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Hdizs XO

Hidizs XO

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Hidizs XO, the newest portable headphone amp/DAC from Hidizs.

Hidizs had been on the development of the XO for some time, with some last minute changes regarding availability and product release.

The device was initially supposed to be launched through crowd funding platforms but was later on decided to be launched directly through their own website.

The dongle is available in Black, Silver and Rose Gold colors.

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Hidizs XO Review

Tests & Scores



Accessories & Packaging

Our Hidizs XO is a pre production unit that does not carry the final consumer packaging.

Inside, users will find an USB OTG cable to connect and power the dongle to your source.




Hidizs XO weight in Ounces.




The Hidizs XO does not have a revolutionary form factor, yet the rectangular design offers good usability.

The brand has applied a smart detail to the surface of the edges with a grippy finish that does a very efficient job avoiding it to suffer from slippery issues.

Moreover, the unit is equipped with light strips with several colors that inform the sampling rate.

It is fair to highlight that the Hidizs XO does not use any rechargeable battery; instead, the unit is fully powered through the USB Type-C port using the power from the source connected.

Overall, the unit has a very small design with a thickness slightly thicker than most consumer smartphones.

The precise dimensions are: 55×24.5×9.35mm and a weight of 11 grams.



Operation & Control

The Hidizs XO is a straightforward product with no learning curve; basically you connect the USB end to the source and your headphone to the audio jack and you are good to go.

The DAC has two buttons but are only used to control the light effects and the filter options.

Unfortunately, the buttons are limited to these 2 functions and do not provide other useful features like volume control, play-pause, etc.


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Construction & Build

The XO has a good quality feel due to a metal build (aluminum alloy) that covers all the surface of the device – except for the two buttons that are made of plastic.

With a tiny size and barely any moving parts, the Hidizs DAC dongle is well manufactured.

On the other hand, the rounded button does rattle a bit due to some wobbling.


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The USB-C connection of the Hidizs XO enables full compatibility with any modern device offering power and sound output through an USB-C connection, including Windows, Mac, Linux and modern smartphones.

On the output end, the DAC offers both single ended 3.5mm and balanced 2.5mm output, which sets it apart from entry-level dongles with only 3.5mm connectors.


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The Hidizs XO might look harmless and simple at plain sight but it is, actually, a decently well packed DAC-amp.

Among the high quality audiophile components, the XO includes:
• Dual ESS9291C DAC chips
• Independent crystal oscillator

Throughout our tests, the Hidizs XO showed respectable results in both audio quality and overall performance.

Packed with features that cover MQA 16X, native DSD256 and up to 32bit 384kHz; the unit becomes a fair investment to improve the experience and capabilities of average DAC-sources and a huge upgrade to your smartphone and tablets output.

In addition to this, the XO is also a headphone amp that can squeeze out a much more usable max output to drive a larger variety and more demanding headphones.

Reaching 78mW on the single ended connection, it proved to be capable of driving most average consumer earphones and earbuds without much hassle.

With higher impedance and particularly power hungry full sized headphones, the XO through the 3.5mm connector was a bit limited in the output reached but when switching to the 2.5mm balanced output (with a compatible headphone), the tiny DAC-amp dongle offered a much better performance and driving capability.

This is, in fact, confirmed by the specs that shows nearly 3 times more power output through the balanced output.

Hdizs XO
Hdizs XO

Filter Modes:
The Hidizs XO is bundled with 2 filter modes that can be selected through the dedicated front button.

Sound Technical Specifications

Some of main sound-related tech specs of the Hidizs XO are:
• MQA: 16X
• 32bit 384kHz
• DSD256
• SNR bal: 119dB
• SNR 3.5mm: 118dB
• THD+N bal: 0.0005%
• THD+N 3.5mm: 0.0015%

Output: 78mW @32 Ω on 3.5mm output, 195mW @32 Ω on balanced output


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Scores Scores

Hidizs XO Scores

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Frequency Response (raw)

Hidizs XO Frequency Response Curve


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Hidizs XO



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