KZ ATE – Disassembly

KZ ATE Disassembly

? The KZ ATE are one of the most famous earphones from KZ, having such a large quantity of fans we decided to sacrifice one with our KZ ATE disassembly to show you what they hold inside to fulfill your curiosity. In case that you were wondering, this unit is an extra pair of KZ ATE earphones that we had at which blew up during our standardized extreme bass test when pulling them to their maximum limit. If you got to this article but you were instead looking for our review of the KZ ATE click on the following link to open it: KZ ATE – Review.

This article will not provide a disassembly guide but gives you the opportunity to see the inner guts of the KZ ATE. Do not try to open nor disassemble your earphone. You will most probably break your unit resulting in partial or fully non-functional conditions. We cannot be held responsible if you decide to disassemble your earphone despite our explicit warning.

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Our unit with the eartips removed and ready to go through the KZ ATE disassembly.

The housings are made of 2 sections of plastic put together. As you can see on the 2nd and 3rd photo below it is very evident were both sections are connected.

Popping out the back cover the guts of the KZ ATE are almost fully accessible.

The back cover required some substantial force to be able to pop it out, to avoid breaking the back cover or aesthetically damaging the housings this part should be carefully and gently done. We skipped the careful part of our own advise as our unit was already damaged and non functional so we did not care much about it breaking or getting scratched and as you can see on the photos below the damage on the union of the housing’s section was rough. When the KZ ATE were launched the cable connection on the housings made many people doubt if the KZ ATE could possibly have detachable cables; if you were one of those who had any doubts about it, we can 100% confirm you that despite greatly resembling detachable cable connections they are not detachable.

Removing the aesthetic/protective metallic grid cover reveals the 8.2 mm dynamic driver unit.

On top of the dynamic driver there is a metallic grid cover that serves as protection as also as an aesthetic resource to embellish the KZ ATE. This metallic grid cover is what you always see when watching through the transparent housings of the KZ ATE, see the 1st photo of this article. This metallic cover can be slided and the dynamic driver with the cable soldering ends will be accessible.

Resulting damage done to the housing’s back section union.

Our lack of care while disassembling the KZ ATE resulted in a noticeable damage of the back housing’s union section. Despite the damages inflicted, the KZ ATE could be reassembled back and the back housing section snapped on correctly but not as perfectly sealed as it came assembled from the factory. This would have been a serious problem if it would have been intended to be reassembled and used.

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Extra details of the resulting KZ ATE Disassembly.

Some other photos of the resulting disassembly.

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If you want to see all the photos in a single slideshow you can open the photos from the gallery below.

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