KZ ED16 Newest Triple Driver Released – NEWS

ℹ KZ has just announced their newest triple driver earphone, the KZ ED16.

The KZ ED16 is the final release of one of the dozen models pre-announced in March.

Over the last weeks KZ has been very busy releasing a countless number of new earphones with many different designs, configurations and prices, the KZ ED16 is joining the releases as the newest so far with triple drivers (or as KZ likes to sum it up, 6 total drivers).

The 2018 models that were pre-announced in March and are already available to be purchased are:

  • KZ ED16 – triple hybrid driver
  • KZ ZSA – dual hybrid driver
  • KZ ES4 – dual hybrid driver
  • KZ ZS10 – KZ’s flagship, 10 total drivers
  • KZ ED15 – budget dual driver


The housings of this new model are made of plastic like the KZ ZS10, KZ ES3, KZ ED12 and are translucent like what have been seen in the KZ ES4, KZ ZST PRO and KZ ZSR.

The new KZ ED16 has detachable bi-pin cables with a straight connector like the KZ ZS3, KZ ZS5 and KZ ZS6 and it is compatible with KZ Bluetooth Cables and KZ upgraded cables included the: KZ Gold-Plated Cable and KZ Silver Plated Cable.

The KZ ED16 is already available to purchase and we have a special discount in our Aliexpress Coupons Page.

Specifically, the KZ ED16 is the materialization of the KZ YZ34 that confirms what we informed our readers in March.

Quoting ourselves from nearly 3 months back in time, we see that KZ has retained almost every technical specification that was pre-announced.

The KZ YZ34 is a triple hybrid driver earphone with 1 dynamic driver and 2 balanced armatures per earpiece, summing a total of 6 drivers (like the KZ ZSR). The housings of the KZ YZ34 are made of plastic and you will be able to choose between a translucent blue or translucent red color. The cables are detachable with a straight o.75mm bi-pin connector like the KZ ZS6, KZ ZS5 and KZ ZS3. The KZ YZ34 weights 19 grams, has an impedance of 22 ohm, a frequency response of 15-40000 Hz and a sensitivity of 108dB. The KZ YZ34 can be used with the KZ Bluetooth cable.

UPDATE: We have published the review of the KZ ED16, you can find it HERE

KZ ED16 Photos


Image Credits: KZ Acoustics

The technical specifications of the KZ ED16 are already disclosed:

KZ ED16 – Technical Specifications:

  • Type: In-Ear Hybrid
  • Drivers: 6 (3 per side)
  • Balanced Armatures: 4 (2 per side)
  • Dynamic Drivers: 2 (1 per side)
  • Balanced Armatures: 60660 + 30095
  • Dynamic Driver diameter: 10 mm
  • Cable: Rounded
  • Connector type: Bi-pin 0.75mm, straight
  • Housings: plastic
  • Impedance: 25 omh
  • Frequency Response: 10-40000Hz
  • Cable length: 1.2m
  • Weight: 19g



You can read about the announcements of KZ’s 2018 earphones at: 

The KZ 16-Driver will join KZ 2108 models with the:

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