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Inpher Fuqing

Inpher FUQING B-2

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? Today we are reviewing the Inpher FUQING B-2, one of the best-selling earphones in Aliexpress. Hype or fair contender? We will find it out.

The Inpher FUQING B-2 certainly have a problematic model name that dirty minded people could misread it. Nonetheless, the FUQING B-2 are very well constructed with a solid metal housing that feels sturdy and well built, the cable transmits the same trusty robust feeling, the rest of the details of the earphones are also metallic (plug connector and cable bifurcation connection). In case you do not remember the model name, Inpher decided to add the FUQING name on the plug connector.

The FUQING B-2 are sold in black with silver details and black cable, golden with silver details and white cable or black with silver details and red cable (that is the unit that we have) F

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Inpher FUQING B-2 - Review

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Accessories & Packaging

As what happened with the Doboly Q18 and the VE MONK+ the Inpher FUQING are packed in a very simple branded zip bag. Inside the zip bag there are no accessories provided so… worthwhile 2 score here.



Bass & Sub Bass

The Inpher FUQING B-2 have a strong and energetic bass that does an excellent job to add warmth and fun to every song. At the same time the quantity and intensity of mid-bass and sub-bass is very balanced, they are able to provided great punch and depth without recessing mids and highs. To be as clear as possible, although, they have great mid and sub bass they are not very basshead out of the box but they will fulfill the needs of every listener even for high bass-demanding music.

… the quantity and intensity of mid-bass and sub-bass is very balanced, they are able to provided great punch and depth without recessing mids and highs.

Applying an EQ, mid-bass gets much punchier, sub-bass gets noticeably deeper and still the general sound does not get excessively muddy.

While amplifying it with a Fiio E12 amplifier and using a custom basshead equalization the Inpher FUQING B-2 took 37% of the maximum power of the Fiio E12 and resulted in a wild enhancement (in a good sense) of mid-bass punch and sub-bass depth. It is fair to say that sub-bass was distorted and despite the greatly increase in bass impact, the Inpher FUQING B-2 had no basshead impact or rumble and provided a basshead level below the JVC Gumy Plus HA-FX5, Panasonic ErgoFit RP-TCM125 and the Panasonic ErgoFit Plus RP-HJE190.


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Mids & Vocals

Mids and vocals are nicely warm and smooth, lower mids are mediumly recessed but not too much. Higher mids can get a bit harsh when there are very strong peaks. Beside the cons, a very good performance here. An eq makes the Inpher FUQING B-2 to excellently clear up lower mids and totally remove the recession without generating boxy sounding mids or enhancing its harshness.



Highs & Treble

The FUQING B-2 has nice brightness and some detail that will suffice most normal listeners, there are some piercing highs only with very high notes but they are free of sibilant highs.

The FUQING B-2 has nice brightness and some detail that will suffice most normal listeners

Overall while comparing them to other highly popular earphones such as the JVC Gumy Plus HA-FX5, Panasonic ErgoFit RP-TCM125Panasonic RP-HJE120 ErgoFit and the Panasonic ErgoFit Plus RP-HJE190; the Inpher FUQING B-2 wipes the floor out of them all having a highs performance on another category. An eq remarkably benefits detail and definition without enhancing the piercing highs or sibilance.



Sound Leak

So far the FUQING were making an incredible job but when we tested their sound leakage levels they had a performance fairly below average, with medium levels of sound leaking out of them that will be heard by nearby people even on mediumly noisy situations



Sound Isolation

The capacity to isolate from surrounding noises is below average but not that much inferior to normal earphones, just a tad less performing.




The FUQING are very comfortable to wear and will not produce pain on long listening sessions, the metal housing gives them a good robust feel but they do not add on to their weight as they are very light anyways. The sort of classic bullet-style design makes them easy to grab and put on.



Response to Equalization

The Inpher FUQING B-2 had an excellent response to every custom equalization that we put them through. Bass got enhanced very noticeably without cons. Mids removed every trace of recession with no boxy or harsh repercussions. Highs gained a great amount of detail and definition with no sibilant or piercing highs being boosted.


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Frequency Response (raw)

Inpher FUQING B-2 Frequency Response

Inpher FUQING B-2 - Frequency Response
Inpher FUQING B-2 – Frequency Response

Inpher FUQING B-2


Driver UnitUnknown
Power CapacityUnknown
Impedance16 ohms
Frequency Response20-20,000Hz
CordY-type, round cord
Cord Length1.2m
PlugStereo mini plug
WeightApprox. 25g
Supplied AccessoriesNone

We highly discourage anyone from trying to apply our testings to your own earphones, the risk of damaging or permanently breaking your iems is absolutely probable to happen. With our standardized equalization and amplification tests we push the limits of the earphones to the extreme. If anyway you decide to do so, we cannot be held responsible of the damage done to your equipment. Do it at your own risk.

Inpher FUQING B-2