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We are reviewing the Zordai OD2, the brand new smartwatch from Zordai.

This model has a more aggressive and chunkier design than the few previous watches released by the brand, which might be welcomed by users looking for a more masculine and hefty smartwatch without having to invest in much more expensive Android watch phones.

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Advanced Features

The Zordai OD2 features include advanced options such as:

• Accelerometer
• Heart rate sensor
• SPO2 sensor
• IP68 waterproof rating
• Dual Bluetooth v5
• Vibrating motor
• OTA firmware upgrade
• 159 sports modes
• Alipay payment
• Compass
• Speaker/audio out for some notifications


Accessories & Packaging

The unit comes nicely packed with a much more complete and well appreciated amount of accessories.

Included with the watch you will find:

1. 2x wristbands
2. 1x wireless charger (USB PSU not included)




The Zordai OD2 is a bigger watch in every sense, from the bezels to the thickness, diameter and weight.

The bezels show NEWS coordinates but unlike other smartwatches that do this, the Zordai is actually truly equipped with a software compass.

The main watch has a full metal finish and build that can be chosen in several colors (golden, black, silver) and with dual matching different wristband colors that give users a more personalized option to customize their watch without having to spend on additional wristbands.




Operation & Control

The Zordai has 2 physical buttons and a touch responsive screen.

Either button can be used to turn on the screen (also with the “raise hand to view” option or by tapping the screen), but each button has dedicated further functions being the bottom one a direct access to sports modes (we would have preferred to be able to change and customize this though) and the top one can also be used to turn off the screen or 2-taps to open the app menu, 3 taps to change the navigation UI.



Battery Life

Despite having a very large 380mAh battery, the battery life seemed to be inferior to other smartwatches as the battery dropped to 80% in less than 2 hours of light use with about 20 notifications received but the battery remained at 80% for 2 days only dropping other 20% after the 3rd day of use.

The brand rates the battery to last 7 days of continuous use per charge and we did surpassed this besides the odd 20% drop at the beginning – the standby time is 60 days or 10 hours with continuous sports modes.

The unit is compatible with wireless charging and the wireless charger in included for free with the watch.


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Construction & Build

The Zordai is big and heavy for being only a “smartwatch” and not a full “Android watch”, in fact some of the Android watches that we have tested are even smaller and lighter, but the build of the device feels like a tank that can hold up to heavy use.





The Zordai has a 1.5 inch IPS screen with a resolution of 485×485, which results in a size resolution to fit many elements per screen with very good definition.

On the other hand, the brand has opted for excessively large fonts without any option to resize them.

Color, contrast and blacks look nice and vivid with no bland, dull nor fuzzy screens and thanks to the IPS type of screen the viewing angles are superb.

More than 200 extra watch can be downloaded through the Zordai app


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As we pointed out several times, the Zordai OD2 is a large and heavy watch, you should not expect an ultra-thin and feather weighted device.

Despite this, we do not find outrageously heavy nor unbalanced, if you are an user used to large watches and full featured sports watches you might find yourself quite well with this one.

In addition to this, the wristbands shipped with the unit have a thick, rugged, wide (20mm) and well-built quality that matches the heavier watch.




As we mentioned on the Screen section, this watch has fonts that are way too big despite the diameter-resolution of the screen, which consequently affects the amount of characters that you can see and reduces the length of the messages previews and menus names – clearly the brand wanted to offer clear visibility without straining the sight but in our opinion they have exaggerated making it less useful than watches with smaller fonts.

Regarding responsiveness and lag, the watch performed very well, and was significantly snappier than other cheaper smartwatches tested so far.

The watch is equipped with a vibrating motor for incoming notifications and a custom setting to decide within 3 intensity levels – the option is nice seeing it but we found the strongest vibration option to be still a bit too weak.

We have to admit that some functions are a bit gimmicky like the ECG, that shows a generic graph that does not represent a true ECG or the breath control that is unnaturally timed but at the same time there are other functions seen on other smartwatches, that seem to be more accurate on the Zordai than on other ones that we have tested, like the O2 levels and BPM of the heart rate app – also, the blood pressure app seemed acceptably accurate.

On top of that, some unique features at this price point are nice seeing them being included like the NFC connection, Alipay payment and compass.

Daily options like “raise to see screen” never missed a command but did show a couple of milliseconds of lag sometimes.

Other functions that set the watch apart from similarly priced competitors is the access to multiple app navigation UI options, a way vaster amount of shortcuts on the main screen, quick access to recently opened apps and mainly the fact that the watch is able to offer more active controls of your phone like phone dialing and the option to set the watch as solely a watch without some smartwatch options to lower the power consumption.


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