to activate the switches. In direct comparison, the side buttons have a higher actuation force and some pre travel.

On top of that, this Zaopin mouse has a TTC golden wheel encoder. The wheel offered a good resistance per notch while preserving a smooth and precise rotational movement.



The Zaopin Z1 PRO is a dual-mode mouse; meaning that offers 2 connectivity modes – one wired connection and one wireless.

The wired connection works through a detachable USB-C cable while the wireless connection is fulfilled by a 2.4G dongle with NORDIC chip.

The 2.4G can be upgraded to a superior one that enable 4000Hz polling rate (sold separately)

This 4K dongle of the Zaopin Z1 PRO has a smart design with a rounded-coin alike form factor and a magnetic attaching system that allows it to snap to any metal surface; therefore, enabling a vaster freedom for the placement of the dongle in a nearby position to your mouse.

To select between the wired and wireless mode you need to turn the mouse around and reach the mode switch placed on the right side of the sensor.

Similar to other wireless mouses, the Zaopin Z1 PRO pairs instantly with the 1K dongle but does require some pairing steps to go through the first connection with the 4K dongle.



In total, the Zaopin Z1 PRO has 6 buttons and one rotatory encoder. All 6 buttons/switches can be reprogrammed through Zaopin’s software (this includes even the DPI button)

Users have the option to create up to 4 independent customization profiles to switch on-the-fly by selecting the desired profile on the mouse software.

The Z1 PRO can be programmed with 6 DPI stages going from 50 DPI up to 26000 DPI in 50 DPI steps while the report rate can be chosen at 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz, 2000Hz and 4000Hz (2K and 4K available only if used with the 4K dongle addon)

On top of that, the switches customization can be personalized with a selectable response time from 0ms up to 20ms.




It is hard to argue with the gaming capabilities of the Zaopin Z1 PRO, offering specs and components that even the most commercially popular gaming mouses cannot even dream about.

The Zaopin Z1 PRO is, certainly, a superior mouse for gaming and a premium-performing one that can even fulfill the needs of pro-gaming.

Some of the remarkable gaming features of the Zaopin Z1 PRO inlcude:

• 4K polling rate
• 2.4G wireless (NORDIC)
• Wired connection
• HUANO switches
• Unique light weight
• Small
• Reprogrammable


The tiny and feather weight of the Zaopin Z1 PRO, plus the 6 programmable buttons can make this Zaopin mouse a well-featured on for productivity use and as a main daily mouse.

The only drawback against some other competitors is the fact that the Zaopin Z1 PRO does not include Bluetooth connectivity, therefore if you rely on this you might have to look elsewhere.


The detachable USB-C connection and the 2.4G wireless option allow a more versatile use that can match office work and multi-pc usage without having to plug and unplug the mouse between computer or having to recur to a USB or KVM switch.


Since the Zaopin Z1 PRO does not have Bluetooth connectivity you might not be able to use it with your tablet or smartphone.




The Zaopin Z1 PRO has a well-balanced clicky feedback and audible switches response that gives a clear confirmation on each click but does not become awkwardly disturbing.

Unlike other gaming mouses, all the switches and buttons exhibited a harmonically similar sound profile and a decisive tactile and clicky audible feedback.

The side buttons will show a slightly higher-pitched sound but they still blend in with the overall sound of the rest of the switches.



As we mentioned throughout the review, the Zaopin Z1 PRO is a 1000HZ polling rate mouse out-of-the-box but it is able to reach 4000Hz of polling rate with an extra 4K dongle.

The mouse showed exceptional response and accuracy with no lag or delay on any connectivity mode.

Moreover, the HUANO switches were pure joy to use on intensive gaming sessions with the ultra-fast click and activation with extreme ease to go nuts click spamming.

On top of that, the TTC Gold encoder and wheel started to become one of the very favorite of the whole team with the most precise and pleasant notches and click.

Comparing the Zaopin Z1 PRO vs FANTECH HELIOS II PRO, the Zaopin Z1 PRO was able to beat the FANTECH mouse regarding the amount of sliding travel that was able to provide with the exact same pushing/pulling force. Also, we happened to prefer much more the sound profile of the switches on the Zaopin and the resistance of the scroll wheel.

When comparing the Zaopin Z1 PRO vs Logitech G502, the Zaopin feel insanely more light, less slippery to the hands and whipping out the floor of the Logitech when analyzing the sliding performance.



The software of the Zaopin Z1 PRO might not be the easiest one to find online but once you get your hands on it, you will gain access to all the customization options, such as:

• Switches/buttons remapping
• Response time
• Macros
• DPI settings
• Polling rate
• Sensor settings
• Pairing
• Firmware updates
• Software updates
• Profile creation and switching


Our version of the Zaopin Z1 PRO is the 200mA battery one to prioritize weight over battery life but if you prefer to have a longer battery runtime with a bit of added weight, you will find yourself better with the 500mA variant.

Unlike other similar gaming mouses, the Zaopin Z1 PRO has a shine-through light that informs the status of the mouse and of the battery.

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Zaopin Z1 PRO Technical Specifications

Zaopin Z1 PRO


Wireless, Wired
Sensor Type


PixArt 3395
Adjustable LOD


50-26,000 DPI


Polling Rate

Up to 4000Hz
On-board Memory


Back Cover Material

UV Matte Finish
Core Construction

ABS Plastic

Total Button

Switch Type & Lifetime

100 Million Clicks


45 Grams

1.8M Paracord

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Zaopin Z1 PRO