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? KZ AZ09 PRO, a new TWS Bluetooth adapter for earphones.

The KZ AZ09 PRO is the newest model of the AZ09 line.

This Bluetooth adapter is capable of transforming any 2-pin earphone into a TWS earphone – the 2-pin connector needs to be 0.75mm or 0.78mm and the AZ09 PRO models needs to be bought accordingly.

Inside, the AZ09 PRO, sports a Qualcomm QCC3040 chip with apt-X, apt-X HD , AAC and SBX compatibility and a Bluetooth 5.2 version.

This model is rated as a sweat proof device, though obviously you will have to use it with an earphone that can offer a matching level of waterproof rating.

The PRO version of the AZ09 has been upgraded with a lower power consumption Qualcomm chip that extends the battery runtime from 6 hours of the previous model to 8 hours.

Moreover, the unit can reach up to 48 hours of use with the additional full charges offered by the case and its 800mA battery.

In addition to this, the AZ09 PRO is equipped with CVC noise cancelling mics for phone calls (do not confuse this with Active Noise Cancelling, this are not ANC capable)

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KZ AZ09 PRO Review

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The KZ AZ09 PRO does not modify the sound quality of the earphone plugged into it.

Although we are aware that many users like to add magical sound powers to many BT adapters, this is not the case with the AZ09 PRO.

Users can feel safe that the original SQ of their earphones will be preserved.

These earhook Bluetooth adapters are packed with a dual function mode, a “Full power” mode and a “Gaming mode”.

According to the manufacturer, the “Full power” mode is a bass enhancing mode and the “Gaming mode” is a lower latency mode; half of the affirmations are actually true.

The bass enhancing effect is just a matter of a higher volume output level achievable by using the “Full power” mode; with no Bass enhancing properties.




The device is actually light and small but its case is huge and heavy as a brick in comparison; the brand did this to hold an 800mAh battery inside and additional space for storage.

On the front of the case there is a very big light that turns green to inform a high battery charge and red when the battery is running low.

A smart design of the case is a big hole in the middle of it; some users might wonder why KZ wasted all that space.

Instead, this big hole is a place to put and carry your earphones, indeed 2 earpieces of any size can be fitted in this section with no issues.

Moreover, a soft cushiony material keeps them in place and well protected.


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Probably the weakest point of the KZ AZ09 PRO is the lack of controls.

With a single button on each earhook, most of the basic music and phone call controls can be managed but there will be no access to further options such as volume control.


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With a small and slender design, the AZ09 PRO are easily wearable and hardly ever showed any signs of discomfort while wearing them.

Being light weighted units, this KZ adapters do not add much more tension to the ears than the earphones being plugged into it.

The earhooks are reinforced with a silicone coating that makes them slippery free, adding a reassuring stable feel while using them.


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