Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Review

Jaybird FREEDOM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

| 6 mm Driver | Bluetooth |

? During our Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review we will see how these popular sports headphones stand up.

The Jaybird Freedom are ultra small, ultra portable wireless Bluetooth sport headphones. Jaybird is a brand born in 2006 decided to revolutionize the wireless sports headphones industry. Since their beginning they have developed almost a dozen models and practically every model has obtained a great acceptance by people.

Since the creation of the brand the following models have been launched (from newest to oldest):

The headphones developed by Jaybird are designed and built for sports enthusiasts and athletes trying to fulfill the particular needs that arise while looking for a headphone for running, cycling, rock climbing, etc. or just training at the gym. The Jaybird team clearly followed all these guidelines while creating the Jaybird Freedom.

The Jaybird Freedom have a very small footprint with tiny housings. The reduced size may make you doubt about their durability but actually the earpieces are constructed with an incredibly robust metal material. Inside the housings there is a minuscule 6 mm dynamic driver, a diameter of DD that we have previously seen in our: Remax RM-565i Review, KZ HDS3 Review, MEMT X5 Review, UiiSii Hi-705 Review. Once again, size may not inspire much trust but all of the aforementioned earphones with a 6 mm microdriver have proofed to be excellent sounding in-ear headphones and even the Sony MH1 Livesound which has a smaller 5.8mm dynamic driver has performed so well that is part of our Editor’s Choice In-Ear Headphones Chart, the lesson learned should be to not judge the Jaybird Freedom sound quality beforehand because of the tiny driver size.

As an important side-note for this review, the Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones can be also be found with a different name, Jaybird Freedom F5. We might use “Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth”, “Jaybird Freedom F5” or simply “Jaybird Freedom” arbitrarily to refer always to the model that we are reviewing, in case that you find any of these names throughout the review remember that we are always talking about the same model.

Despite being a wireless Bluetooth headphone, the Jaybird Freedom have a short cable that connects one earpiece with the other one, this cable is rounded and rubberized. The Jaybird Freedom microphone and 3-button control is placed on the cable and holds inside the electronic components and the battery. The button on the control allows you to do much more than just control volume and calls, see the “Operation & Control” section below for a deeper insight. Jaybird reports a constant use of 8 hours before needing to be recharged for the Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, this total time is the resulting battery life of the 4 hours provided by the earbuds + 4 additional hours provided by a battery pack/clip included with them. The Jaybird Freedom battery pack attaches to the rear section of the mic/control and will prolong the battery life by 4 hrs, this clip/pack is also the Jaybird Freedom charger module for the earphone.

The Jaybird Freedom F5 offers two ways of wearing them, placing them straight as normal earphones or with the cable going above and around the ears and placing the earphones pointing upwards. The first fit is better for normal use and placing the ear-fins / ear-wings provided while the 2nd fitting is recommended to obtain a even more secure fit and reducing the cable movement by attaching the cable tighteners (also included). The Jaybird Freedom F5 offers two ways of wearing them, placing them straight as normal earphones or with the cable going above and around the ears and placing the earphones pointing upwards. The first fit is better for normal use and placing the ear-fins / ear-wings provided while the 2nd fitting is recommended to obtain a even more secure fit and reducing the cable movement by attaching the cable tighteners (also included).

At the beginning of this Jaybird Freedom review we gave you a brief historical introduction of the line of Jaybird models and you might be wondering what are the main differences of the Jaybird Freedom 2 vs Jaybird Freedom, Jaybird X3 vs Jaybird Freedom, Jaybird Run vs Jaybird Freedom, etc. The Jaybird Freedom vs Jaybird X3 mainly differ in size and style, the Jaybird X3 have substantially larger earpieces, the same diameter of dynamic driver and offer also 8 hours of battery life but to their benefit they do not require an external battery pack to reach this autonomy. Regarding the charging method of the older Jaybird X2 vs Jaybird Freedom, the Jaybird Freedom need the battery clip connection to be charged while the Jaybird X2 charge straight forward from the unit’s microUSB placed in the earpieces. The Jaybird Freedom 2 vs Jaybird Freedom is simply an update of the model, with almost identical form factor and size, the eartips system and ear fins are different. The Jaybird Run vs Jaybird Freedom vs Jaybird X3 is the most significant as the Jaybird Run are the only and first Jaybird wireless sport headphones that are 100% wireless with independent right and left earpieces not attached to each other with any type of cable. Regarding the dynamic driver size of the Jaybird Run vs Jaybird Freedom 2 vs Jaybird X3 vs Jaybird Freedom, all 4 models have the same diameter (6 mm) and also share the same impedance of 16 Ohm. Regarding the battery life of the Jaybird Freedom 2 vs Jaybird X3 vs Jaybird Run vs Jaybird Freedom, all of them offer a total battery run time of 8 hours except for the Jaybird Run which reach 12 hours (4 hours battery of the earbuds + 8 hours offered by the charging case of the Jaybird Run) You can buy the Jaybird Freedom in a nice variety of colors:

