To help you better understand our reviews we have done a brief glossary with some of the audio related terms you will find most often in our articles.

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Consider that there are a much larger array of terms related with audio but this glossary is a brief and easy to read on-the-go aid.

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BassFrequencies between 60Hz and 250Hz.
BassyWhen the bass is accentuated.
BrightWhen the upper mids and/or lower treble are accentuated.
CoolReduced frequencies under 150Hz, making the sound lack warmth and bass.
DarkAntonym of bright. Upper mids and/or lower treble are de-emphasized.
DDAbbreviation for Dynamic Driver.
HarshPeaks between 2000Hz-6000Hz, excess of upper mids.
HighsFrequencies higher than 6000Hz.
High Mids/Upper MidsFrequencies between 2000Hz-6000Hz.
MidsFrequencies between 250Hz-2000Hz.
MuffledDe-emphasized upper mids and/or highs.
PiercingPeaks between 3000Hz-10000Hz, usually painful to the ear.
Roll-offGradual dB reduction of the low or high frequencies.
SibilantOver emphasized sound of the "s", frequencies between 4000Hz-9000Hz.
Sub-BassFrequencies below 60Hz.
TinnyMetallic thin sound.
TrebleHigh frequencies. Usually from 2000Hz-20000Hz, including the high mids and high frequencies.
WarmWhen the bass and/or mid bass is emphasized but not as accentuated as "Bassy".