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🎧 HIDIZS DH80S, a recent portable DAC/Amp from the brand.

The HIDIZS DH80S belongs to the newest DAC products from HIDIZS, like the HIDIZS AP80 PRO-X DAP.

Differently to the AP80 line, the HIDIZS DH80S is not an audio player; instead, this device is a dedicated balanced DAC and amplifier that promises drive capability for headphones of up to 600 Ω.

In addition to this, thanks to an internal rechargeable battery (1300mAh), the device is fully portable. The brand rates up to 9 hours of continuous use when using a volume level of 90dB.

The HIDIZS DH80S is part of the DH80 series, were the HIDIZS DH80S is better intended for portability and universal compatibility while the DH80 is finely tailored to match the HIDIZS AP80 line.

You can buy the The HIDIZS DH80S in 5 colors:

• The HIDIZS DH80S blue
• The HIDIZS DH80S grey
• The HIDIZS DH80S black
• The HIDIZS DH80S red
• The HIDIZS DH80S champagne gold

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Advanced Features

The HIDIZS DH80S include advanced features such as:

• Internal battery
• PCM 384kHz / 32bit
• DSD128 decoding
• USB-C connection
• 8x MQA

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Accessories & Packaging

The HIDIZS DH80S comes inside a rectangular packaging with a dark design and inner protective cutouts that support the device.

The product includes: 1x USB-C charging cable, 1x USB-A converter, 1x USB-C OTG cable and 1x sticky magnet.

gramophone-25660 4/5



The HIDIZS DH80S has an elegant design that stands out due to polished look that combines a classy feel with a modern touch.

The DAC follows the same aesthetics seen on the AP80 Pro-X, with an X-shaped design with sharper edges.

The brand has also adopted a similar finish to the DH80S with a pearled metallic color and a leather front plate.

Measuring just 70x50x12mm, the HIDIZS DH80S is impressively tiny and barely longer than the AP80 series.

In addition to this, the device weights just 78 grams.

gramophone-25660 5/5



Operation & Control

The HIDIZS DH80S is equipped with 2 buttons and 2 switched to take control of the device.

On the right edge of the device, users will find 2 volume buttons and an ON/OFF switch – a LED light is located right below this switch to inform the power status of the DAC.

On the left edge, a 3-position switch will be found; this switch is exclusively dedicated to set the gain level.

Differently to many other DAC/Amps, the HIDIZS DH80S has several key points that set it apart, like: portability and ease of use.

Regarding ease of use, the unit is practically a plug and play DAC/Amp; by simply connecting the USB ports and turning it On, the HIDIZS DH80S is 100% ready to be used with either smartphones, music players or computers.

In addition to this, the simple controls design allows a complete volume and gain control without any confusion or learning curve – the volume control can be dialed in 30 precision levels.


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Construction & Build

The HIDIZS DH80S is solidly build in CNC aluminum with no single piece being made of fragile materials like plastic.

Of course, the metal build can be felt at hand, yet the added weight of the rugged build will make owners perceive a feel of durability and premium quality.

The front panel of the HIDIZS DH80S has a leather plate that not only adds a nice design touch but has a practical sense. This leather plate optimizes and reduces any slippery issues that could be found when coupling the DAC with a portable music player or smartphone.

Moreover, beneath the leather plate, there is a magnetic adsorption system that allows the HIDIZS DH80S to be magnetically attached to any device or surface where the magnet add-on has been sticked – a very well-though detail that adds a layer of stability and secureness.

On the other hand, the On/Off button does show some wobbling.


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The USB-C connection of the HIDIZS DH80S makes it a vastly universal device that can offer compatibility and full operation with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS and portable music players.

With USB DAC capabilities and an USB-powered design, the device can be used as a dedicated desktop DAC/Amp while the rechargeable internal battery also enables it to be a fully portable DAC/Amp for portable DAP and smartphones.




The HIDIZS DH80S is equipped with 2 inputs and 2 outputs – all the I/O ports are located on the bottom edge of the unit.

The input ports are:

• USB-C input (DAC and OTG)
• USB-C power
• plus USB A adapter

The ouput ports are:

• 3.5mm headphone out (single-ended)
• 4.4mm balanced out

Connections Technical Specifications
• USB: up to 384kHz / 32bit


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HIDIZS has packed inside the DH80S a full bundle of high-grade audiophile components, such as:

• Sabre ESS ES9281C PRO DAC chip
• Dual RT6863 op amp
• 4x Panasonic capacitors
• Dual crystal oscillators

The HIDIZS DH80S might be tiny but it is certainly not weak, the diminutive DAC/Amp is offers 3 Gain levels while being able to provide up to 210mW of output power when using it’s balanced port and up to 125mW on it’s 3.5mm port. Despite being a portable Amp, the rated power is inline with desktop amps such as the TOPPING MX-3.

In our real life testings, the HIDIZS DH80S showed no fatigue to drive full-sized open-back headphones or closed-back headphones such as the harman/kardon NC, even when using it’s single-ended 3.5mm port.

When our team plugged-in headphones such as the beyerdynamic DT-990 PRO 250 ohm, beyerdynamic DT-7700 PRO 250 ohm, Sennheiser HD650, Sennheiser HD600, the HIDIZS DH80S needed to be set to a matching configuration to drive them; by setting the device to it’s 3rd (high) gain level and using it’s 4.4mm balanced port when possible. When set correctly, the HIDIZS DAC/Amp had sufficient power to drive any of the listed headphones.


HIDIZS suggests specific gain settings to better match each headphone according to it’s impedance:

• Low Gain: Headphones from 8Ω to 50Ω
• Medium Gain: Headphones from 50Ω to 100Ω
• High Gain: Headphones from 100Ω to 600Ω

Throughout our measurements, the HIDIZ DH80S exhibited a flat frequency response without any spikes, rolling-off, dips, unexpected peaks nor decay across the full range. When expanding the measurements over the 4.4mm balanced port, the HIDIZS DAC behaved identically without any added issues.

Regarding coloration, sound quality boosting and alteration, the DH80S showed a remarkable performance with no evident sound reshaping and no variance from the original source.

On top of that, the 30-level volume control presented a precise volume increment/decrement and no significant channel imbalance at any setting nor gain level.


HIDIZS DH80S Sound Technical Specifications
• DSD128
• MQA: 8X

• SNR: 116dB
• THD+N: 0.0004%
• Balanced Vrms Output: 4Vrms
• Balanced mW Output: 210mW @32 Ω
• Frequency response: 20Hz-80kHz
• Crosstalk: 108dB

• SNR: 116dB
• THD+N: 0.0006%
• Vrms Output: 2Vrms
• mW Output: 125mW @32 Ω
• Frequency response: 20Hz-80kHz
• Crosstalk: 79dB


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Frequency Response (raw)

HIDIZS DH80S Frequency Response Curve

Gain and Volume frequency response curves

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HIDIZS DH80S Technical Specifications

Max output Vrms4.0Vrms
Speaker ampNo
Sampling384kHz, 32bit
Max output mW210mW

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