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Advanced Features

The Jaybird Freedom tech specs declare an effective range of 10 meters / 30 ft. during our test the 10 meters / 30 ft. range was achieved without any type of disconnection or hiccups. The Jaybird Freedom features include advanced options such as:

  • Multipoint connection: an option that allows the Jaybird Freedom F5 to connect to 2 devices at the same time, for example you can have your headphones connected to your computer and smartphone simultaneously. The benefit? You can be listening to music on your computer through the paired Jaybird Freedom and if a phone call is received on your smartphone you will hear the ringing tone in your Jaybird Freedom and take the call or reject it.
  • Share Me: a feature that allows you to connect 2 different Jaybird Freedom F5 to a same device, therefore permitting to share what your are listening to with another Jaybird Freedom headphone by pairing them.
  • Jaybird Freedom Quick Charge: a 20 minute quick charge allows 1 hour of playtime; the Jaybird Freedom full charge time is 2.5 hours.
  • Battery alerts: the Jaybird Freedom will inform you of the battery charge percentage or if the battery is low with voice prompt alerts reading out the remaining battery percentage and in case of low battery a voice saying: “Charge me” will let you know that it is time to charge the unit.
  • Android and iOS compatible Jaybird App to manage the Jaybird Freedom, apply EQs and save them to the firmware of the earbuds.
  • Preloaded EQs from famous athletes and artists inside the Jaybird APP.
  • Custom EQ in firmware and global EQ: the EQ that you apply through the Jaybird APP will be saved to the firmware of the earbuds and be used regardless of which smartphone or computer it is connected to. Moreover, the EQ applied through the Jaybird APP will be used on any APP that you use to listen to music.


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Operation & Control

The microphone/control of the Jaybird Freedom allows you to do the following: Middle Button:

  • A 4 second press and hold: Power On and set to pairing mode, an off voice will prompt “searching”
  • A single press: Play, Pause music or Answer calls
  • A 1 second press and hold: Power On
  • 4 second press and hold while turned ON: Power off
  • Turned ON and while in standby with no music or call: 1 second press and hold activates Siri or voice commands.

Volume UP Button:

  • A single press: Volume up by 1 level
  • A 1 second press and hold: Skip to next song

Volume Down Button:

  • A single press: Volume down by 1 level
  • A 1 second press and hold: Previous song

Calls Commands:

  • 2x Press of Middle Button: Redial, if there is a 2nd incoming call it can be used to answer the 2nd call and put on hold the first call. Later can be used to switch from one call to the other
  • 1 second press and hold of Volume down button: Mute/un-mute call
  • A 1 second press and hold of Middle Button: During incoming call, reject call

LED Status Light: The Jaybird Freedom have a led on the mic-control section that will inform you of if it is set to pairing mode and the battery status. While in standby by pressing the VOL+ button the led will flash green to inform a battery charge level of 10% or more; if it flashes red it indicates a battery level below 10%, if no light powers on it means that the unit is powered off. While charging it the led will give information about the charging status; red= charging, green= fully charged, red-green alternating= pair mode. The battery clip also has a led light that indicates the actual charging status; red= charging , green= fully charged.

Charging: When attaching the battery clip it will reset and power off the earbuds. To charge the Jaybird Freedom attach the clip/pack to the mic/control section and plug the clip/pack to a micro USB cable connected to a USB wall charger with an output of 0.5 Amps, a charger with an output above 0.5 Amps will eventually damage the battery. One of the benefits of having an external extra battery is that you can buy a Jaybird Freedom battery replacement or extra battery by getting a spare battery clip which will also work as a Jaybird Freedom charger replacement.

Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Review

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Accessories & Packaging

The Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones come inside a nicely designed large packaging with a magnetic closure system that can be perfectly used to storage the earphone. The Jaybird Freedom unboxing will welcome you with a very large variety of accessories included: a charging clip/battery pack/charging module, 3x Comply Foam ear tips, 3x silicon ear tips, 4x secure-fit Ear Fins, cable management clips, cord shirt clip, USB 2.0 charging cable and a branded carry pouch/case. Below you can see a photo of the packaging and 2 different photos of the accessories included, one corresponds to the Jaybird Freedom F5 accessories for the Carbon version and the other to the ones included with the Jaybird Freedom F5 Red model (basically the differences is the color of the accessories).



