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? The MACAW RT-10 have gone through our review’s soundtests, on this MACAW RT-10 review we will see how they performed. With so many Asian earphones brands you might get confused and do not know if this new name that you are seeing corresponds to a fairly known brand or not at all. In this case, MACAW is a brand with already some models in the market and that has gained good reputation with models such as:

  • MACAW GT100S, which they label as a HiFi in-ear headphone and claim to be the first inverted single dynamic driver earphone in the world.
  • MACAW GT600S, their premium model with an hybrid configuration and detachable MMCX cables.
  • MACAW T1000, a Bluetooth variant of their models.
  • MACAW RT-10, their budget-friendly model (the model that we are reviewing)

The MACAW RT-10 features replaceable back housings face-plates, while not a feature that changes anything regarding sound it still gives you the possibility to personalize it’s looks with 3 types of designs included or you can buy many more designs like a camouflage pattern, floral and/or zebra pattern design (if you are able to find them available). Moreover, the earphone has an antibacterial coating that reduces the presence of harmful bacteria such as Staphylococcus and Escherichia coli.

The housings of the MACAW RT-10 are light weighted, made of plastic and hold inside a 10 mm dynamic driver with nano carbon fiber diaphragms. The shape and fit of these earphones is intended to be used with the cables going up and around the ears. The MACAW RT-10 durability seem pretty good despite the plastics material.

The cables are rounded and have a rubberized finish, there is no inline microphone nor control found on these model.

The MACAW RT-10 is compatible with Android and Apple devices and you can buy it in:

  • MACAW RT-10 black with red, green and black face plates.

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MACAW RT-10 - Review

Tests & Scores



MACAW RT-10 weight in Ounces and MACAW RT-10 weight in grams.

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Accessories & Packaging

Unboxing the MACAW RT-10 you will find a nice packaging which holds inside 3 pair of eartips on a storage metal plate, a carrying pouch and 3 pair of aesthetically decorative replaceable back plates (if we count the one already placed on the earpieces).


MACAW RT-10 - Accessories
MACAW RT-10 – Accessories


Bass & Sub Bass

The MACAW RT-10’s bass is clearly not boomy nor bloated but neither lacks punch or depth. Their bass response is greatly well tuned and answer back with the right amount of bass in the precise moment that it is required without getting all over their sound signature or congesting the rest of the sound frequencies.

Applying an EQ, lot of extra mid-bass is added and sub-bass gets way deeper.

Running them through our extreme basshead tests with a Fiio E12 Mont Blanc amplifier and a custom basshead EQ, the MACAW RT-10 managed to take up to 50% of the Fiio’s maximum power while being set to high gain an turning on it’s bass boost switch. As a result, there was an exponential increment of punch and depth, even achieving a very mild rumble and impact but do not expect them to transform into a basshead in-ear headphone. As a reference, their rumble and impact was below the KZ ATE, Xiaomi Mi Pro HDRock Zircon, JBL T110, Aukey EP-C3, Monoprice 8320, Vots QT100Elecom EHP-CA3580, Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro or the KZ ZS1.


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Mids & Vocals

The MACAW RT-10’s mids are warm, still there is no mid-bass bleed and are not excessively laid back but could lack some sparkly energy on their lower vocals at times. Higher mids are not forward nor sound too recessed and are never harsh. Overall, their mids are flattish with a warm tint. An EQ gives lower mids and lower vocals some extra energy while also adding up some boxy sound. Higher mids become harshy at times.



Highs & Treble

Highs of the MACAW RT-10 have some detail but are not very clearly defined, also they have some brightness but with a darkish overall tint. For the joy of treble-sensitive people the MACAW RT-10 are not sibilant and very rarely piercing. Using an EQ a noticeable amount of brightness is added, there is some extra detail and no sibilant highs arise. On the other hand, piercing highs start to show up.




Sound Leak

The sound that leaks out of the MACAW is very controlled and attenuated, you can safely crank up the volume a bit higher and will not disturb anyone nearby. At moderate or low volume levels you could even get with them into libraries without any issue.



Sound Isolation

Something about the MACAW RT-10 gives them a highly effective sound isolation, you put them on, increase the volume a bit and surrounding noises will be strongly subdued. A higher volume will provide an almost absolute isolation.





The housings of the MACAW RT-10 are fairly larger than a normal bullet-styled earphone but due to their construction materials and form factor they remain very comfortable to wear and light weighted. It is fair to say that people with smaller sized ears could find them a bit uncomfortable after some time if the outer sections of the housings touch their ears.



Response to Equalization

The response to custom EQs was efficient on some sound frequencies and not so much on others. These are not heavy bass earphones but you can feed their bass with a custom EQ and they will respond very well with much punch and depth added up. Mids and vocals obtained more energetic lower vocals but higher mids could reach harsh peaks. Highs added brightness and some detail with some piercing highs presence starting to appear.


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Frequency Response (raw)

MACAW RT-10 Frequency Response

MACAW RT-10 Left - Frequency Response
MACAW RT-10 Left – Frequency Response
MACAW RT-10 Right - Frequency Response
MACAW RT-10 Right – Frequency Response



Driver Unit10mm
Power CapacityN/A
Impedance16 ohms
Frequency Response20-20,000Hz
DiaphragmNano carbon fiber
CordY-type, round cord
Cord Length1.1m
PlugStereo mini plug
WeightApprox. 20g
Supplied Accessories3x Earphone tips; 3x replaceable back plates; carrying pouch

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