Bass & Sub Bass

Despite the incredible small size of the housings of the Jaybird Freedom and the tiny 6mm dynamic driver they are able to provide some serious punch and sub-bass. Punch is stronger than depth with the Jaybird Freedom but still there is no shortage of sub-bass. Their bass is energetic and will provide fun listening sessions with no issues, any music genre’s bass will be fulfilled. Do not expect a basshead level of bass response.

Correctly applying an EQ to boost up their bass frequencies there was a huge amount of added mid-bass and sub-bass while not sounding too boomy.

You already know our in-depth reviews and could be wondering why there is no information about our standardized extreme basshead test applied to the Jaybird Freedom F5, this is because the Jaybird Freedom F5 are Bluetooth earphones and there is no way to effectively apply the amplification of the Fiio E12 Mont Blanc amplifier to a Bluetooth unit.


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Mids & Vocals

Mids of the Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are warm and may sound somewhat overpowered by mid-bass if the song is too bass heavy but, to be honest, for most normal listeners the lower vocals will sound well with just a tint of recession. Higher mids and higher vocals are clear but can get a bit harsh with peaks. With an EQ lower vocals clear up significantly not sounding overpowered by mid-bass as before and still remain free of boxy, thin or tinny sound. Higher mids may show strong harsh peaks.


Jaybird FREEDOM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Jaybird FREEDOM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Jaybird FREEDOM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Jaybird FREEDOM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones



Highs & Treble

Jaybird Freedom’s highs have a good amount of brightness and little to no detail. Piercing highs are frequent when high peaks are reached and sibilance is recurrent but not intolerably strong. People hating sibilance or highly treble-sensitive might not totally love their highs. Applying an EQ, highs gain a very noticeable amount of detail and brightness. Piercing highs get slightly stronger and sibilance becomes too strong and frequent.



Sound Leak

The sound that leaks out of these is less than on most average earphones, do not expect the super subdued sound leaking levels of the KZ ATE but for normal city, nature and gym use they will not present any type of inconvenience.



Sound Isolation

Noise isolation is excellent with the Jaybird Freedom even while listening to music at moderate levels. The perception of environmental noises will be clearly dimmed.



Jaybird FREEDOM F5 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Jaybird FREEDOM F5 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Jaybird FREEDOM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Jaybird FREEDOM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


With the ultra small size, solid construction and ear fins provided the Jaybird Freedom results in an outstanding comfort and yet tight and secure fit. During sports they will never fall off (if fit is proper and the corresponding eartips and ear fins for your ear size and shape is chosen). The small size also allows them to sit flush with the ears giving them the added feature of being usable below helmets or while resting your head sideways on your hands.



Response to Equalization

The Jaybird Freedom have a very effective response to EQ with some caveats. Bass gained mid-bass punch and depth outstandingly; mids removed lower vocals recession and mid-bass bleed but higher mids reached harsh peaks. Highs, despite the strong sibilance added, also gained an incredible amount of brightness and substantial detail. The Jaybird Freedom would had scored 8.5/10 in this section but have gained a bonus of +0.5/10 in their final score of this category due to the very handy Jaybird APP that controls EQ globally for any music APP and the fact that the custom EQ is also saved inside the firmware of the earbud and applied to the headphone independently of the device that is paired to.


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Frequency Response (raw)
Frequency Response

Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Frequency Response

Jaybird Freedom - Frequency Response
Jaybird Freedom – Frequency Response

Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


TypeDynamic + Bluetooth
Driver Unit6mm Driver
Power Capacity10mW
Impedance16 Ohm
Frequency Response20-20,000Hz
Bluetooth4.1 multi-point / AD2P, AVCRP, SPP
Battery Life8hs (4hs + 4hs clip)
CordRound cord
Cord Length0.36m
PlugMicro USB
WeightApprox. 16.15g
Supplied AccessoriesCharging Clip/Battery pack; 3x Comply Foam ear tips; 3x silicon ear tips; 4x secure-fit Ear Fins; cable management clips; cord shirt clip; USB 2.0 charging cable; carry case

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We highly discourage anyone from trying to apply our testings to your own earphones, the risk of damaging or permanently breaking your iems is absolutely probable to happen. With our standardized equalization and amplification tests we push the limits of the earphones to the extreme. If anyway you decide to do so, we cannot be held responsible of the damage done to your equipment. Do it at your own risk.

Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones



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